Monday, December 17, 2012
10:03 PM
Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.

Yesung is your sister(Hyunjae)'s boyfriend. 2 years ago, you have been accident with Hyunjae at the highway and you've been sent to a hospital. Doctor had said that your sister died and have a note for you:"___-sshi, please use my body part as yours. And if Yesung think that you're me, you have to be yourself and please take care of him. :3 And don't forget to replace me at my company."

You've been working hard at your sister's company and make the others workers and your boss proud of you. One day when you walk to the Seoul Tower, you feel that someone is following you and call your sister name.

Yesung: Hyunjae-sshi, wait! I have something to tell you.
You turned around just for a while than you see Yesung.You ignore him and ran away as fast as you can. Suddenly you faint. Yesung saw you faint and brought you to your sister's house

Arrive at home, he puts you down at Hyunjae(your sister)'s bed. You finally awaken.
Yesung: Hyunjae-sshi, I'm glad that you're awake.
You: Kamsahabnida for helping me. Who are you anyway? (pretend don't know him)
Yesung: It's me, Yesung. Don't you remember me?
You: Mianhae, Yesung. I really don't know you but I'm not Hyunjae. I'm ____.
Yesung: Really,___? Because you're the same as Hyunjae.
You: Yesung, what do you really wanna tell me just now?
Yesung: -ignore you, looks down and he's tear fell- I just wanna tell you that we can married and be together forever,Hyunjae -thinking-
You: Yesung, waeyo? -look at him and hugged him-
Yesung:-shocked and hugged back- Nothing. I thought you're Hyunjae but you're really not.
You: Yesung oppa, Hyunjae and I were twin and both of us look-a-like. About 2 years ago, she said to me if you're thought that I'm Hyunjae, I have to accept it and take care of you.

Yesung shocked that you called him oppa. Both of yours relationship are closer about almost a year. One day, Yesung came to your company.

Yesung: Annyeonghaseyo, ____.
You: Annyeonghaseyou, Yesung oppa. ^^
Yesung: Wanna go dinner tonight at the cafeteria?
You: Sure, when?
Yesung: I'll pick you up at 8.00pm.
You: ok.

The same night,
Yesung: Annyeonghaseyo, ____.
You: Annyeonghaseyo, oppa. 'He look so handsome' -thinking-
Yesung: Kamsahabnida, ____-yang. You look so beautiful with your dress.
You: Kamsahamnida. Let's go. -hold his hand and went to his car-
Suddenly you fell something and Yesung finally got you.You look at him and think about Hyunjae's past. You almost open the car but suddenly Yesung grab you and kiss you.but then you push him gently and get in the car.

While in the car, you feel awkward.
Yesung: Waeyo, ___-yang? It's because I kiss you just now? Mianhae.
You: Not really, oppa. Just... -speechless-
Yesung: We're arrived.

At Seoul Tower,
You: Kamsahabnida.
Yesung: Waeyo?
You: Thanks for everything to Hyunjae and me. Hyunjae told me if I want to be with you, after she accept her death to me. And also thanks for the kiss, oppa. -hug and kiss his lips softly-
Yesung: -shocked- -hug back and didn't ignore the kiss- This is my first kiss. I'll never kiss Hyunjae before.

You: -shocked- Arosso? Waeyo? You're fight with her, right?
Yesung: No... w..what?
You: Hyunjae told me everything. She also told me that you love me since we're at high school.  Oppa, please tell me the truth.
Yesung: I was... Nae -nod- I really love you and I don't wanna tell Hyunjae. But now, my secret had been... -look at the sky- -tears fall-
You: waeyo? -wipe his tear- And also she said that you didn't love her. Well, when we at the highway, she told me if she died, she want me to use her body parts and have to take care of you. I was shocked and suddenly we lose controlled the car.-tears fall-

Yesung: -wipe your tear- ____, I have something to tell you.
You: What is it?
Yesung: -take out the ring and kneel down- ___, will you be my wife?
You: I...I..
Crowd: Yes! Say YES!
Yesung: Please? -aegyo-
You: 'He look so adorable. >3<' -think- I do. :D
Yesung: Thanks, ___-yang. -hug-
You: -hug back-

-------------------------------THE END--------------------------------------

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