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Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.

On this cold winter season, hugging his arm can warm up all of you. Walking on the street and enjoy the night view, just both of you under the night sky. Bringing you to the secret garden with dozen of beautiful flowers.
He pulls you into his hug. You snuggle close to him. He holds your chin and pulls you into his soft kiss. When the LOVE being naughty, nothing can stop both of you. He pulls your waist into his abs and kisses you passionately. “h-mmm” You moan in the kiss. Your hand keeps on playing on his chest. Donghae put his tongue into your month and play with yours. “a-ahh” Donghae moans.
Ignore the world, slowly went down to your neck and suck it. “a-ahh” You bite your lower lips. Trying to keep your voice as soft as the wind blow through both of you.
“You’re mine” Donghae put his forehead onto yours. “You’re mine too” You simple answer with a poke on his nose. “Tomorrow we’ll going to see our wedding hall, buy our wedding dress and everything.” Donghae hold your hand while walking. “Bwo? W-who? When?” You stop your step and look at him with an “Unbelievable” face. “You gonna be kidding me Hae!”
“We’re going to marry next month” Donghae hold tight your hand. “Jinjja?” You totally amaze with what he said. He kneels down and took out a small box. “Will you marry me?” He opens the small bow with a beautiful diamond ring in it. You were totally speechless and nod “Nae! I will!” Then he put the ring into your finger. Then both of you look to each other. No longer, both of you laughing and jumping around. “We’re getting MARRY!” You scream happily. ‘You’re mine now!” He lifts you up and scream out your name “ _________! I love you!”
Everything was totally in prepared. Your brother sure helped you a lot for your wedding invention. “Thanks hyung for helping us!” Donghae thanks your brother Vincent while all of you take a break at the Kona Bean from the long trip. “Nae cheon! As long as you will love my dongsaeng more than anything else” Vincent mess your hair. “I will! I swear to that!” Donghae turn his look to you and hold tight your hand.
One day after going back from dinner, both of you involve in car accident. You’re being coma for 1 week while Donghae haven’t wake up yet. Eventhough you still in bad condition, you still went to Donghae wad and take care of him. Doctor, Nurse, Family and friends were worry about yours and Donghae condition. The wedding was about 1 week left but Donghae was still didn’t awake.
1 week past, you ask your brother to buy a banquet of rose for you to give it to Donghae Oppa. “Donghae Oppa, today should be our most happiest day of life. Today gonna be the day that both of us wearing the wedding dress…. But everything turns out wrongly. Please be strong! I’m here for you! I’ll wait for you forever! “You put the flower on his table and leave a soft kiss on his lips. Your brother tears fall upon hearing what you said.
One day while you were taking care of him. You realize that his finger was moving. You run out the wad and call the Doctor. When the Doctor finish checking Donghae, you went to Donghae and hug him tight. “Oppa! You’re awake!” “Who are you?” Donghae look at you with a curios face means that he totally don’t know you. “It’s me __________?” You look at him. “It’s your future wife Donghae” Donghae mom answer him. “Omma Appa? Who are they?” Donghae ask his parents and look at you and your brother. “Something wrong!” Then the doctor when to Donghae and ask him a few question. “Why he manage to know us but not them?” Donghae father ask the doctor. “Let me check.” The doctor went to Donghae and asks some question.
Then doctor call you and his family out. “Donghae only manage to remember just until he graduated in his high school. “The doctor tries to explain everything. “But I haven’t met him in high school. I just meet him in University. You though. “Can he be recovered?” Donghae dad asks. “Yes! But it takes times. You can try to show some photo of both of you or try to tell what happen to him before the accident. But don’t force him” The doctor look at you with a warm smile.
You show all of the photo album of both of you in University but he still can’t remember anything. “Mianhae, I can’t remember anything.” Then your brother realizes everything and tried to talk to Donghae.  “Hey Donghae!” Vincent approaches him. “Hey Hyung! How are you?” Donghae approach back. “Quite good. Mind having small talk?” Vincent asks.  “Sure” Donghae follow Vincent to Kona Bean.  “Do you remember this place?” Vincent asks. Donghae shake head. “You and __________ always came here together.” Vincent added. “Mianhae hyung~ I still can’t remember anything… I have being 1 year but I still can’t remember anything. Donghae try to talk nicely with your brother. “It’s okay Donghae! But never give up. _________, before you and she involve in the accident, both of you plan to marry.
