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Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.
Let's continue our 'Love Story with SuJu'. If you haven't read the previous 'Love Story with SuJu', please go to my stuff and find your favorite one. If you can't find yours, you can contact/request me at my SuJuWorld on my left blog.
This story is with Sungmin. Hope you'll like it. ^^

Sungmin is an emotional guy in school. No one wants to be friends with him. So he always being alone while doing anything including school project. One day you have being transfer to a new school.
Teacher: class today we have a new student ______.
You: Annyeonghaseyo!  I’m _______! Hope to be friends with you. –Bow-
Student: HI!
Teacher: okay _____, you can sit beside Sungmin. –Point at Sungmin-
Then you walk your way to Sungmin and sit beside him. You smile at him but he ignores you.
You: Hi! I’m______. –Look at him-
Sungmin: ohh hi… I’m Sungmin… -Look at you heartless-
You: aish jinja! What’s wrong with him? –Wondering-
Recess time you didn’t went to anywhere; you just stay in the class and you realize that Sungmin didn’t went for lunch too.
You: Sungmin, you didn’t go for lunch?
Sungmin: No…
You: ohh I see… so what are you thinking of? You always look like you have trouble? Might to share with me?
Sungmin: hmmm… nothing…
But then you can’t stop looking at his face. It was so adorable.
You: He was so adorable. But why did he always ignore me… he always being so heartless… -Wondering and keep stares at him-
Day by day you can’t keep it anymore. It’s getting obvious that you like him. You feel that you had fall in love with him. So you decided to tell him.
You: Sungmin ahh~ Mind hangout with me?
Sungmin: I don’t know~
You: Please~
Sungmin: arraso~
Both of you went to the Seoul Tower after school.
You: isn’t beautiful?
Sungmin: -Silence-
You: YAA! Why did you keep on ignoring me! I’m not a tree! I’m talking to you… at least you must answer.
Sungmin: yeah… it’s do beautiful~ Satisfied?
You: -Sigh- How I can ever fall in love with someone like you! –Walk away-
Sungmin: -Shock- _____! Wait!
But too late you run as fast as you can to avoid him. In your own room, you cry as hard as you can.
You: why can I fall in love with someone like him!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaa!!!!! Babo!!!! Sungmin!!!!! I hate you so much!!!! –Crying-
School as usual. You went to your own place beside Sungmin. This is the first time you didn’t even say a words with him and he realize that you change a lot.
Sungmin: Mianhae ______. I’m not the one for you… -Thinking-
But one day, you had finished your reading at the library so late. Suddenly you feel someone following you from the back. You run as fast as you can but too bad the bad guy push you to the wall.
Bad Guy 1: Give me your money!
You: I have no money! Leave me alone!
Bad Guy 2: Hey stop it will you! She had a nice body. –Pull you to him-
You: What you want from me?
Bad Guy 2: Hey! I’m sure you know what I want…
You: Help me!!!! Help me!!!!!
Someone came and helps you and it was Sungmin.
Sungmin: What do you think you’re a doing?
Bad Guy 2: Who do you think you are?
Sungmin: She is my girlfriend! So back off!
But suddenly those bad guys punch Sungmin face. But Sungmin still maintain himself and fight back to the bad guys. At last, Sungmin had scared them.
Sungmin: Don’t you ever come again and touch my girlfriend or otherwise I call the police! –Scream at the bad guys-
That the bad guys run away. After make sure that bad guy really run away, Sungmin directly went home and leave you alone. But that you realize that Sungmin had injured. His lips were bleeding.
You: Sungmin! WAIT!
You pull him and bring him to the nearest seat at the garden. You take out your handkerchief to wipe the blood.
Sungmin: Ouch!
You: Oppss~ sorry… I’ll do it slowly…
When you wipe his blood, he slowly holds your hand softly.
Sungmin: You no need to do this for me…
You: waeyo? You’re injured because of helping me…
Sungmin: no need… I had being so rude to you…
You: It’s not the problem now…
Sungmin: -Hug you- But~ I’ve being hurt you so much.
You: -Hug back and silence-
Sungmin: Will you forgive me?
You: -Nod- I had forgiven you for so long.
Sungmin: Will you give me another change? –Look into your eyes-
You: What do you mean?
Sungmin: actually, I had fall in love for you for so long… the first day you came into my life… I force myself too change but I was too shy… _______, I LOVE YOU~ -Hold your face-
You: I… I… don’t know… I was…
Sungmin: I understand… I’m sorry if I’m such a bad pain. But I just want you to know that my life had changed after you came… -Went away-
You: -Hold his hand- Wait… Do you really mean it when you said that you really love me…
Suddenly Sungmin turn around and hug you as tight as he can.
Sungmin: yes! I really mean it with all my heart… -Hold your hair- You had change my life.
You: -Kiss his cheek- Thanks for loving me! I love you too! I’ve been waiting for this moment!
Sungmin: wah! You wait for this moment went the bad guy hit me ahh?
You: hahaha! No of course! –Hit him arm gently-
Sungmin: I’m just joking! –Pinch your nose- _____, will you be my girlfriend?
You: -Nod- Nae!
Sungmin: Thanks! –Hug you and kiss your forehead- Saranghae!
You: Nado Saranghae!
————————————- THE END ———————————————

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