Thursday, March 28, 2013
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Hey, chingus! Long time no-see. Haha... Well, I always remember my last 'ShawolFiction: Firework', requested by eonnie Natasya. Hope you guys like it.
*requested by Sophea

It's been five years Sophea married with Minho. Once, Sophea didn't came back home because she's overseas. After a week later, she came home late. Sophea called Minho many times, but no one answer. Sophea s was so panic about him. When she went to his room, she shock that she saw Minho's sleeping with the other girl. Sophea slammed the door and ran away. Minho finally awake and shock. He change he's clothes and went outside.

When he went out to find out, he saw her crying at the park.
Minho: Sophea? -hug her-
Sophea: -push him- What were you doing when I'm gone this week? And why did you slept with that girl?
Minho: -shock- Sophea, I didn't do anything...
Sophea: Leave me alone.. -walk away-
Minho: -chase her- Ani... Please, don't think negative. I love you.
Sophea: But you're love doesn't enough, so let me rest at other place. I'm just came back, you know. -run away-
Minho: Sophea, wait! 'Aish! Why did I have to do this to her? I'm feel ashamed myself'
Sophea: -cover her mouth- 'Why he did this to me? Isn't he love me?' -crying-

At night, Sophea didn't sleep well because of the incident just now. She still remember that she advise him that he can't sleep with other girls or drunk. Unfortunately, Minho had forgotten.

The next morning, Sophea went to the cafe to drink a cup of coffee. When she want to come in the cafe, she accidentally touch someone's hand. Sophea were shock that you touch Minho's hand.
Minho: Sophea? Is that you?
Sophea: -turn around- Mianhae. -walk in the cafe-

Then both of them sits in the same table. It's been a while she didn't talk to him.
Minho: -hold your hand- Sophea, mianhae about last night. I didn't know....
Sophea: Stop saying about that again. It hurts me even more. -tears fell-
Minho: -wipe your tears- Tasya, please forgive me. I won't do that again.
Sophea: Oppa, can you give me some time to think. Why you always rush in every problem?
Minho: Because I love you and you always in my heart. No one can replace you. *put your hand on his chest* You can feel how I feel now.
Sophea: Oppa, I have something to do now. I'll see you later. -walk away-
Minho: -grab your hand- Don't lie to me. Come with me. I know you don't have anything to do right.

Sophea was shocked what he said was true. She followed him to his house. She saw there're many pictures of here on the wall.
Sophea: Oppa... What are these?
Minho: -hold your hand that has a ring- These are my proves that I'm still love you. When you're gone, I'm always talk to your pictures that I miss you. I tried to call you but you're too far away. When I look to these picture, I'm always remember how I was so happy to be with you. Sophea please forgive me. You're the one that always in my heart. I'll never replaced you with someone.
Sophea: But the girl last night...
Minho: -kiss you softly- It's because you too worried about me.
Sophea: Oppa, mianhae if I'm too harsh with you. -hug him-
Minho: -hug back- Sophea, you need more rest. -lift her up and put her in his bed- Sophea, don't think any negative or something that may hurt you. Just think positive or something that can love you and cure you. -kiss her forehead-
Sophea: -grab his hand- Oppa, wait. -kiss him softly- Thanks for cheering me up again. -hug him- Saranghaeyo.
Minho: -hug back- Ne.. Nado Saranghae.


Mianhae if it's less interest or short. I'll try my best next time.
Assalamualaikum, Annyeonghigaseyo. ^^

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