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Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.
Let's continue our 'Love Story with SuJu'. I know some of you LOVE our EvilMaknae, right? So, let's read the part II. Hope y'all like it. ^^

You are new in Yumkwang University. But today you’re late for your first class. You run as fast as you can at the hall. But then you bump into a guy. He was tall, white and nerd.
You: OMO! –Your books drop- Mianhaeyo! –Bow- I’m so sorry~ -Try to pick up your books-
Kyuhyun: it’s okay! –Help you to pick up your book-
You: owh! Thanks! I’m so sorry~ -then you realize that you had late for your first class and you just run away to your class-
Kyuhyun: Excuse me! Your paper! –Scream-
But too late you’re gone. Thanks God that you’re on time for your first physic class by Mdm. Kim. The class seems to be fun. But not until the lecturer ask to hang in the excitement paper. You try to find it but too bad, the excitement paper was not in your bag. Everyone hang in the paper except you. So you decided to talk with lecturer.
You: I’m sorry Madam; I didn’t pass up my excitement paper. I thought that I bring it but it was not in my bag.
Lecturer: Meet me after class~ -Strict look-
You: Arraso~ -Bow- I’m so gonna died! –Thinking-
The class end so fast and you can feel your leg was shaking while your lecturer asks you to come in front and meet her. You only can bow to her.
Lecturer: how many times did I though in our class? Never forget to hang in the excitement paper right?
You: -Nod-
Lecturer: and what had you did today?
You: I was…
You about to finish your words, there’s a guy knock at the door.
Kyuhyun: Annyeonghaseyo Madam. May I come in? –Bow-
Lecturer: yes you may~ what can I help you?
Kyuhyun: I found this paper while I bump with her this morning and I afraid that it’s might hers~ -Hang in the paper to you-
You: OMG! Thanks Goodness! Thanks a lot!
Kyuhyun: You’re welcome~
You: here you go Madam~ -Hang in-
Lecturer: aigoo ______~ you need to take of these… these was very important~ Remember that~
You: Arasso! Mianhae~
Lecturer: And you should thank to him about this…
You: Nae! Thanks! –Look at Kyuhyun-
Kyuhyun: you’re most welcome! I think I should go now~ Kamsahamida~ -Bow and went out-
Lecturer: okay you can go now~ Remember to take care of your very own~
You: Kamsahamida!
You went out to find the guy that had helped you! You find that thanks him doesn’t enough~ when you went down stair, you can see him walking. Then you chase after him.
You: ermmm~ excuse me~ -Tap his shoulder-
Kyuhyun: nae? –Turn around-
You: I really thankful to you~ seriously, I feel like I’m gonna die if you didn’t come and gave me the paper! I thought I left it at home.
Kyuhyun: it’s okay~ actually I’m about to give it back to you just now but you’re so in a hurry and you didn’t even heard I’m calling you~
You: really? Mianhae~ actually I thought I was late for my first class… By the way… ______ Imnida.
Kyuhyun: Kyuhyun Imnida- -Shake hand-
You: so don’t you having lunch?
Kyuhyun: I think so~
You: with whom?
Kyuhyun: with whom? Alone for sure~ -Fix his spectacle-
You: Why don’t you come with me?
Kyuhyun: with you? Are you sure?
You: yeah! What’s wrong?
Kyuhyun: no nothing… -Follow you and feel so happy-
Then both of you went to buy some drinks.
You: so what you want? I’ll pay… -Look at him-
Kyuhyun: no need… I can pay it by myself…
You: no… no… I’ll pay this time… It’s because you had save my day… -Tap his arm-
Kyuhyun: -Blush- Kamsahamida –Bow- How bout just coke?
You: really? Well okay~ Coke 2…
Kyuhyun: you gonna drink coke too?
You: yeah? Waeyo?
Kyuhyun: -Blush- Nothing~
You: Let’s go…so where would you like to sit? How bout there? –Point at the empty sit-
Kyuhyun: owh okay~
Both of you sure are happy together.
You: so… where are your friends?
Kyuhyun: ermmm… I… was… I have no friends… -Look down-
You: hey! I’ll be happy to be your friend… -Smile and hold his hand-
Kyuhyun: really? –Shock-
You: yeah! What’s wrong?
