Sunday, February 10, 2013
11:14 PM
Assalamualaikum and Annyeonghaseyo.


You and Kangin were having fun teasing each other. You didn't relize Kyuhyun was at outside the cafe. He'll promise that you'll be his EVERYTHING.

After 5 years later, you and Kangin are now husband & wife. And this year is your 5th anniversary. At noon, Kangin was buying a necklace for you. But when he want to go back home, suddenly there's a car crashed him. SJ members call you and you rushed to the Hospital Seoul.

You: Kangin! Kangin! Please wake up! I'm here. -crying-
Doctor: Mianhae, miss. We didn't save him.
Leeteuk: ____, calm down. -try to calm you down-
You: How can I calm? It's too late now.
Leeteuk: Doctor, dongsaeng, leave us here for minutes.
SJ members, doctor: Nae -leave-

Leeteuk: ____, there's something I want to give you. -take out the letter and necklace- These are from Kangin.
You: Bwo? -read the letter-

" _____, this necklace just for you for our 5th anniversary this year. When I'm gone, I want you to wear this necklace and don't forget about me and hyungs will take care of you, including that pabo, Kyuhyun. And also HE will be my replacement. I hope you'll be happy.
Until here, my love. Saranghaeyo, ____. 

Love, Kangin"

You: -crying- Kangin.... Thanks for take care of me. I'll always remember you.
Leeteuk: It's time. Let's go out now. -wipe your tears-
You: Araseo. -nodded and leave-

5 minutes later,
SJ: ____, hyung..
You: Kyuhyun, come with me. I have something to tell.
Kyuhyun: A-Araseo. -followed-
Leeteuk: Will it be long time to talk with him?
You: Aniyo, hyung. Just for a while. -walk away-
Kyuhyun: I have to leave now. Kamsahamnida.

At the same park where you and Kyuhyun first met,
You: Oppa, mianhae if I rude to you back then. I just... I just... I was... -sigh-
Kyuhyun: ____, I know how you feel. You can't keep your sad feelings forever, it will hurt. And I'll be by your side and take care of you. Just like I was said few years ago, I'll be wait for you until you want me. That's my promise.
You: Kyuhyun-ah... I want you back and please don't leave me again? And will you be Kangin's replacement? -hug-
Kyuhyun: -hug back- Nae, I will replace him and always by your side until the end. Saranghaeyo, ____.
You: Saranghaeyo, oppa. -kiss him- ^^

Suddenly, the other hyungs starting disturbing.
Leeteuk: Awww~ Look at them. How sweet~
Eunhyuk: Why am I don't have a girl like ___? -jealous-
Ryeowook: I hope Kangin allowed ___ to be with him. Let's call them, hyung. -planning starting disturbing-
Leeteuk: Araseo. -start screaming- KYUHYUN!!! _____!!!
You: -shock- Hyung??
Kyuhyun: Why are you disturbing us, hyung?
Leeteuk: Just get some fresh air~ -lying-
You: Bwo?
Ryeowook: Just kidding. We're here to ask you ready or not for Kangin's funeral?
Kyuhyun: I'm ready. How about you?
You: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go.

After a few minutes ago, you arrived at Kangin's grave.
You: Oppa, thanks again for everything that you had share with me... and I guess this is our last time to see each other. I want to say thanks again for taking care of me. I'll not forget that.
Kyuhyun: Hyung, I will protect her forever so don't worry. We all always remember you, hyung.
You: -smile- Rest-In-Peace at Heaven, oppa.
Kyuhyun: ___, let's go home.
You: Araseo. -nodded- See you soon, Kangin. I'll always visiting you. -leave-

In the car, Kyuhyun starting conversation.
Kyuhyun: ____, can we....
You: Kyu, I know what you gonna say this.... do you think that I'll accept it?
Kyuhyun: Are you still mad at me about last time? -arrive and upset-
You: Back then, I was really mad at you. I'm already forgive you until now. -giggle-
Kyuhyun: Pabo. >< -take you out from the car and get into his room-

You: Hey Kyu, what are you doing? Wait... -try to get off of his hand but failed-
Kyuhyun: -push you on bed- I don't know what am I doing so just enjoy it. -evil laugh-
You: No way! :P -teasing-
Kyuhyun: noona~ -aegyo-
You: aigo~ >< -grab him and kiss-
Kyuhyun: -doesn't ignore the kiss- Be mine, noona.
You: I will if you stop calling me noona.
Kyuhyun: Hehe, thanks ____. Saranghaeyo.
You: Saranghaeyo, oppa.


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