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Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.

Kangin is a kind and the strongest person you ever seen. One day, when you walk to the game station where you want to buy some laptop game, there's someone grab you and push you to the wall.

Guy: Hello. Give me your money!
You: I don't have any money.
Guy: You're lying to me, aren't you?
Guy2: Boss, why don't you kidnap her? Her body is suitable for you.
You: HELP!!!!!!!!
Guy: There's no one will hear you or help you. You're mine. -bite your neck-
You: AHHHH!!!!

Suddenly, there's someone came.
Kangin: Hey! Stop hurting her! If you don't let her go, I kill you. -grab the Guy2 and punch his face and throw him away- Now, it's your turn.
Guy: Mianhae, I let her go. -run away-

Kangin: Hey, are you ok?
You: Just my neck. It's hurt.
Kangin: Let me send you to your house.

While in the car, you feel awkward.
You: urm, what's your name?
Kangin: My name is Kim Yoongwoon but my members call me Kangin. So, what's you name?
You: My name is ______. I want to say thanks for helping me just now. If you didn't appeared, I'll be worst.
Kangin: Your welcome. Your name is beautiful. -tease-
You: Hey! Don't say like that. It'll make me blush you know. ><
Kangin: -evil laugh- Mianhae. Hehe :P We're here.
You: Kamsahamnida, Kangin. It's almost raining, come inside.
Kangin: Bwo?
You: Nae. Come in. -pull him in-

Kangin: Geez, why should it rains this heavily? -look at the window-
You: Here, have some drinks.
Kangin: Kamsahamnida, _____.
You: Cham-jal osyeossseubnida. While the rains are heavily, why don't you stay here for tonight?
Kangin: Bwo? Isn't there anyone live with you?
You: I was lived with my siblings but they were overseas. It won't bother me at all. ^^
Kangin: Kamsahamnida once again for letting me stay.

Then you drag him to your brother's room.
You: Here it is. This was my brother's room but you can live here if you like. And I think my brother's clothes are suitable for you.
Kangin: Ok, thanks. It kinda late now. Good Night, ____.
You: Good Night.-leave brother's room-
Kangin: She's so kind... I think I had fall in love with her.
You: -sigh- Kangin, since the day you help me I had fell in love with you. But I need some times to think of it.

The next day, Kangin went out to go to pratise the dance with his member.
Kangin: Good morning, _____. I want to go to practise with my members.
You: Sure, you can. I need to go back to work.
Kangin: I'll send you.
You: Gomawo.

While in the car, you feel that you want to say that you like him but you're shy.
You: Aish jinjja! >< -sigh-
Kangin: ____, what's wrong?
You: Nothing. I always feel nervous when I want to go to work. -lied but shy-
Kangin: I see. Here we are.
You: Gomawo, oppa.
Kangin: What did you call me? Oppa?
You: urm... nothing. -get out from the car-
Kangin: ____, afternoon we'll have coffee at cafe. I'll fetch you at 11.50am.
You: Araseo.

At the dancing room, Kangin wasn't dancing properly.
Leeteuk: Stop the music. Hyung, what's wrong?
Kangin: Nothing, hyung. I'm just curious about her.
SJ member: WHO???
Kangin: _____.
Kyuhyun: I knew her. She's the kind person. But she's orphan.
SJ member: H-How did you know her?
Kyuhyun: At high school, we're classmates. But after a few months, she and her family had been an accident. Since that day, she had lost many memories and.... me. But now, you and ____ are now friends, will you take care of her.
Kangin: I will. Kyu, you like her, don't you.
Kyuhyun: As a friend. -sigh-
Kangin: Kyu, you can meet her this afternoon. I told her we have coffee at the cafeteria. Why don't you join us?
Kyuhyun: Really, hyung?
Kangin: Nae.
Leeteuk: Ok, guys. Enough chatting. Let's practise one more time. -start the music-

But this time, Kangin dance well as he usual does. After you finish your work, you tried to call Kangin.
You: "Annyeong, Kangin."
Kangin: "Annyeong, unnie. Why don't you call me oppa like this morning?" -tease-
You: "It's feel awkward. Hehe.. where are you now, oppa?"
Kangin: "I'm on my way to fetch you as I'm promise this morning. And I have brought my member with me."
You: "Arasseo. I'll wait. " -hung up- Whose with Kangin anyway?

You received the message from Kyuhyun:"Annyeong, _____. Meet me at the cafeteria." But you don't recognize the number phone. Later, Kangin just arrived in time.
Kangin: Annyeong, ____. You're ready to go?
You: Nae.

