Sunday, March 24, 2013
5:00 PM
Assalamualaikum, Annyeonghaseyo.
#p/s: This story is about best friends because the request is from girl and also the character of this story also a girl. It maybe awkward if I make them in love.

*request by Ziechy*

It's been a while, Ziechy's twin sister, Myeongsoo, had past away. You've always remember her advise and how she protect Ziechy from the other geek girl.

At school, there's someone new, it's Taeyeon, Myeongsoo's old friend. Ziechy shock. It's time to go home, you went to the park for some refreshment. She felt there's someone following here.

Taeyeon: Ziechy? Is that you? -sits beside her-
Ziechy: Nae.. -look down-
Taeyeon: Why are you so blue?
Ziechy: -fake smile- Nothing, unnie.
Taeyeon: Jinjja? -hold Ziechy's shoulder- Is there something wrong?
Ziechy: Ani... It's late now I have to go. See you at school. -leave-
Taeyeon: Nae... 'What's wrong with her? She always joyful with her cute sister but I didn't see her today.'

The next day, Ziechy finally get the result of her & Myeongsoo's last exam. Taeyeon feel weird about her. At noon, Ziechy went to the same park. She look at the sky and wish to see Myeongsoo again.

Taeyeon: Annyeong, Ziechy. Wae are you look even blue than yesterday?
Ziechy: Ani, unnie. I'm feel alone.
Taeyeon: Wae? Is it your sister don't want to be your side?
Ziechy: -tears fall- Ani... she's past away a few days ago before you transferred to here.
Taeyeon: -shock- Bwo?! Why didn't you say earlier?
Ziechy: -hug her- I don't have any choice to say. I was in the rain so no one can see I was crying. -starting to cry-
Taeyeon: -wipe her tears- I know how you feel. Ziechy, I have a gift for you and Myeongsoo.

Ziechy: -shock- Eunnie...
Taeyeon: This is the symbol of our friendship between me,you and Myeongsoo.
Ziechy: Nae... Myeongsoo will be happy now at the heaven.
Taeyeon: -smile- I heard that there's a concert tonight.
Ziechy: Nae... It's SNSD. Well, what are we waiting for. Let's GO.
Taeyeon: -laugh-


Mianhae if it's short. I'll try my best to do it later. I will post the other soon. Assalamualaikum, Kamsahamnida.

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