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You had just moved to your new company. You went for interview.
Enter your Boss office. Your boss is SIWON.
You: annyeonghaseyo –bow-
Siwon: annyeonghaseyo –smile- please sit down…
You: kamsahamida… -sit-
Siwon: so you’re __________?
You: nae –nod-
Siwon: you’re great! Look at all of your achievement… -impressive-
You: kamsahamida Shi~ -blush-
Siwon: so you can start working tomorrow –smile-
You: really? Kamsahamida –happy-
You had work there for almost 6 month and you did notice it… You work as hard as you can…

One day while you’re on your way to your office, suddenly your car broke down. There’s no one help you because everyone on their own destination. But suddenly there’s a car stop by and help you.
Siwon: May I help you?
You: -you did notice there’s someone beside you- Siwon Shi? –head up-
Siwon: let me see… -checking your car-
You: nae~ -let him-
Siwon: look like there’s something wrong with your engine…
You: really? Geez –sigh-
Siwon: never mind… let me send you…
You: no… don’t trouble yourself… I can go by bus…
Siwon: no… it’s okay… lets go –pull your hand-

*In car you feel awkward.
Siwon: don’t be shy…
You: nae… kamsahamida once again –bow-
Siwon: no problem –dimple smile-
You: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE’S SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD I????? GEEZ…. –wondering-

At night, you’re working over time because there are still lots of document need to do… All of the worker had go back except you. Without your knowing, Siwon stares at you from the door windows of your office room.
Siwon: she works so hard… -smile- She’s nice and beautiful… all the  guy must be lucky if can having her… HOLD ON!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID I TALKING ABOUT????? I FALL IN LOVE WITH HER?????? NO… IT CAN’T BE!!!!!!!!!!!! OMO!!!! –talking to himself-
Finally, all of your work was done… you went out from your office room and saw Siwon sitting at one of the chair at the lobby.
You: Siwon Shi?
Siwon: ______ -smile-
You: why don’t you went home?
Siwon: I’m waiting for you –dimple smile-
You: for what? Did I did anything wrong with the document that I sent to you just now? –Curios-
Siwon: no…. I’m here for sending you home… -smile-
You: -shock- really? Shi~ don’t trouble yourself… it’s ok…
Siwon: it’s raining heavily out there… it’s dangerous for you to walk home alone without your car…
You: geez –looking outside-
Siwon: let’s go… -pull your hand-
You: -blush- nae~

Without your knowing, both of you lose. Both of your vision was blurred because of the rain.
Siwon: OMG!!! Where’s the road?
You: OMO!!!! So blur~ I can’t see it clearly~
Siwon: we’re lose… even I can’t find my own home road…
You: -worry- hmmm…
Siwon: I’m sorry _______… it’s all my fault~
You: aniya~ it’s all my fault~ I had trouble Shi a lot…. Mianhaeyo…
Siwon: -stop the car- ________, don’t blame yourself… it’s not your fault… -hold your face-
You: -blush and remove his hand from your face-
Siwon: actually, there’s something I need to tell you…
You: nae?
Siwon: actually… I… ermmm… Let’s go and find nearest hotel… -shy-
You: nae… -nod-

At the hotel.
Worker: Annyeonghaseyo –bow- May I help you?
Siwon: one room for two person please… -still holding your hand-
*You blushing all over around >_<
Worker: nae! –give you the key- Kamsahamida –bow-
Siwon: Kamsahamida –bow-

At room.
You: wow! Why did you booked this kind of room? This room look like can fit more the 10 person… it’s too big and beautiful… We just stay here for a while… -looking around-
*The room was so big. There’s a King size bed.
Siwon: -dimple smile- She look so beautiful… -thinking-
You: hello Shi??? I’m talking to you…
Siwon: -ignore you and keep stares at you-
You: Shi?
Siwon: owh! Yes… what again?
You: nothing… -,-
Siwon: you can sleep on the bed… I can sleep on the chair…
You: no… it’s ok… You can sleep on the bed while I can sleep on the chair… don’t trouble yourself…
Siwon: it’s ok…
You: what about you sleep a side… and I sleep a side… that bed was big enough.
Siwon: hmm… okay! –happy for no reason-

Both of you was on bed but separate.
When you about to taking out your novel. Suddenly Siwon get near you shirtless and take your novel and hug you as tight as he can. You blush because you can feel his abs.
You: -shock- yaa! Let me go!
Siwon: let just be like this…
You: nae? –blush- But why?
Siwon: Just shut up and close your eyes-
You: -close your eyes-
*Suddenly you feel his lips kiss softly on your lips. But for no reason you had drown by the sweet kiss that both of you having now. This is your first kiss and so are Siwon.

Then both of you slowly separated.
You: -shock- what’s that for?
Siwon: I think this is the suitable time to tell you the truth~
You: tell me what?
Siwon: ________, I had fall in love with you –hold your shoulder-
You: why me?
Siwon: I never see someone like you before~ You’re so caring and hardworking girl that I ever meet… -Hold your hair-
You: -silence and stares at him-
Siwon: I always being fool by other people. But then… none of them can understand my feeling. -Tears fall-
You: -kiss his lips softly- I’m sorry for you… I’ll always be with you…
Siwon: thanks… -kiss your forehead-
You: nae~
Siwon: __________, will you be my girlfriend?
You: nae…
Siwon: thanks dear~ Saranghae~
You: nado Saranghae~
————————————- THE END ——————————————

Credit to SJDreamer

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