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*requested by Nur Atiqah
You just went back from your university. When you entering the house, there’s someone else in the house.
You: I’m home!
Mom: Good… come in dear…

You went in then there’s like someone’s parents sit at the living room.
Mom: Meet my friend… They want to meet you… so I leave all of you talk while I’m finishing my stuff at the kitchen.
You: arraso Omma.

You smile at the parent and bow to them. Then you sit at the sofa.
You: annyeonghaseyo –bow-
THEM: annyeonghaseyo… wow… you’re sure are beautiful… -smile-
You only can smile at them. You try to guess who they are. But you fail to guess because you never meet them.
THEM: ________, we’re Donghae’s parent

You nod after they finish introducing. Suddenly there’s a guy came to you from the kitchen and smile at you. You were shock because he was the one who always stalk on you the time when you went home from university. You’re sure that he was not the same university with you.
Donghae: annyeonghaseyo –smile-
You: nae… annyeonghaseyo…
Then he sits beside you.
Donghae’s parent: we’re here because we would like both of you to get married.
You: excuse me? Who?
Donghae’s parent: You and Donghae of course… -look at both of you-

And you turn around and saw Donghae smile at you. You just have no idea what’s going on. You were so blurred at the same time. You don’t even know who is Donghae and what the heck wrong with the marrying you without your knowing. You were so shock.
Mom: yes dear… Both of you will get along together.
You don’t dare to cut your mom’s word and you don’t dare to shout at your mom. So you just have no way to run away.
Donghae’s parent: I bet we leave both of you talk.

So your parent and his when to somewhere else and let both of you alone at the living room. You were so nervous for no reason. Yes! You admit that he sure has a very sweet heartwarming smile you ever seen and he sure look kind but too bad he was stranger.
Donghae: Donghae Imnida –shake hand-
You: _________ Imnida –shake hand-
Donghae: do you know who I am?
You: NO –high tone- errmm… I mean no… who are you actually?
You ask him so directly because you were so curious.
Donghae: it’s easy, I’m a stalker. I’m sure that you notice that I always look at you while you’re in university…. –smirk-
You: so it’s you? But why?
Donghae: It’s because I had fall in love with all of your kindest, sweetest and you’re sure very friendly.
You were shock due what he had said. That time you were so fall in love with what he just said to you.
You: mianhaeyo shi~ I don’t mean to be rude, but are you blind? You can still find someone that’s really good looking young lady out there than you choice me…

You tell him the truth. Yes you always look at the mirror and tell yourself that you’re ugly. You wear a pair of glasses, you wear braces and you’re sure look a bit nerd. And at university, you can be known as The Math brain. Then Donghae cut you word and put his finger on your lips.

Donghae: hey, don’t say such a stupid thing. I didn’t choice a girl by the look but by their heart.
You were so melt with what he just said.
Donghae: no matter how you look like, I still fall in love with you. It’s was the only way to make me feel better to confess it to you. Will you?
You: I… I… don’t know… but how old are you?
You directly ask him a random question. It was all out of sudden! The words come out from your mouth without your knowing!
Donghae: I’m 26 years old.
You: what? But I’m just 19 years old and still a student…
Donghae: I’m a composer. But yet, I still a university student too…
You: and you’re asking for me to marrying you?
Donghae: no… no… actually what my parent just tell you was a bit wrong. Actually, I would like to be friend with you first. We’ll go step by step. It’s also my grandparent request asking me to find a partner.
You: owh… now I get it… but please forgive me if I can’t. I’ll try my best.

You doing this because you still remember what your grandparent tell you that they want to see you with someone that can make you happy. Past few years, you had a boyfriend, but your boyfriend was cheating on you with others girl so you decided to break up with him. Memorize about it sure make you feel the pain. But then, you can’t even forget about him until now. So this is maybe the best way to forget about him.

Donghae: thanks… -hold your hand- let’s start for our first date. Would you come to my birthday party this Saturday?
You: sure… I will… -Smile-
Donghae: thanks! –Happy- I’ll pick you up.
Donghae was so happy that you didn’t ignore him at all but make him happy.

When Donghae reach home, he was totally drunk on you! He just can’t even get you out of his mind! He went to his bed upstairs, he keeps on smiling while he was thinking of you.
Donghae: __________ ahh~ if only you know how much I love you! If only you can know how you mean to me! When I lead my eyes on you for the first time, damn it! I fall for you! God~ please give me chance to be with her forever.

It was Saturday night, Donghae came to your house.
With your white dress, high heels, non- make up and untied hair you went downstairs and saw Donghae waiting for you. It was the first time you using such thing, and for you it was too simple so you feel a bit awkward and afraid that Donghae might dislike it.