Kyuhyun: don’t you feel embarrassed to be friend with someone that was ugly?
You: yaa! I’m not that type… Don’t worry… I’ll always be there for you! Friends?
Kyuhyun: Nae! –Pinky swear-
Kyuhyun feels so happy that he finally gets a friend… Not just a kind and caring person but also with can understand someone feeling.  And one of the most thing he likes about you is you’re a type of girl that was happy go lucky!
You: so do you have class after this?
Kyuhyun: nope… you?
You: me too~
Kyuhyun: you’re new right?
You: yeah~
Kyuhyun: let me bring you around this place… there’s lots of place that is beautiful but no one knows…
You: really? Sure! Why not! Let’s go! –Grab his hand-
Then Kyuhyun bring you to all of the place around the university. Then he brings you to the last place that is at the top roof of the building.
You: wah! So beautiful! I can see all of it from here! –Turning around-
Kyuhyun: well… hahaha… you should thank me!
You: hahaha! Thanks Kyuhyun!
Day by day both of you were so close… Now both of you had being best friend almost for 4 month… Until one day while you were hangout with him at the cafeteria, you heard the next table was talking about both of you.
Girl 1: geez! Look at that girl! She was hangout with someone that was ugly!
Girl 2: yeah! She blind I think?
Girl 3: That guy was so… urgghh~ I feel like vomiting!
Then you went to their table and you feel like you want to slap their face one by one.
You: hey there bitches! What’s up! I do hear that you talking about both of us just now~
Girl 2: yeah! Why? None of your business! –Ignore you-
You: none of my business? Who you think you are saying him like that?
Girl 3: HELLO! Shut the F*** Up! Only stupid and ugly people will hang out with a guy like that!
You: Listen up! He was not ugly! He maybe does not know how to dress up like a SUPERSTAR! But he still has the good manner! And plus… I guess he is the most kind and carrying guy I ever meet!
But you realize that Kyuhyun had heard everything and he ran away. Then you ran after him.
You: Kyuhyun ahh! Wait! –Hold his hand-
Kyuhyun: leave me alone! I just can make your life worst!
You: NO! THAT’S WRONG! Listen to me… I’m not choosing a friend from how they look or their status and their popularity… I’m choosing them from their heart! And you have what I want! Please!
Kyuhyun: -Silence-
You: turn around Kyu! Look at me!
But then Kyuhyun still doesn’t want to turn around and facing to you. Then you gave up and you just went infront of him. You were shock because he was in tears.
You: Kyu? –Wipe his tears-
Kyuhyun: Mianhae~ I just not suit to you! –Runaway-
You: YAA! Wait! –Hug him from back- Believe me! I do really believe you~ you’re the only one friend I have… please don’t leave me!
Kyuhyun: ______, promise? –Turn around and hug you-
You: NAE! –Nod-
Then both of you do being a very best friend. One year past. One day your school having a prom night. Because of your beautifulness, lots of guy wants you to be their partner, but you refuse. The prom night gossip was trending in the school that will be held next 2 weeks. This few days, you realize that Kyuhyun always feel down.
You: Kyuhyun ahh~ are you okay? –Look at him-
Kyuhyun: hmmm… yeah~… may I ask you something?
You: yeah sure~ what is it?
Kyuhyun: i… errmmm… would you be… errmmm… my partner for the prom night…
You: i…
Kyuhyun: I understand~ it’s okay if you can’t… -Went away-
You: yaa! Where do you think you’re going? –Hug him from back-
Kyuhyun: errmmm…
You: I haven’t answered your question yet…
Kyuhyun: what do you mean~
You: I’ve been waiting for you to ask… I would be happy to be your partner for sure!
Kyuhyun: really? Jinja?
You: nae!
Kyuhyun: if you don’t mind… I need your help on … errmm… my look…
You: leave it to me… we’ll go for shopping this Saturday? How was that?
Kyuhyun:  great! The cost, leave it to me…
You: that’s for sure… yaa… let’s play basketball for a while…
At Saturday, both of you went out early. The first place you bring him was the saloon. You decided to change his style. Then you buy some suits that comfortable for him. One day spent time together makes you realize something. Went you with him, you feel so comfortable and feel very happy. Actually, his big spectacle makes him looks even cuter. For you, however he looks like, you still like him.
