Saturday, March 2, 2013
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Assalamualaikum dan annyeonghaseyo.

*requested by NatasyaPink*

Tasya and Minho are best friends since childhood. Both of them love each others but too scared to say. Minho always accompany her where ever she go.

One day, Tasya finally finished her last assignment and semester. She went to the park for some refreshment air. Then suddenly, there's someone hug her from the back, it's Minho.
"Annyeong, Tasya. How was your assignment." He asked.
"Fine, oppa." she answer. "So, do you have any plan this holiday?"
she shaked her head. "Wae?"
Minho take out 2 tickets to go on vacation at Paris. "Will you come with me, Tasya?"
She nodded and kiss his cheeks. Minho smiled and directly kiss her softly.
"Tomorrow I'll pick you up at 6 am. Arasseo?" he said. Tasya nodded again and left.

The next morning, Tasya and Minho arrived at the Paris International Airport. First, they put their things at the hotel. Minho had booked a room. Tasya went in and look around.
"Oppa, you booked this? It's so big and beautiful." she praised.
He nodded and said, "Tasya, leave these bag here. Let's go out for some fun."

It was Tasya's first time went to this far country with him. And yet, everyone praised them and said, "Look at those couple. They're so cute!" Tasya hold Minho's arm so that she'll never been kidnap by the other boys.
At night, both of them went to the Eiffel Tower~

Minho: Tasya, how do you feel?
Tasya: I'm feel happy. Gomawo, oppa. -hug him-
Minho: -hug back- Cheonmanja. Tasya, there's something I want to tell you. Look at the sky.

Tasya: I love Fireworks. Gomawo again, oppa.
Minho: -smile- It's almost missing one thing.
Tasya: What is it?
Minho: Look again. -look at the sky-

There's a few jets flying and write 'Will You Marry Me?'
Minho: -kneel down and take out the ring- Tasya, will you marry me?
Tasya: -speechless- Oppa, I... I...
Minho: I know it's so early but I can't stand about it... Please accept. -pouted-
The Crowd: Say Yes! Say Yes!
Tasya: -blushed- Oppa, I do. I'm waiting this for so long~ -kiss his forehead-
Minho: -stand up and kiss her- Saranghaeyo, Tasya. -whisper-
Tasya: -smile- Nado Saranghae, oppa.


This fanfic is for unnie Natasya. Mianhae if it's too short. I'll try my best to do it again soon. Hope you'll like it.

Assalamualaikum and Kamsahamnida.

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