Saturday, February 16, 2013
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Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.
Hey, chingus! It's been so long I didn't post some FanFics, right? Mianhae, I'm too busy blogwalking here & there, and inside my mind is TOTALLY blank and nothing to post fanfics. *evil laugh*
Hope you guys enjoy! ^^

You and Ryeowook were bestfriends since childhood. You and him were in love each others but you were too scared to tell and yet, you have a boyfriend, Soongjae.

Afternoon, you and Ryeowook went to a park for some fresh air.
Ryeowook: So, ____, what should we to do this evening?
You: Cooking? -giggle-
Ryeowook: Hey! Why always me cooking these day? It's your turn to make some dinner for me. -teasing-
You: Arasso, oppa. ;P
Ryeowook: Don't give me that look. ><
You: Wae? Curious? -giggle-

After a few minutes later, you saw Soongjae sitting at the bench and kissing with the other girl. You walked near him. " Hey, oppa." "Hey. Please stop calling me oppa..." your boyfriend said. "... because we already broke for so long" "Oh~ I hope you're happy with her." then you're ran away. You didn't feel any heartbroken because you didn't love him though. Ryeowook chase you and but he couldn't.

You finally arrived your house and you locked at your room.
Ryeowook: ____, please open the door. We need to talk. -knock the door- Please, yeobo. Aigoo~
You: -shock- 'D...did he... did he just call me yeobo?' -wipe your tears and open the door-
Ryeowook: -relieved- You finally open the door.
You: What are you trying to say?
Ryeowook: Are still love that guy?
You: -shock- If he's happy, I'm happy too.
Ryeowook: Are you sure?
You: Nae. I'm sure.
Ryeowook: In that case... -kiss you softly-

You didn't ignore the kiss. You tied your hands around his neck for the deepest kiss. A while ago, both of you walk apart.
Ryeowook: Mianhae, ___.. I was... I was... 'Should I told her?'
You: Saranghaeyo, Wookie. -kiss his cheek-
Ryeowook: -shock- Am I hear it wrongly?
You: Aniyo, oppa. I already knew that you love me long ago... But why didn't you tell me?
Ryeowook: I wanted to tell you but you already have someone else. So I keep my feelings until the time is right.
You: Well, let's have some dinner. I'll cook this time.
Ryeowook: Aniya... You're in bad conditions just now... If you're heartbroken while cook, the food will not taste good.
You: Me? Heartbroken? When?
Ryeowook: If you're not heartbroken, then why you ran away and locked yourself at the room? It made me worried.
You: Mianhae if I made you so worried. -smile- Oppa, please make me some delicious dinner. Aigoo~ :3
Ryeowook: Arasso. -giggle-

Then, both of you had some great day. You're now had been closed with him since 2 years. One day, he invite you to his members restaurants for the dinner. You wait him almost an hour. Suddenly, there's a blackout and then there's a flashlights coming through the stage. The music is starting and you saw Ryeowook singing 'Marry U'. He suddenly stop and walk near you. He kneel down and take out the ring. "___, will you marry me?" "Oppa, I..I... -sigh-"  Then there's someone near you, it's his members. "Say Yes! Say Yes!" "Oppa, I do." Then you hug him.

"This is how the power of love exist." Leeteuk said. Then, there's someone also came, it's Soojaeng. He congratulate you.
"How was your new family?" you ask him. "Fine." He answer.
"urmm... Hyung, there's one more thing you didn't gave her." Kyuhyun trying tease.
"Kyu, don't bullies your hyung. It's not nice but I like it." you laughed so hard.
"Kyaa~ Kyu, you seriously want me to do this?" Ryeowook asked.
"Just do it." You kiss him directly.
"Saranghaeyo,___. I will protect you forever." "And make me some delicious food everyday." You're still teasing him. He pinch your cheeks and kiss your forehead.


#p/s: Too short? Mianhae... My mind is really TOTALLY blank. See ya guys later. Assalamualaikum and Kamsahamnida.

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