Wednesday, September 26, 2012
2:52 AM
Assalamualaikum..Hari ini..Qis nak tulis entry dalam bahasa harap2lah korang paham english Qis yang tidak seberapa ini~~
Islam is a way of life; it even has guides or ethics of sleeping which makes us healthier and more energized when we wake up in the morning! Masyallah :)
1. Sleeping, when done with the right niyah (intentions) can be considered as a good deed in the eyes of Allah. The purpose of sleeping (at night) is for our bodies and minds to take a temporary “time-out” and as a refresher to work during the day! So use your nights wisely to sleep, and get rewarded doing it insyallah ;)
2. Wuduq is a form of purity and it should be taken/ performed not only for praying purposes- but for preparation to sleep aswell! That way, insyallah, you will stay pure during your sleep. In addition, the Devil (syaitaan) will be less able to harm or frighten us during our sleep. (nightmares… yikes!)
3. It is also sunnah to dust off your mattress or bed before sleeping! It is known that the syaitaan is everywhere and enjoy teasing the ummah; thus doing this act can ensure that the syaitaan does NOT sleep on the same bed! Double yikes!
Summary of steps from the hadith*:
1) Dust off mattress before sleeping on bed
2) Dust the mattress off three times
3) As dusting it off, say “Bismillah”
4) Use lower garment to dust (or with blanket, pillow etc)
4. The Prophet s.a.w would recite verses of the Quran, blow in his hands and wipe his face and body before going to sleep. In fact, he would perform this every single night so therefore we as his ummah should practice this noble act too! This way, insyallah, Allah would protect us from Black Magic (sihir) and evil.
5. Sleeping on the right side (with hand under cheek) was indeed the way of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w sleep! This way of sleeping has several benefits (scientifically proven): It helps a person wake up with energy and when compared to sleeping on one’s left side, less weight is put on the heart thus it’s healthier! Subhanallah!
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