Friday, January 4, 2013
5:36 AM
Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.

Entering a new Music Class for your family request. Step into the studio make you heart beat so fast. High heels, short skirt, make-up, lip stick, sunglasses. “Who’ll use sunglasses in this room? You wonder. A sneaker, a slack, a long shelve shirt everyone stare at you like an alien with its broken space ship.
“Hey, new cleaner is here” A bitch with a long hair, 5 inches heel and a short dress approach you. “Bwo? I’m not a cleaner~” You try to calm down to avoid something that called “Girl Fight”
But all of them keep on comment on your look. “She must be kidding me” “Ewww… Feel like vomiting” “It can’t be” All those comment on your look really brake your hear.
Then you feel like someone holds your hand and pull you. “Guys! Stop it! This is my friend. So watch out your month!” A tall guy, simple dress up of T-Shirt, jeans and a pair of blue Supra.
There’s a guy with a girl that insult you came closer to both of you. “How dare you talk to my girlfriend like that” with at anger face a talk with both of you. “Hyung ahh~ I didn’t mention any name just now. Why? You’re girlfriend though I talk about her? Smirk and look and the guy girlfriend. “Just this time little brat!” Pointing at the guy face who just helped you.
Then the teacher came in. The teacher give a short speech and pair each junior with a senior. Lucky you! You’ve being pair with the guy just help you. So both of you went to your own practice room.
“Annyeonghaseyo… Cheoneul Kim Joong Woon Imnida. Just call me Yesung” He smiles and introduce himself to you. “Nae… _________ Imnida” you shake hand with him. “Sorry for just now accident” You bow means that you’re apologize with him. “It’s nothing… Actually myself dislike their personality. Sometimes I’ll keep myself alone than hangout with them.” He pat you shoulder.
After practicing some new skill, the class end so fast. Both of you walk on the same street. The awkward moment just keep on bothering both of you.
Yesung POV
“Aish! Yesung! Why don’t you talk to her? Aish! His beautiful eyes, skin and her lips was so wonderful!” I just can’t stop looking at you ________!
“Pabo me! He helped you a lot but then you didn’t even talk to him!”
“Hey!” Then both of you approach each other in the same time. “Actually” Together in the same time. “My gosh!!! His eye was so perfect!” You thinking while Yesung “Her lips begging me for a kiss!” But both of you failed to pull out a topic tell you arrive your house. “We’re here. I know… It’s small but yet! Home Sweet Home” You secretly sigh and look at your small house. “Yaa! Don’t say like that! It was perfect because there’s such a lovely girl live in it” Yesung smirk at you. You blush to it and quickly covered it with a bow. “Kamsahamida for sending me home” “Nae~ Cheon!” He give you a warm hug a leave you.
Day by day both of your relationship getting closer. And sometimes both of you will obviously show out the truth feeling.  One day you’re late for the class. Your head keep thinking that you might make Yesung upset or other bad thing. You quickly climb the stairs to your practice room and there go “OUCH!” You squeeze your ankle while climbing the stairs. “Ouch!” you cried but no one there. “They must be in class!” You hardly sigh and try to get up but your ankle hurt so badly.
‘OMO ________! Are you okay?” Yesung run towards you down stairs. “Yesung?! Ouch!” You try to cover your tears. “Let me help you” He kneel down and let you have a piggy right on him. “Are you okay for this? Don’t trouble yourself” You feel embarrassing for always making trouble for him. “I’ll do anything for you… Come on” He help you out. And there you go, on Yesung back and hug his chest. “Thanks” You whisper into his ear. “No need” He rub your hand that still hug him.
He lie you down on the resting chair and went to get first add. He took out some liquid form and slowly wipe around your ankle. “Ouch!” You scream. “Oppss! Mianhae~” He gentle hold your leg and slowly rub your ankle with the liquid form. “Now, it’s done.” He looks up to you while you look down to him. “His eyes!” You screaming inside your heart. “Her lips!” Yesung think. Without in no times, both of your lips touched. He pull your hand to deeper the kiss while you didn’t ignore his kiss. Playing with both of your tongue, licking each other lips made both of your day. “H-mmm” He moans due the wonderful kiss of you.
Ending the kiss with a lick on your lips. “Your lips driving me crazy!” He hisses after the kiss. “And you just have it” You softly whisper into his ear. “Baby! Be mine!” He kneels down and kiss the back of your hand. “I will” You simply answer him with a warm kiss on his cheek. 
-————————-—THE END————————–-


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