Monday, March 25, 2013
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*requested by Angiela

Angiela are married to Gongchan. Then Angiela found out that Gongchan is seeing another girl behind her back. One day, Angiela followed them and they saw her.

Gongchan: *shocked* Yeobo? Are you following me?
Angiela: Ne, waeyo? Are you shocked? So it's true that you're seeing another girl. Gongchan  Ne. Mianhae yeobo.*look down*
Angiela: Shik Gongchan. Please be honest with me, do you still love me?
Gongchan: Yeobo. I love you and I love this girl too.
Angiela: *shocked* Then divorce me!
Gongchan: Whaat?! But I still loves you.
Angiela: Oppa, if you truly love me, you won't be seeing this girl. It's over between us, oppa. I'll see you in court. *walk away in tears*

Angiela is divorced with Gongchan. One day you saw Gongchan's girlfriend with another guy.

Angiela: Yaaa you!
Girl: Ne? Who are you?
Angiela: I'm Shik Gongchan ex-wife. What are you doing with another guy? Aren't you suppose to be with Gongchan?
Girl: Yaaa mind your own business! Who are you to meddle in my affairs?
Angiela: Yaaa! Don't you love Gongchan? He loves you and you are doing this to him?
Girl: *laugh* Your ex-husband is stupid! I love him for his money and not for his love.
Angiela: You are a cheap girl!
Girl: How dare you say that to me?!*slap and pushes you*
Gongchan: Yaaa! Why are you pushing Angiela?
Girl: *shocked* Gongchan oppa... She started it first.
Gongchan: Don't lie to me! I've heard everything! You love me for my money! Let's break up! Let's go Angiela.*holds your hand and walk away*

Both of them went to a cafe.
Gongchan: How are you, Angiela?
Angiela: Ne. I'm fine.
Gongchan: I miss you.
Angiela: But I don't miss you.
Gongchan: Mianhae Angiela. But I know you still love me.
Angiela: How do you know?
Gongchan: Because you're still wearing our wedding ring. *hold your hand* Let's patch back.
Angiela: It's over, oppa. We are nothing now. It's too late to say all this things. I need to go now. Mianhae.

Nowadays Angiela have been vomiting so she went to see a doctor.
Doctor: Congratulations Mdm Angiela. You're 2 months pregnant.
Angiela:*shocked* What doctor? I'm pregnant?
Doctor: Ne. And I will need you to come back next month for further check-up.
Angiela: Arraso doctor. Kamsahamnida.

Angiela told her parents about the baby but she don't want Gongchan to know.
One day she went to a beach.
Angiela: *sigh* What am I going to do with this baby?
Gongchan: Dear...
Angiela: *turn around* Gongchan oppa? What are you doing here?
Gongchan: I came here to see you.
Angiela: What is it that you want?
Gongchan: I want you and our baby.
Angiela: *shocked* How did you know about the baby??
Gongchan: Your father told me everything. And I'm here because I really want to patch things up with you. I want to take care of you and our baby.
Angiela: Baby? I want to abort this baby.
Gongchan: *shocked* What dear?! Abort??
Angiela: Ne. I'm not ready to be a mum. And I ..
Gongchan: *kisses you*
Angiela: *push him* Yaaa oppa! What are you doing?
Gongchan: Dear, I know you are still angry at me. But please don't abort the baby. I'm the one who is wrong. Please don't punish the baby, punish me instead.
Angiela: *sigh* I don't know.
Gongchan: *hold your hand* Let's patch back as husband and wife. I really care for you and our baby. And I really love you.
Angiela: But I'm scared. I'm scared that you will see other girls behind my back! I'm scared that you will do it again!
Gongchan: No dear. *hug you* I swear I won't do it again. Please give me another chance to be a good husband. I promise I won't cheat your feelings anymore. And I promise to be a good father to our baby.
Angiela: Promise?
Gongchan: Ne. I promise dear. I love you so much.

Eversince then, both of them patched back as husband and wife. Gongchan became so much romantic than before.

Gongchan: Yeobo, what do you want to eat? I'll cook for you from today onwards.
Angiela: It's ok oppa.. I can cook..*stands up*
Gongchan: No, you can't yeobo. *stop you*
Angiela: Wae?
Gongchan: You're pregnant now and you cannot do much things, so I will cook the most special food for you.
Angiela: *laugh* Oppa.
Gongchan: I don't want anything to happen to you and our baby. I love you and will always love you. *kisses you*


Mianhae if it's less interest than other. I'll try my best next time. Hope you guys like it. Assalamualaikum, Kamsahamnida.

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