One week past, the day had come. Kyuhyun promise to pick you up. You feel excited to see how Kyuhyun looks like. You expect that he might use his spectacle too. But ohh boy, you’re totally wrong.
There’s someone ring your doorbell and when you open it. You was really shock and amazed with what you had saw infront of your eyes.
Kyuhyun: annyeonghaseyo –bow-
You: Kyuhyun? Is that you?
Kyuhyun: nae~ what’s wrong?
You: you… you… where’s your spectacle? You didn’t wear it! –Hold his face-
Kyuhyun: _______! You look so beautiful!
You: no! You look so handsome! Errmm… I mean…
Kyuhyun: -Kiss your lips- Let’s go!
You blush too much and just follow him into his car. You still speechless and you can feel the heat of his kiss. His kiss was so wonderful.
Kyuhyun: _____ ahh~ waeyo? Is it because I kiss you? Mianhae~
You just feel unable to control yourself; you pull him and kiss his lips deeply. Kyuhyun was so shock and didn’t ignore your kiss. He ties his hands around your wrist and kisses you deeply. Then both of you apart because lack of oxygen.
Kyuhyun: Saranghae! –Touch your lips-
You still can’t pull out any words due the kiss. You hold his face because you totally gaze with his beautiful eyes. This is the first time you saw such beautiful eyes. Then suddenly you went back to the real world.
You: errmmm… we… should go now… and forget everything~ -shy-
Kyuhyun just nod and understand that he did something that’s totally wrong.
Arrive at the school hall. Everyone was totally shock with both of you. You in your white dress really suit with you and Kyuhyun had melt all of the girl with his new style.
Girl 1: Is that Kyuhyun and _____?
Girl 2: yeah it’s them! –Shock-
Girl 3: OMO! Kyuhyun was so handsome!
Girl 2: and _______ was so beautiful and her dress…
Girl 1: I didn’t know that Kyuhyun was so freaking handsome!
Both of you heard all of the chit-chat around you. Both of you feel so proud.
You: Finally! They knew that you’re the most handsome guy in this school.
Kyuhyun: -Smirk- it’s all because of you! –Hold your hand- Let’s go~
You: sure Oppa!
Kyuhyun: you call me Oppa? That’s so kyeopta! –Pinch your cheek-
You: -smile-
You hold tight his hand. You feel so happy that you’re with him now.
The prom night was finish then both of you decided to having some fresh air. Then you decided to go to the Seoul Tower. They weren’t too crowded since it was in the late night.
Kyuhyun: so how do you feel today? –Feel the fresh air surrounding-
You: me? I feel so happy today~
Kyuhyun: waeyo? –Look at you like a cute kid-
You: -Smile- it’s because I can hold his hand while entering the school hall just now. –Hug his wrist-
Kyuhyun: jinjja? –Hug back-
You: nae –nod- what about you?
Kyuhyun: me too! I was so happy that now I can hug her as tight as I can… -hug you tight-
You: -laugh- yaa! I can’t breathe!
Kyuhyun: ______?
You: nae?
Kyuhyun: mianhae because I kiss you just now… I know i…
He wanted to finish his words but you directly kiss his lips softly.
You: thanks for the kiss. –Hold his face-
Kyuhyun: I love you~ -Hold your hair-
You: I love you too~
Kyuhyun: REALLY? –Shock-
You: -Nod- if not… I’ll not kiss you back, you know…
Kyuhyun feel he was the luckiest guy in the world. He was just keeping on laughing and screaming.
Kyuhyun: will you be my girlfriend? –Hold tight your shoulder-
You: yes!
Kyuhyun directly lift you up in bridal style screaming your name!
Kyuhyun: _______! I LOVE YOU! Hahaha! –Kiss your cheek-
You: ahh! Put me down! –Gentle hit his chest-
Kyuhyun: owh~ mianhae! I was… OMO! I was so freaking happy! I… is this a dream?
You: yaa! This is real! –Kiss his cheek-
Kyuhyun: Saranghae! –Hug you as tight as he can-
You: nado~ -rest your head on his chest-
—————————– THE END ————————————-
Haven't read the PART 1? Credit to SJDreamer.

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