Saturday, December 8, 2012
6:01 AM
Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.
I'm so bored and I'm nothing to post anything except my oppas. I miss them so much including our beloved leader, Leeteuk. :'( but that's ok. "We are an ELF, and we'll be patient for you to come back in 2 years. :') "
Now, let's continue our 'love' story. This time is with our EvilMaknae, Kyuhyun.

You’re friend with Kyuhyun. Both of you were classmate. But Kyuhyun always bullies you.
At class.
Kyuhyun: Did you done your math?
You: yeah, why?
Kyuhyun: let me see~
You: no way! Do it by yourself~ You’re the one who was really good in math… you should done it earlier than me!
Kyuhyun: Well of course…Hey! Don’t talk too much! Give it to me or not!
You: Aish Jinja!Take it! –Give him your book-
Kyuhyun: nice girl –Smirk-
You: yeah whatever!
Kyuhyun: ok done! Here you go~ -Give your book-
At Canteen.
You were sitting alone at one of the table.
Kyuhyun: hey!
You: what?
Kyuhyun: can I sit here?
You: Just sit!
Kyuhyun: Thanks! What did you eat? –Look at your lunch-
You: nothing much… -Ignore him-
Kyuhyun: give me that French fries!
You: no! It’s mine!
Kyuhyun: I don’t care! –Take it-
You: erghhh!!! –Wake away-
At class, your favourite pen lost. But there’s no one in the classroom.
You: where’s my pen? –Finding it-
Kyuhyun: this one? –Hold your pen-
You: give me back!
Kyuhyun: no you can’t! –Hold it higher-
You: I said give me back! –Try to reach it-
*Suddenly you drop on Kyuhyun and both of your lips were connected.
You: -Shock-
Kyuhyun: don’t move… -Tie his hands around your wrist-
You: why?
Kyuhyun: just do it~
You: -Silence-
*Then both of your lips meet again and this time you didn’t struggle.
Kyuhyun: thanks –wink-
You: -Shock- it should not happen!
Kyuhyun: here’s your pen… -Give it to you-
You: you! Erghhh!
Kyuhyun: you should thank me!
You: why should i? 
At night, you went to the Seoul Park alone to get some fresh air. Suddenly there’s someone hug you from back.
Kyuhyun: hi!
You: aish! What are you doing here?
Kyuhyun: to meet you of course –wink-
You: what do you want huh!?
Kyuhyun: nothing…
You: please… don’t get near to me… Don’t hurt me anymore!
Kyuhyun: what do you mean? Hurting you? When?
You: the time you bullying me! –Tears fall-
Kyuhyun: really? I can’t believe that I was that bad… I’m sorry… -wipe your tears-
You: -Silence-
Kyuhyun: I just want to get your attention… that’s all… -hug you-
You: what did you mean?
Kyuhyun: I LOVE YOU!
You: what?! But…
Kyuhyun: I’m not really good in words… so I decide for joking around could get your attention…
You: but it’s not funny at all~
Kyuhyun: I know… but please give me one chance… -kneel down-
You: Kyuhyun…
Kyuhyun: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!! Will you be my girlfriend?
You: as long as you’ll give a piggy ride then I say yes! –Smile-
Kyuhyun: thanks! –Kiss you deeply- Saranghae
You: Nado Saranghae –Kiss back-
————————————- THE END —————————————-

Credit to SJDreamer.

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