In the car, you ask Kangin a question.
You: Oppa, can I ask you a question?
Kangin. Nae, unnie. What is it?
You: Do you know this number? -give him your phone-
Kangin: I know this number. The person who want to meet you like I said just now.

Arrived at the Cafeteria.
Kyuhyun: Annyeong, hyung and ____. Please have a seat.
Kangin & You: Annyeong.
Kangin: Waiter.
Waiter: Annyeong, what do you want, sir?
Kangin: urmm... _____, what do you want?
You: I just want a cup of hot coffee.
Waiter: Araseo, miss. What about you, sir?
Kangin & Kyuhyun: same as her.
Waiter: Araseo. -after a few minutes- Here it is.
Kangin,Kyuhyun & You: Gomawo.

Kyuhyun: _____, do you still remember me?
You: -shock- I... I... -try to remember the past-
Kyuhyun: If you don't remember, that's ok. I just wanna know.
Kangin: ____, you can't lie to your own feeling.
You: Kyuhyun, I'm still remember you. The day we go out together. The day you catch me when I fell. I didn't get a chance to said so... Gomawo, oppa for everything. But now, I feel different. -sigh-
Kyuhyun/Kangin: What is it? -shock-
You: Hmm.. Nothing. I need to go now. Kyuhyun, can you send me home?
Kyuhyun: Sure but what about you, hyung?
Kangin: That's ok. I'll be fine.

Then, Kyuhyun send you home. In the car, you're still feeling weird.
You: Oppa, I want to ask you something.
Kyuhyun: Yes, you may, unnie.
You: -sigh- Do you remember when we're at high school and I had an accident?
Kyuhyun: Nae. And you had lost memories.
You: The truth is... I hadn't lost memories since that day.
Kyuhyun: -stop the car- Bwo?? -look at you-
You: It's hard to say though... when you ask me that I have or not remember you just now, I was tried to pretend but then Kangin reminds me... Mianhae about the past. -tears falling-
Kyuhyun: -wipe your tears- ____, I already knew that you were lying that day. This morning, Kangin wasn't practise well his dance then we took a break. Eeteuk ask him and he's saying that thinking about you. Then, I was lied that you had lost memories. -continue driving-
You: I just don't want anyone to worry about me especially you, oppa.

Kyuhyun: -stop the car- Here we are.
You: Gomawo, oppa. Why don't you stay with me?
Kyuhyun: You will?
You: Nae. Because when I look at you, I... -shy-
Kyuhyun: Just say it, ____. I wouldn't mad. -hold your face-
You: -blush- Mianhae, I'm still don't know what should I speak. -let his POISON hands away-
Kyuhyun: That's ok,___. So, let's get in. We shouldn't be in the car for so long.
You: Nae, you're right. -out from the car-

In the car, you're as usual the same drag Kyuhyun to your brother room, but.....
You: Oppa, here it is. You can sleep here for a while. I let you take a bath and go to sleep.
Kyuhyun: -pull and hug you- ____, If I do this to you, just enjoy and don't mad at me, araseo?
You: Araseo. -nod-
Kyuhyun: -slowly kiss you- Saranghaeyo,____.
You: -hug and kiss him back- Saranghaeyo, oppa.

Suddenly, Kyuhyun push you and starting having some naughty time.
Kyuhyun: Beware of my poison lips. -evil laugh- -bites your neck-
You: AAHHH!!! -scream- wait, isn't he?? -you're about to think the guy last night- -then you push him away- Mianhae. I need to leave now. -rush to your room-
Kyuhyun: ____, wait. -follow you and hug from the back-
You: Kyuhyun, stop!!! I knew that you're the person who tried to kidnap me last night. Let go!! -you tried to let him go but he hug was too tight- Please, don't try to hurt me again. If not, I tell Kangin.
Kyuhyun: -shock and let you go- Mianhae. Did you remember that man?? Is he wearing a mask??
You: He's just wearing a clown mask. -look down- -tears fall again- Just leave me alone. -then you enter your room-

Kyuhyun's POV:
_____, I'm sorry about last night. I was drunk and I asked my friend with me. I... I didn't realize it was you. Mianhae. I was that bad. And thanks for the kiss.

Your POV:
Why is he do these to me? I thought it will be the same as Kangin but this just too much. >< Oppa, mianhae if I mad at you. Tomorrow I need to meet Kangin about Kyuhyun.

The next morning, you want to make a breakfast by yourself but Kyuhyun was making it just for you.
Kyuhyun: Good morning, unnie. Have a seat. ^^
You: Good morning. When did you awake?
Kyuhyun: 5.30 am.
You: What breakfast are we will be today, oppa?

____________________________TO BE CONTINUE______________________________

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