Wednesday, March 27, 2013
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Hey, chingu! How are you? :D I'm fine. Well, I think this could be my third couple imaginary. aww~ I love making couple like this. ㅋㅋ. XD So I hope you guys like it. =D

*requested by Pyeja Hafeelin.

You and Leeteuk are siblings. You go to the dance class every weekend. One day, there's a new-cute boy in your class. It's Sungmin, you're best friend who had left you since childhood.

Teacher: Listen here, student. We have a new student. Please introduce yourself.
Sungmin: Annyeonghaseyo, Sungmin Imnida. -bow-
Your Friends: -whisper- Look at him. He's so cute!
Teacher: Arasseo, Sungmin. Please sit beside ___ there.
You: -shock- It can't be him.
Sungmin: Annyeong, ____. 'Let's pretend we don't know each other, arasseo.' -whisper-
You: Annyeong, Sungmin. -nod-

Then both of you stick together again. Your wish had came true. After school, both of you went home.
Sungmin: How was Leeteuk hyung?
You: He's fine... -hold his arm- Oppa, I miss you for such a long time and Leeteuk always advice me for being patient to wait you come back from abroad to Tokyo, Japan.
Sungmin: Jinjja? Mianhae if I left you like this. I promise I never leave you.
You: -smiled- You have to keep that promise.
Sungmin: Ne... -suddenly sees Leeteuk- Isn't that Leeteuk?
You: Oppa?
Leeteuk: Annyeong... Are you Sungmin? It's great to see you again. -smile-
Sungmin: -nod- Ne, hyung. I'm just transferred to ___'s dance class today.
Leeteuk: Jinjja? Well, great to hear that. If you don't, my sis will be alone at the dark room. -teasing-
You: -hit Leeteuk's hand- Oppa, don't say that. Do you want me cry even worse than last time?
Sungmin: Aww~ you look so cute when you mad at him. -try not laugh-
Leeteuk: -pat your head- Ani, dongsaeng. Well, it's late now. See you tomorrow.
You: -smile- Nae.. Annyeong, oppa. -wave hands at Sungmin-
Sungmin: Annyeong, yeobo. -wave hands-
You: -blush and walk away with Leeteuk-

Your POV,
Did he just call me 'yeobo'? Does that mean... >///<  I can't stand his cuteness... Have to focus other things... 

Sungmin's POV,
Did I just call her 'yeobo'? It's not the right time to say... -laugh- Well... I hope she not be TOO crazy with me... -giggle-

Finally arrived home. 
You: Oppa, I'm tired. I want to go to bed. -rush to the room-
Leeteuk: Ne... 'Aish, this girl... She never change.. ' -smile-

The next morning, you suddenly had a message from Sungmin.
"Good morning, cutie... How are you? Mianhae if it's bothering you. I want to meet you after you having your breakfast, arasseo? Meet you at the park.


You smiled yourself like an idiot just received a present from his/her love. Leeteuk jump into your bed and hug you.
You: Kyaa! What are you doing here? I'm just woke up, you know.
Leeteuk: Who are you texting? Let me guess. His first letter is S while the last letter is N... Hmm, Is it Sungmin again?
You: Ne, oppa. He want me to meet him at the park. Let's have breakfast then. First arrived, last cook. -rush-
Leeteuk: Hey! You're cheating! -chase you-

After breakfast with hyung, you went to the park as you promise him this morning.
Sungmin: Good morning, ____. Have a seat.
You: -smiled and sit down- Oppa, what is it you want to tell me?
Sungmin: -shy- Remember last night that I called you 'yeobo'. I mean it.
You: You mean it? -shock- If you really mean it to me, prove me.
Sungmin: I'll prove you. -kiss you softly-
You: -blushed- Oppa... I...
Sungmin: -smiled- You said you want me to prove you, so I just did.
You: Oppa, I love you. I kept this feeling for so long... I...
Sungmin: -put his finger on your lips- Don't say any negative... Your dream had come true. -wink-
You: -kiss his cheek- Thanks, oppa. urm... Let's have lunch with hyung.
Sungmin: Arasseo.

After a few years ago, both of you married and have twin cute-lovely baby girl & boy.


Mianhae if it's less interest than others. I'll post some more if I have enough time. 
Assalamualaikum, Annyeonghigaseyo.

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