Friday, December 7, 2012
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You and Eunhyuk where a best friend since childhood. Actually Eunhyuk had a feeling through you but he still keep it secret until now because he know you had a boyfriend named Aiden.
Eunhyuk: How were you and Aiden?
You: everything was great…
Eunhyuk: where is he?
You: busy with his schedule
Eunhyuk: I see~ -Smile- If only you know how much I LOVE YOU! Aish jinjja! –Thinking-
Eunhyuk would always SMILE even though he had hurt so much. He knows it will be worst if you know everything.
Not until one night while Eunhyuk was driving, he saw you in the rain. He went out from his car with an umbrella with him,
Eunhyuk: ________? –Cover you with his umbrella-
You: Eunhyuk? –Sobs-
Eunhyuk: aigoo~ let’s get into my car… I’ll send you home. –Spread his arm around your shoulder-
Then you follow him into his car. You were keeping on sneezing and crying.
You: Oppa! –Sobs-
Eunhyuk: calm down~ we’ll talk about this later. –Kiss your forehead-
You just nod. It seems like Eunhyuk understand your feeling. He knows that you need time to calm down yourself before saying anything.
Both of you arrive. Eunhyuk open the door for you and bring your to your room.
Eunhyuk: Take some bath~ it will refresh your mind.
Then Eunhyuk went out and leave you alone inside your room. Your mind was so blank with what just happen to you. You just went into the bath room NAKED and feel the coldest of the water. Then you change into your pajamas. You’re mind feel like crazy! It just spinning around! Without your knowing, you run out from your room to find Eunhyuk. But he was not in the living room. Then suddenly you heard some noises from the kitchen.
You: yaa! Eunhyuk! –Shout-
Eunhyuk: huh? You’re done? What’s wrong? Here has some hot milk –Past you the milk-
You: aish! –Take the milk rudely-
At that moment, Eunhyuk was totally shock with your reaction. You just can’t control your emotion; you just keep on shivering, scared, sad and so more… it just mixed up everything. And the worst is you finish your drink in just like not more than one second then you wipe all of the milk that’s left over around your mouth. Eunhyuk worried about you and went close to you and try to calm you down. But then you pull him over and kiss his lips deeply, he didn’t ignore the kiss and wrap his hands around your neck to deeper the kiss. But then both of you getting naughtier, Eunhyuk carry you in bridal style and drop you on the sofa. Then he go on top of you and kiss you passionately. This time both of you had feel each other lips. His sexy kiss makes you forget everything.
You: -Hug him as tight as you can- I’m sorry for kissing you~
Eunhyuk: -Shock- what’s wrong?
You: Aiden~ Aiden~ Break up with me! –Crying-
Eunhyuk: everything gonna be okay~ -Hug you-
But then Eunhyuk stand up and wear on his sweater.
You: where are you going? –Stop him-
Eunhyuk: meet Aiden for sure~ He needs to be taught!
You: no need!!!! I HATE HIM NOW! AND I DON’T WANT TO MEET HIM! –Hold his hand-
Eunhyuk: waeyo? –Hold your hair-
You: because now I had found someone that really LOVE me… -Hold his face-
Eunhyuk: what do… do… you… mean? –Panic-
You: why didn’t you tell me earlier about this?
Eunhyuk: yaa! About… w…what?
Eunhyuk: bwo? Who tell you about this?
You: Emily tell me about this~
Eunhyuk: well… I was…
You: -wait for his answer-
Eunhyuk: When I was about to tell you… You already had a boyfriend. –Look down-
You: -use your index finger to lift his chin up- at first I thought I can’t love you but then when I memorize back… you’re the one who always be there for me~ You never stop making me smile… and…
Eunhyuk: and? –Look into your eyes-
You: and I LOVE YOU TOO! –Kiss his lips softly-
Eunhyuk: -Shock-
You: -hug him tight-
Eunhyuk: -hug back- Will you be mine?
You: nae!
——————————- THE END —————————

Credit to SJDreamer

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