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Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.
Tonight I'll be posting some 'Love Story with SuJu'. It's been a month I haven't speak English because holiday and I miss my friends.
This 'love' story is about Donghae. Who's Donghae? Let's read the story together, ok?

In school Donghae is the most popular guy in school. Because he was good looking guy and always good in anything and can make every girl easily fall in love with him. But this makes him so proud of himself and always looks down to everyone and also a playboy. But you know what type of guy he is… so you didn’t even fall in love to him.
Friend 1: OMG!!!!! Look at him! He’s on his way here… -Point at Donghae-
Friend 2: OMG!!!! Donghae! Saranghae!
Friend 1: _____, you should come and see…
You: why should i?
Friend 2: yaa! She is jealous because she was not popular like Donghae…
You: aish jinja!
One day, Donghae realize that every girl in school like him except you. So he tries to flirt on you. One day, while you reading some books at the school garden, Donghae disturbing you.
Donghae: Annyeong! –Sweet smile-
You: oh! Annyeong! Ohh! It’s you. –Ignore him-
Donghae: Errmm… reads book ahh?
You: No~ I’m coloring the book…- Ignore- What can I help you?
Donghae: nothing~ I just want to ask… why don’t you like me like other girls? –Spread his arm around your shoulder-
You: -remove his arm- Excuse me… you though that I didn’t know what type of guy you are now?
Donghae: what do you mean? I think that I’m perfect enough… -Wink-
You: yeah whatever… dreams on… Please excuse me… I need to go now~
Donghae: I follow~ -Following you-
You: yaa! Stop following me!
Donghae: but I want to follow you… -aegyo-
You: it doesn’t work on me…
You just walk without turning back. You try to avoid him but you still can feel that he’s still following you. When you try to run, Donghae chase after you and push you to the wall.
Donghae: Why don’t you ever like me? Every girls in this school were crazy about me except you!
You: Why should I LIKING a playboy?
Donghae: Shut Up! Answer my question, aren’t you scared of me?
You: ME? SCARED OF YOU? Duh~ for want I’m scared…
Before you could finish your words, Donghae directly kiss your lips softly.
Donghae: I LOVE YOU!!!
You: -Clap hands- So I am the next victim huh?
Donghae: -Push you against the wall- _____! I’m serious! I’m not lying to you! I secretly LOVE YOU! Please believe me!
You: I’m so sorry… you can lie the others but not me! Please excuse me… I need to go now…
You move aside and Donghae just let you go. You feel so down with what had happen and Donghae feel like he had lost hope on you. Seriously, Donghae really do love you. You head was spinning around. You can’t believe that just now both of you kissing and you still can feel the kiss of his lips on yours. But your heart keep on telling that he was telling the truth through his brown eyes. Few days later, you never bump into Donghae because you were too afraid. Suddenly, you feel like you miss him so much. Then you hear a gossip from your friends.
Friend 1: Do you know about Donghae? He had change a lot?
Friend 2: yeah! I didn’t see him around! Oppa I miss you so much!
You: What’s going on with him?
Friend 1: his classmates said that he always daydreaming, being alone, tired and so more… and his result is getting worst…
Friend 2: I bet something happen to him… he change a lot these few days…
You: waeyo? Is this because of me? I need to meet him after school. –Thinking-
After school, you wait Donghae and the school gates. A few second later, you saw
Donghae with no mood pass by then you pull him into the school garden.
You: YAA! What happen to you?
Donghae: nothing much~ -Weak voice-
You: Donghae ahh~ -Hug him-
Donghae was so shock when you hug him. But he didn’t ignore you and hug you back.
You: Mianhae~
Donghae: for what?
You: I was so rude to you… -Look at him-
Donghae: _____, if only you can know how I feel about you. I know before this I was such a bad guy. I really regret about it. And I never thought of girl’s feeling. But then after I lead my eyes on you, everything change.
You: I don’t know about this… I still can’t…
Suddenly Donghae kiss your lips softly for a long time.
Donghae: that’s my prove… believe me this my first kiss… I REALLY DO LOVE YOU!
You know that you can’t do something in a quick time. So you decided something that might make you believe on him.
You: Donghae ahh~ Mianhae… I still can’t do this… well, we still can be friends?
Donghae: well… okay… I understand…
You: so friend? –Shake hand-
Donghae: hmmm… well… okay… friend… -Shake hand- If only you know how much i love you… no matter how long it takes, i’ll always waiting for you. -Thinking-
Both of your relationship was getting close. One day you decided to test on him. Then you call him.
You: Annyeonghaseyo Donghae!
Donghae: Annyeonghaseyo ______! What’s up!
You: Can we meet at Seoul Garden tonight?
Donghae: waeyo?
You: nothing much… just want to hangout…
Donghae: sure~ see ya later~
Then both of you hung up. On the night, Donghae when to the garden and didn’t find you then he wait for you. He continue wait and wait for you until 2 hours. But the real thing is you hide at one of the tree and stalk at him. ‘’Will him able to wait for me?’’ That’s the reason you planning this. You can see that Donghae still patiently wait for you. Then Donghae decide to call you but you had turn off your phone earlier. But he still keeps on waiting for you even it was raining so hard. Then, you give up seeing he was in wet but still wait for you in the rain. You went to him and cover him with your umbrella…
You: Donghae?
Donghae: -Turn around- _____? Finally you’re here… -Weak voice-
You: Donghae! –Hug him as tight as you can- Mianhae!
Donghae: for what… -Heartwarming smile-
You: for making you waiting for so long… -Crying-
Donghae: as long as you are coming then I’m happy no matter how much longer I need to wait… -Wipe your tears-
You: actually… I’m planning this! To see how much you love me…
Donghae: -Silence-
Donghae: _____, I LOVE YOU~ -Kiss your forehead-
You: I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!! –Hug him-
Donghae: really? –Shock-
You: -Nod- Nae!
Donghae: Will… will you be my girlfriend?
Once again you hug him happily and say ‘’YES’’. He was so happy! He was jumping, screaming and laughing! Both of you were playing in the rain!
Donghae: Saranghae!
You: Nado Saranghae!
So now both of you were a happy couple. 10 years coming, Donghae was a successful singer and a dancer for a group name Super Junior and you were a successful lecturer at one of the university at Seoul. No longer after that both of you marry and have a baby girl!
——————————————-THE END———————————————
 Credit to SJDreamer.

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