Friday, December 7, 2012
4:09 AM
Assalamualaikum dan Annyeonghaseyo.
Hari ni Qis nak join Segmen ber-Anime :D Jom join

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1. Nama: Balqis
2. Umur: 11 tahun (2012)
3. Status [single, taken, married, etc]: Single but in love with my SuJu Oppa
4. Favourite colour: Pink
5. Birthdate: 3 June 2001
6. Sweet memories on 2012: Dapat nombor 2 dalam kelas. :D *memang betul*
7. Blogging since: 2011
8. Crush. Yes or no?: Yes
9. Still love your ex?: Maybe
10. Is there second chance for your ex?: Maybe
11. Height: 149.5 cm
12. Weight: 46 kg
13. Interest with Kpop?: yup.

14. Bestfriends: Sofea, Hidayu, Zarina and more......
15. A friend from childhood: Zarina
16. Has someone break your heart?: Yes
17. Someone important: my family and Allah18. Last time you cry: can't remember ;P
19. Do you like my blog?: 100% LOVE IT!
20. Any changes that I should do to my blog?: nope~

Question for YOU:
1. Do you love KPOP? Which are your favorite?

2. Anda suka lelaki yang mana?

  • hensem?
  • Good Manner?
  • cute?
  • imam?
  • lain-2

3. Which celebrity do you like?
4. Does your love also like KPOP?

5. If one day, your love with other girl. what would you do? how do you feel?


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