“My parents told me about that. But I still can’t remember anything. And I’ve a new girlfriend, and we plan to marry 2 weeks from now. ‘Bwo?” Your brother shocked! “Yes… here is the wedding card. Please do come… Mianhae~” Donghae give Vincent the wedding invention. “I will don’t worry… I’ll try to talk to __________ later. By the way Congratulation brother! ” Your brother hugs him with a sad smile.
When he arrives home, he went to your room and saw you sitting at the window. “ ______?” He hugs you from back. “Oppa? Wae?” you ask him. He can’t say anything and pass you the wedding invention of Donghae and Other girl. Your tears falls, all of your hard work and hope just flew away. “Wae Oppa? Wae?” You cry as hard as you can. Your brother can’t help it and hug you as tight as he can. Without his knowing, his totally in tears. “I promise! I’ll make anything just to bring back your smile” Vincent makes a promise in his heart. ‘If you can’t come, it’s okay… I’ll go by my own dongsaeng~” He wipe your tears with a kiss on your forehead. “ It’s okay~ I’ll go~” You simply answer him and take a look at the invention card. “Are you sure?” He asks you back. You just nod and hug your brother as tight as you can. “I’m happy to have mom, dad and someone that never failed to make me smile! That’s you oppa!” You kiss his cheek.
On their wedding day, you and your oppa went to the wedding hall. To be honest you didn’t strong enough to go but you try very hard to see Donghae for the last time. You get into the wedding hall and saw Donghae holding hand with a girl that’s totally different from you. She’s so beautiful compare to you. Both of you went close to the bridal and bride. “Congratulation Donghae!” You shake hand with the one that should be your husband but that just a dream now. A dream that can’t be possible to happen. “Thanks _______! I’m sorry I can’t…” Donghae almost finish his word but you cut it. “It’s okay~ I’m fine with that” You try to hold your tears and went to the bridal and shake hand with her. “Congrats Unnie! You’re so beautiful!” You give the bridal a fake smile and hug him.
The wedding ceremony about to start but your brother stood up. “I object this wedding!” Vincent scream out loud. “She don’t deserve to marry with that girl! You should marry with ______!” He added.  “Yaa hae! Do you know, _________ always take care of you went you still in coma even though she still in her weak condition!” He continues. “Vincent? Stop!  ______? Ouch my head!” The Donghae pass out. But then you run out from the hall and went home because you can’t stand the situation anymore.
The ambulance brings him to the hospital for further more checkups. No longer anymore, Donghae awake. “I remember everything! Vincent? Where’s ________?” Donghae ask your brother. But your brother didn’t answer him but pass him letter.
“Dear Donghae Oppa,
I hope you’re happy with your new wife now. I’m gonna miss you. Do you still remember our promise? I’ll promise that I never be with anyone other than you! Just want you to know that how much I love you! I’m going to Japan for my further Education scholarship. Don’t worry, I never come back to disturb both of your happiness. Now I’m happy to see your smile again~
“What?! Hyung! When did she leave?” Donghae ask your brother. “Just now” Look down. “Hyung bring me to airport now! I need to meet her!!! Yes!!!! I need to meet her!!!!!” He took a car a drove it to airport.
“______________! ______________! Wait!” Donghae scream out your name and run toward you with his wedding suit. “Donghae?” You were totally shocked with Donghae. He supposed to continue his weeding that being postpone. “Donghae? Why you’re h-h…” He cut your word with a passionate kiss on your lips. You didn’t ignore the kiss and tight your hand around his neck. He keeps on kissing you like there’s no tomorrow for him. “a-ahh” you moan in the poison kiss of him. “Cancel the flight and marry me!” Donghae simply say it out. “Bwo? But you were…” He cut your words. “No! I’m not gonna marry anyone except you ______! And that’s our promise!” He kisses you once again in front of crowd. “You remember everything oppa?” You ask him with thousands of curios feeling. “Nae! I remember everything!” He kneels down. “Will you marry me?” “Say yes!” The crowded said. “Yes! I will Donghae! I will” You hug him so tight! “Awwwww” The crowded clap hands. And there’s your family, his family and all the friends was there too watching the sweet moment in your entire life!
“Saranghae ______!” He screams out load and lift you. “Nado Saranghae Lee Donghae!” You kiss his lips softly.
—————————— THE END ———————————-


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