This time, Donghae feel so impressive and amaze while looking at you. He was shock due your beautifulness. Donghae: SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!
You: hi Oppa!
Donghae: you call me Oppa? –Happy-
You: like what I just said, I’ll try my best… -hold his hand- Erm… I’m sorry if I don’t even know how to dress and make over myself. –Bow-
Donghae: Not at all dear~ you was the most beautiful girl I ever seen… just forget about the makeover or what… You’re beautiful however you’re dress… -Hold your face-
You: -blush- Kamsahamida…
Donghae: cheonmaneyo~ so? Are you ready?
You: Nae! Let’s go! –Hold his hand-
Donghae: arraso! –Pinch your cheek-

Both of you sure having a very good time together. You feel so happy with him. So do him. You can’t believe that you had totally forgotten about your past and just be yourself.
It was school holiday and you had finished your assignment in just one day. Yeah! You’re awesome. Then you receive a call from Donghae.
Donghae: annyeonghaseyo…
You: annyeonghaseyo Oppa…
Donghae: your holidays just started right?
You: nae…the holiday still 2 months… and I just done my assignment.
Donghae: wow! Not bad! So do you have any plans?
You: hmmm… not yet… waeyo?
Donghae: Hmm… how about we went to the Waterland at Jeju Island tomorrow?
You: wah!!!! Seriously? It had been my dream to go there! But how about my parent?
Donghae: don’t worry… I told them…
You: kamsahamida Oppa! I just can’t wait!
Donghae: great then! I’ll pick you up at 8am…
You: sure Oppa!
Donghae: Saranghaeyo…
You: -Blush- Nado…

Wow! Look like you had totally fallen in love with him. Donghae sure really love you. At the next morning, you and Donghae went to your destiny. Both of you went to the 5 star nearest hotel. Donghae had booked a room for both of you. The room was so big. It has a beautiful king size bed and a big glass window that just can see the beach water right in front of you.
You: so beautiful!!!!!
Donghae: -smile- this is for you! –Show you the room-
You: wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You were just so happy and you keep turning around and look at the room. You sure look like a cute kid that just gets a new toy by mom.
Donghae went to you and lift you up. Both of you was so happy.
Donghae: so what we waiting for? Now we’re in Jeju Island, and are you ready for some splashing water at the Waterland? –Smirk-
You: wah!!! Waterland! Here I come! –Jumping-

Then you change into your swim suit and walk out from the room with Donghae to the Waterland. It was so big and sure full of WATER! And you can see the place was full of couple. You feel a bit weird and blush when you went in with Donghae. But who cares? Both of you just jump into the pool and have fun! Both of you splashing each other with water gun.
You: you’re loser! Hahaha… -Splash him-
Donghae: I’ll get you!!!! –Chase you-
You: no you can’t! Hahaha…
Donghae: take this! Hah! –Splash you-
You: now take this! Hah! –Splash him-

Both you was so happy. You feel so freedom and loved when you with him.
Then both of you feel tired and when to the ice cream stall to buy some ice cream. While you eat the ice cream, the ice cream was all over your mouth.
Donghae: aigoo~ look at your ice cream… it’s all over your mouth…
You: bwoh? Jinjja? –About to wipe it-
Donghae: -stop you- let me do it for you-
Donghae use his thumb to clear it. You blush to it.
You: mianhaeyo~
Donghae: aniya~ it’s okay! –Heartwarming smile-

At night, both of you went to the same bed but separated because the bed was so big and maybe enough for 4 people on it. You were reading your favourite novel "The Dream Journey" while Donghae busy with his Tab. But not for a long time. He stops for a while and put his Tab a side.
Donghae: __________, are you having a great time today? –Look at you-
You put a side your novel and turn to him since he turns at you and look at you like a cute little kid.
You: Donghae ahh~ today is the best day of my life… -smile-
Donghae: really?
You: nae! Thanks for everything… -Hug him and kiss his cheek-
He was so shock with what you done to him. He hugs you back and didn’t even let you go.
Donghae: good then… as long as you’re happy…
You: thanks once again… I was so happy to be with you…

Donghae was shock with what you just said. It was what he had being waiting for so long from you. He loves you so much and taught that he can’t resist you.
Donghae: _________, are you telling me the truth?
You: nae I’m! I had fallen in love with you Donghae…

Then you kiss Donghae lips softly, he was so shock in the kiss but he didn’t let the chance to run away. He ties his hand around your wrist and kisses you deeply.
Donghae: _________, will you be my girlfriend?
You nod and hug him as tight as you can.
You: yes –whisper at his ear-
Donghae was so happy. Then He hugs you as tight as he can.
Donghae: woah!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally! Thanks dear! –Kiss your cheek softly-
You can clearly feel the heat of his kiss. And now you know the powerful of the LOVE word is.
You: and thank YOU for understanding me and be there for me! –Hug him once again-

That night was the most wonderful moments you ever had. Both of you can’t even sleep. Both of sit at the window. You sit on his lap and rest your head had his shoulder and look at the star.



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