Saturday, December 8, 2012
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Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.
I'm back and let's continue our 'Love Story with SuJu'. I was busy editing my blog just now, and haven't you read my previous love story? If not, please go to my stuff if you want to read.
This story also about Sungmin but part II. If y'all haven't read the part I please go to my stuff or maybe after the story I'll give y'all the link of part I. Hope y'all like it.

His beautiful eyes, sexy lips, flawless skin sure can make all of the girls fall for him. Every times after your class, you will secretly pass his class to see him. He was sitting on his own place and read some books. “He was so sweet.” You’re wondering.  The class for today was over. You walked your step to the garden to read some books. Under a warm tree, you take out your books and read. You try to understand every single word of it. The footsteps sounds you can clearly hear but ignore it. “Hey, can I sit here?” the voice approach. You slowly turn around and you almost faint. “errmmm… yes?” you answer him. “Thanks!” He answers you with his sweet smile. “It can’t be!!! He’s with me now! ” wondering. He went to you and sits beside you. Before he take out his books, he slowly turn around and facing to you.
“Hi! My name is Sungmin” Shake hand.
“Owh Hi! My name is __________” pretend haven’t know him.
“So you’re always come here?” He looks around.
“Yes~ This place was quite warm and quite”
“Mind if I come and join you everyday?”
“Bwo? I mean… yes… sure” nervous.
Then both of you smile to each other and start doing own revision.  You keep on reading the same page but you still can’t get the meaning. “SHIT! I CAN’T FOCUS AT ALL!” You turn to the previous page but your mind was not on the book.
“Aish!” sigh.
“Waeyo? Do you did help?” Sungmin looks at you.
“errmmm… i… i.. don’t understand this…” show him your book.
“ahh~ let me teach you.” He turn straight in front of you.
You keep on shivering even though it was a very hot day. His stares make you crazy. You can’t control yourself anymore. “If I still here… I might crazy and everything gonna be worst!” you keep on thinking what to do.
“Errrmmm… Sungmin~ It’s really nice of you… But I think I need to go now” you take your book from him. Without your knowing, you’re keeping on stammering.
“ehh? Waeyo?” he was curios.
“ errmmm…. Nothing…” shivering
Sungmin went close to you and hold your forehead. “You’re sick! You have a fever~”
You directly push him away because you scared that you might do something that’s out of your mind. “I’m sorry… please excuse me…” you apologize to him and run away. You were so nervous when you meet him. He was your only one crush you ever had. The way he talks, the way he walks was so perfect!
“_________! Wait!” Sungmin scream out your name.
“Aish jinjja! What’s wrong with him!” run even faster.
Sungmin try to catch you but you run even faster. Suddenly you feel someone hug your waist and make you fall onto him.
“Ouch!” you fell onto him. “No way!???” you were shock when you found out that you fall on him and he still hug you and almost kissed him. You directly get up as fast as you can. But Sungmin didn’t let you go. He stares straight into your eyes, his face getting closer with yours.  “Don’t do it! Don’t smirk! Don’t smirk!” you hoping that he’ll not doing anything that might make you do something that’s stupid.
“Where do you want to go?” Sungmin smirk.
You were totally gasped with his sexy, hot smirk. Breath in, Breath out. You try to calm down yourself.  You slowly get up and clean yourself. “I’m sorry” you walk away and leave him alone. He just let you go. While you’re on your way to the public library, you feel someone hug you from back. You can feel his warm and flawless skin. “I want to follow you” the voice approach. You feel the person voice rest his head on your shoulder. You look aside and saw Sungmin look at you with his sexy eyes. And now you can’t hide your emotional, out of sudden you feel like you can’t ignore his sexiest feeling. You feel he wrap his hands around your waist, then you hold his hand softly.
“I LOVE YOU! PLEASE LET ME BE IN YOUR LIFE~” Sungmin softly whisper at your ears and stole the chance to bite your ears. “God! That’s so impossible!” you were totally shock with what he had said to you. He turns you around to facing at him. He pulls you closer with him. You’re now can’t control your craziness onto him. You hold his face softly from the eyes to lips. “I LOVE YOU TOO! PLEASE DON’T EVER LEAVE ME!” you softly whisper at his ears and kiss his cheeks.
Sungmin love getting more and more. He kisses you deeply and bites your lower lips and makes you moan. “Ouch! You should stop that!” you moan to it. “Be my girl~” He smirk at you and hold your hair. “Ne!” You nod with full of happiness.
“Actually, I had notice you for so long. Do you notice I’ll pass your class every lunch break?” You were shock due what he said.
“You do?” stupidly ask him.
“Yes… You’re always focusing on you study…” heartwarming smile. Sungmin was so happy that you’re owned by him now! Both of you keep on hugging and kissing each other in the middle of the playground under the beautiful night sky.
——————————— THE END ———————————–

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