Thursday, December 6, 2012
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"Hey ______!  Woah look like your drawing was so beautiful." That beautiful voice just calling your name. ‘’Was that?’’ You turn around and saw your crush talking to you and he even knows your name. Donghae came close to you and sit beside you. You were so speechless. Then his face was getting close to yours and both of you almost kissed. “_____! What are you trying to do!?” You directly wake up and saw Yesung was on top of you.
You: yaa! What are you doing?
Yesung: yaa! We almost late for today school! We have our year end ceremony today! Don’t you remember?
You: SHIT! –Look at the clock-
You push him and quickly when to the bathroom. While you’re bathing “it just a dream? I almost kiss him! AISH JINJJA!” pouts. Then you when to school as usual with your roommate Yesung.
Yesung: you almost kiss me just now… -Smirk-
You: STOP IT WILL YOU! –Punch his arm-
Yesung: Ouch! It’s hurt you know!
While both of you walking together, you saw Donghae kissing at the garden with other girls.
You: -Shock- My heart even hurt! –Tears fall and run away-
Then Yesung realize what happening and he chase after you.
Yesung: YAA! Stop it right there! –Chase you-
But you still run to the roof top. The suddenly Yesung catch you and push you to the wall.
You: yaa! What are you trying to do?
Yesung: Stop loving that guy!
You: But I love him!
Yesung: But he’s NOT! You’ll have someone better than him!
You: what make you so sure!
Yesung: THIS! –Kiss your lips deeply-
You were totally shock and push him away.
You: mianhae~
Yesung: _____… I was… -Scream at you- Aish jinjja! Why did I kiss her! Stupid Yesung! –Thinking-
You: -Blush- That KISS was so… so… Wonderful… –Hold your lips-
From that moment onwards, both of you feel awkward to each other. On rainy day, you’re alone in your room. Yesung haven’t come back yet.
You: geez! Where’s that babo?
Then suddenly someone knock the door and you went to open it. Yesung was shivering and he was soaked.
You: come in –Spread your arm around his shoulder-
Yesung: nae –Wake voice-
You: let me prepared hot bath for you… wait here… use this to dry up yourself… -Give him the towel-
Then you when to prepare some hot bath for him.
You: everything done… go and clean yourself…
Yesung: I need to tell you something…
You: after this… -Ignore-
Both of you feel very awkward since this is the first time both of you talking since the accident.
Then you went to the kitchen and made him some hot drink.
No longer Yesung come and approach you.
Yesung: ______?
You: you’re done? Have a seat and have this… -pass him the hot milk-
Yesung: -Put the milk aside and when to you- I need to tell you something…
You: just tell…
Yesung: I know I was wrong from the start but… please forgive me…
You: for… for… what? what are you talking about…
Yesung: I should tell you something… I was… errrmmm… aish! I was…
You: you were?
Then Yesung give you a beautiful card with wrote:
“I had fallen in love with you since we first meet! Will you be mine?”
You were shock. Yesung scared that you might throw away the card in front of him and hate him forever…But ohh boy… He was wrong… “This is so wonderful~” you hold the card and smile. Yesung was shock due your reaction.
You went close to Yesung ear and whisper to him. “I LOVE YOU TOO!” kiss his cheek. Yesung wide open his eyes because he can’t believe what you said.
Yesung: -Stand up- Jinjja?
You: -Look out to the window- You had spoilt my first kiss~
Yesung: I didn’t mean to…
You: -cut his word- And that kiss was so wonderful~
Yesung: bwo?
You: you making me realize that loving Donghae was just my Imagination Lover but now I found someone that really love me… -Look at him-
Yesung: -Shock-
You: -Hug him- yes IT’S YOU! NO OTHERS! –Kiss his lips softly-
Yesung: WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! –Jumping-
You: yaa! Stop it you babo!!!!
Yesung: that’s mean you’re mine?
You: totally… -Pinch his cheek-
Yesung: Saranghae! –Carry you in bridal style-
You: Nado Saranghae! –Smile-
————————- THE END —————————-
Credit to SJDreamer

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