Friday, January 25, 2013
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Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.

The next morning, you want to make a breakfast by yourself but Kyuhyun making it just for you.
Kyuhyun: Good morning, unnie. Have a seat. ^^
You: Good morning. When did you wake up?
Kyuhyun: 5.30 am.
You: What breakfast should we eat today, oppa?
Kyuhyun: I'm just cooking some ramen and make some coffee.
You: Oh. Can I help you?
Kyuhyun: S-sure. -then he accidentally put some salt into the ramen-
You: Oppa, why did you put some salt?? You didn't knew that I hate salt so much? >< Kyuhyun, I want you to leave, now.
Kyuhyun: _____, I didn't...
You: Do you want to kill me? If I eat salt, I faint, you know??
Kyuhyun: But...
You: Are you deaf?? If you not leave this house, you will never ever find me until the end because I can see your evilness in the inside but no one can see it. And I knew that you're jealous since I had boyfriend at high school, aren't you?
Kyuhyun: -shock- ____, I... I was jealous and I....
You: And you want to take a revenge for me to come back with. -sigh- I need to go to work now. You have to go, too. -leave the house-
Kyuhyun: Araseo. -weak voice- -sigh- _____, you're right. Mianhae because I was that emotional. I can't control it unless I have to revenge it. But now, you're with Kangin. I don't wanna take revenge him since we're hyungs. Aish jinjja! How could I forget about her and stop jealous of her?? ><

While you're walking to work, you saw there's a poor cute white kitten. You understand some animals languages including the kitten. You take it to the park and fed it. You already message to your boss that you can't go to work. After that, you're starting to conversation with the kitten.

Kitten: ____, why are you in bad mood? Don't you feel happy?
You: I have some problem with my friend, Kyuhyun. I want to meet Kangin just now but I think I will tell him later since he is practising dancing lesson with his member. I don't want to trouble him though.
Kitten: ____, forget the past that hurts you so much. This is just the beginning. No one knows when will the end. So, be strong and control your emotion. Why don't you keep me as your pet? I know that you like it. If you have any problem, just tell me. Araseo?
You: Araseo. -nod- Let's go home.

While you're gonna go home, there's someone following you.
Kangin: ____, wait!
You: -turn around- Kangin??
Kangin: ____, come with me. -pull you-
You: Where are we going?
Kitten: Just follow him. I think he want to tell you something when you reach there. And just leave me here. I know where your house at.
You: Araseo. -let the kitten down and follow Kangin-

When you arrived at SuJu's dorm, you saw Kyuhyun fainted on the floor.
You: What happen to Kyuhyun?
Kangin: That's why we want to ask you. Does both of you have any problems?
You: -shock- N-no... -sigh-
Leeteuk: Are you lying to us?
You: NO!! Mianhae... If you keep asking the same question, I will never answer it. I have to go. -leave-
Kangin: What's wrong with her?
Ryeowook: Let's give her some time to think. When Kyuhyun is awake, let's ask him.

Kyuhyun: -awake- Where am I???
Kangin: You're at our dorm.
Kyuhyun: Where's ____? Did she come here?
Leeteuk: Nae. When we ask her a question, she suddenly... leave.
Kyuhyun: What's question are you asking?
SJ members: -sigh-
Kyuhyun: Hyung, WHY ARE YOU SO SILENTS??? Wookie, what's question??
Ryeowook: Does both of you have a problem? -look down-
Kyuhyun: -shock- What does she reply?
Kangin: No...
Ryeowook: Leeteuk ask her is she lying to us and suddenly... left.
Kyuhyun: She don't want to hear that ridiculous question. If someone says that she's lying and she says other answer, that means she's lying. -suddenly received a message from You- 

You: "Oppa, meet me at my house NOW."
Kyuhyun: -stand up- I need to go meet someone now. I'll be back. -leave-
SJ members: What's wrong with them anyway?
Leeteuk: Kangin, go follow him but, don't be caught. araseo?
Kangin: Araseo. I'll be back. -leave-

Kyuhyun finally arrived at your house.
Kyuhyun: Annyeong, ____.
You: Annyeong, oppa. Have a seat.
Kyuhyun: Gomawo.
You: There's something I wanna tell you.
Kyuhyun: What is it?
You: Did you tell them about us?
Kyuhyun: No... I was going to tell them but I was afraid that you'll mad at me and I'll be losing you.
You: Kyuhyun ah~ Someone was taking me to your dorm ask me that stupid questions.
Kyuhyun: Who's took you to our dorm??
You: First, it was Kangin... Then suddenly, the other members ask some stupid questions. -look down-
Kyuhyun: ____, don't be like this. I know how you feel. I want to say sorry about this morning. Your words are true. I can't challenge some words that will hurting you. And I know that you like Kangin.
You: Kyuhyun....
Kyuhyun: And that's ok... I'll be wait for you until you want me. See you later. -leave-
You; -sigh- See you soon. Aish jinjja! >w< I need to take a rest now. I hope tomorrow will be fine than today.

Suddenly, your kitten came.
Kitten: ____, go to sleep. It's late now.
You: Araseo. -nod-

The next day, you didn't relise there's already some food on the table and there's a letter.
"____, I make this food just for you. I really sorry about last time. Mianhae I'm hurting you're feeling. But now, I'm just your friend who's hurting feeling and bad. I hope you and Kangin will be the happiest couple. Even though I was jealous, but I'm still supporting you.

Kyuhyun. "

You ate the breakfast and go to work. While your almost finish your document, your boss calling you to his office.
You: Annyeong.
Boss: Annyeong,____. There's something I want to tell you.
You: Nae???
Boss: I want you to married my son, Kangin.
You: Omo??
Boss: So, you're accept this wedding?
You: I do. ^^ -fake smile-
Boss: Well, in that case. I tell him he will pick you up soon.
You: Nae. Gomawo. -leave-
Boss: Cheonmayo.

When you're about to continue your work, suddenly Kangin arrived.
Kangin: Annyeong, my yeobo. ^^
You: Annyeong, oppa. Wait. I want to clean the mess.
Kangin: Sure, I'll help you.

After that, both of you went to the cafe where last time you went.
Kangin: ____.
You: Nae, oppa?
Kangin: Will you be my wife?
You: Yes, I will. Your father also have arrange the wedding for us, right?
Kangin: Yes.. And I heard that you and Kyuhyun are...
You: Oppa, stop saying that pabo and we're just friends.
Kangin: Mianhae... What did you call him?? Pabo?? -evil laugh-
You: Oppa, you're almost the same as him.
Kangin: Bwo??
You: Nae. :P

Then both of you having some teasing each other. You didn't relize Kyuhyun is at the cafe door. He's always pays attention on you.

_______________________________TO BE CONTINUE___________________________


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