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Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.

This year, you're the 8th grade of piano lesson. You always play the song with your classmate and teacher. But this year, you're going to play with Henry, the violin master. He'll be your partner until the concert.

Henry: Annyeonghaseyo, ___.
You: Annyeonghasyo, Henry.
Henry: ____, this year we will play 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz together. It'll be GREAT!
You: Really, Henry? What about after the class you teach me, please? -aegyo- =3
Henry: ____, please don't do that. It's too cute for me ><
You: Hehe, mianhae. =P I always do this to get someone's attention. Haha XD So, would you teach me then?
Henry: Yes, I would.

Then both of you had a hard time to practise it. Since that day, both of you fall in love but you didn't realize each others.
It's been a week that both of you practising the song and it was a success. The next day, you come so early and you hear Henry was practising the move while playing the violin. It's amazing.

You: Hello, Henry-sshi.
Henry: Hey, ____.
You: you're so amazing and....COOL. We almost have 2 days to finish our stuff to complete IT.
Henry: ____, after school, why don't we go shopping to buy some cool costume.
You: Do you have enough money??
Henry: Nae. Waeyo?? You don't have any money.
You: No, I only have $20.
Henry: Well, that's ok. I use my credit card to pay it all.
You: Kamsahamnida, oppa. Look at the time! Our friends almost here. Let's continue our song.
Henry: Let's start.

After the class, you and Henry go to the shop to buy some clothes.
You: Henry, is this suitable for the concert?
Henry: I think so but... I think you need to wear that. Isn't it beautiful and the BLUE color is your favorite color.
You: How did...
Henry: -cut your words- I went to your blog. -tease-
You: Really? Does your member give my link blog to you?
Henry: urmm... yeah. why?
You: Nothing. I'm just a little curious about it. Let me guess, Zhou Mi gave it?
Henry: N-no. urmm. yeah
You: Just shut up and pay. -sigh-
Henry: Arasso.

Since that day, both of you didn't talk much. The next day, you didn't go to class and go to meet ZhouMi. Henry was so worried why you didn't come as usual.

Henry: Why didn't she come yet? Isn't it about yesterday when we went to buy some clothes? I message to her. -start message- " ____, why aren't you come to class? Mianhae about yesterday. You're so curious about it. But can we meet at the my house this evening?" -message sent- I hope she reply it. -sigh-

You arrived at Zhou Mi's house.

You: -knock the door- Annyeonghaseyo, ZhouMi.
Zhou Mi: -open the door- Annyeonghaseyo. _____, why are you here? Aren't you at music class today?
You: urmm, the class had absent so I want to meet you.
Zhou Mi: Ok... come in.
You: Kamsahamnida... I want to ask you a question. Didn't you gave my link blog to Henry?
Zhou Mi: -shock- No, why?
You: Mimi, please tell me the truth. I know you're lie to me.
Zhou Mi: ____, look. I know it's difficult to you but I really didn't gave it to him.
You: Then, how did he knows my blog???
Zhou Mi: The truth is, Henry took your diary and write your link blog to his notebook. Then, he put it your diary to bag.
You: He lied to me... why can he said that you gave my link blog to him?
Zhou Mi: Because he loves you but he don't want let you know about this or you might be mad.
You: Oh, I see. Thanks for letting me know the truth. I need to go now.
Zhou Mi: Ok, see you later. -sigh- Poor ____. How can Mochi do this to her?

After meeting Zhou Mi, you finally receive a message from Henry:"  ____, why aren't you come to class? Mianhae about yesterday. You're so curious about it. But can we meet at the my house this evening?"

You: -shock- "Henry, mianhae. I'm too busy but I forgive you about yesterday. Now I know how you'll knew my blog. I met Zhou Mi just now and he told me everything." -message sent-
Henry: -received a message-  ____, kamsahamnida. :') "____, can you attend the class as usual and wear the clothes that I paid for you tomorrow? we'll be rehearsing at the stage" -sent-
You: "sure, why not? ^^ "

On the next day, you come early as usual same as Henry.
Henry: Annyeonghaseyo, _____.
You: Annyeonghaseyo.
Henry: _____, the concert will start tonight. So, are you nervous?
You: Just a little, why?
Henry: Nothing, just asking. Let's start rehearsing.

On the same day until the concert start, both of you are playing gracefully. After the concert, both of you go to the Seoul Tower.
Henry: How do you feel just now?
You: Great and Amazing!!
Henry: Hehe. Do you know what special event will be tomorrow?
You: I know but I don't wanna tell. Oh, look at the time. I need to go now. See you tomorrow. -leave-
Henry: See you tomorrow. -sigh- hmmm, I don't think that she forget about my birthday, isn't she? ____, since the first time I met you, I had fell in love with you. AISH JINJJA!!! I need to get a rest then.

You: -walk back home- Tomorrow is Henry's birthday but I don't want to ruined the surprise gift. I don't know what present should I give. -sigh- I need help from Zhou Mi. -call him- Annyeong, Mimi. Are you there?
Zhou Mi: Annyeong, _____. Nae, I'm here. How can I help you?
You: Mimi, can you tell me what's make Henry happy? I mean which's the BEST gift would make Henry for his birthday?
Zhou Mi: Well, the BEST gift he really want is to be your boyfriend and he really want to be your side and help. I know both of you fall in love each other but too shy to telling, right.
You: Oh, I see. I know but I don't know how should I say it to him.
Zhou Mi: ____, leave it to me. I'll help you.
You: Kamsahamnida, Mimi. ^^ -hang up- Ok, now I know what present should I give.

The next day, all of the Super Junior-M member and the SM staff are celebrating Henry's birthday.
Henry: -blow the candle- Kamsahamnida, you guys. It's very precious to me.
Ryeowook: What's your wish?
Kyuhyun and others: Henry, what's your wish?
Henry: I wish that ____ will accept me as her boyfriend and we'll start our relationship.
Zhou Mi: Mochi, we have a special guest for you. -open the door-
Henry: _____? -came close to you-
You: Hey, oppa. I brought a gift for you and it's special.
Henry: Bwo?
You: -hug him and kiss- Happy Birthday, my mochi. Your wish had granted. ^^
Henry: thanks ____. Your the BEST gift I really love. ____.
You: Nae, mochi?
Henry: -kneel down and put out the ring- ____, will you be my wife?
You: Henry, I...
The members & staff: Say 'I DO'!!!
Henry: Please???? -aegyo-
You: I do. -hug-
Henry:-hug back- Thanks.
The others: aww~
Kyuhyun: Why I'm jealous?
You: Aww, KyuMin. -evil laugh- XD Well, guys. Let's celebrate.

_________________________________THE END________________________________

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