Tuesday, March 26, 2013
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*requested by Nurul Syafiqah
You and G-Dragon are roommates. G-Dragon was a temper guy but you already use to it.

You: yaa! Why hasn’t sleep yet? Look at the time! –Point and the wall clock-
GD: yaa! You sound like my omma! –Laugh-
You: it’s not funny!
GD: FINE! I sleep now! Satisfied?

Then both of you went to own room. At the midnight, you keep on sneezing. Then GD was tired of it and went to your room.

GD: What the heck are going on with this old nanny? Yaa! Open the door! –Knock your door- Can you please shut up! You wake me up you know! –Mad-

But you feel so sick and keep on sneezing. Then you try to get up to open the door but then you fall down.
GD: this nanny! Open the door will you! –Knock the door even harder-

GD gave up and tries to open the door.
GD: aish jinjja! It’s not lock at all. –Feel stupid-
The he went in and saw you’re lying on the floor.
GD: OMO! What happen to you? –Carry you in bridal style onto your bed- _____, wake up… are you okay? –Hold your face-
You: -awake- GD? i…
GD: -Check your temperature- OMO! So hot! You’re had a cold! Let me bring you to the clinic…
You: no need… I’m fine… just brought me the medicine…
GD: are you sure~ -Hold your hair-
You: nae~ -nod-
Then GD went to the kitchen and brings you the medicine and a glass of water.
GD: here you go… -feed you-
You: Thanks~ -Smile-
GD: Nae~ thanks God that tomorrow is school holiday.
You: -Nod- it’s okay… you can go to sleep now~
GD: no I’m not~ I’ll stay here and take care of you… -Pull your study chair and sit beside your bed-
You: You no need to this…
GD: NO! I must… whenever I need help you always be there for me eventhough I always rude to you. And now you really need help and I’m gonna make sure that I’ll be there for you… -Hold your hair-

You were shock with what he said to you. Both of you always fight with each other but today he seems very different. And you were totally melted with what he had said.
GD: Mianhae~ I always rude to you… -Hold your hand-
You: -Silence-
GD: now I realize that what you had done to me was for my own good. I was such a temper guy. Please forgive me~
You: I had forgiven you for so long… -Hold his hand-
GD: Thanks! Now sleep well~ -Kiss your forehead-
Then you fall asleep. L always makes sure that you had enough rest. He can’t even sleep at night.
GD: Mianhae~ I really can’t stop thinking about you~ -Hold your face-

At the morning, you wake up and realize that GD was not in your room. Then you went out to find him.
You: Morning!
GD: Hey morning~ so how are you? –Check your temperature~
You: I’m fine… wah~ smells good! –Look at him cook-
GD: I cook something special for you~ Okay~ done…
Then both of you having breakfast together for the first time.
You: wah~ you’re a good cooker!
GD: -laugh- not really~
You: this Kimchi was so nice!
GD: thanks! As long as you love it!

While you’re eating, GD can’t stop staring at you but you didn’t realize it. Both of you done having breakfast. Then both of you went to the leaving room to watch some movies. While you’re watching movie, GD just keep on staring at you and you feel weird.
You: waeyo? Is there something on my face… -Checking your face-
GD just keeps silence and continues stare and you.
You: yaa! You make me feel embarrassed!

Then you went to your room to check out if there something on your face but when you about to go, GD pull you and make you sit on him.
You: yaa! What’s wrong?
GD: nothing~ just want to hug you… -Hug you-
You: yaa! Let me go! You’re strange!
GD: no I’m not strange… I just… errmmm…
You: you’re just? –Turn around and look at him-
GD: I just…

He then directly kisses your lips softly. You were totally shock due what he had done to you but you didn’t ignore him. You tie your hands around his wrist and kiss him back. Then both of you apart.
You: this shouldn’t happen… -Push him-
GD: Why? But I love you… -Hold your hands-
You: BWO? You love me? But we always fight?!
GD: I know… I thought it could catch your attention but then I can’t keep this anymore! I really want you to know that I LOVE YOU!
You: -Silence- I though you hate me so much… because I also had fallen in love with you for so long…
GD: BWO? I’m sorry that I didn’t notice it at all… I though you already fall in love with someone else…
You: no… I never fall in love with other guy except you Ji Yong.
GD: me too~ errmmm… Will you be my girlfriend? –Kneel down-
You: yes! –Hug him-
GD: woah! Thanks! Saranghae my angel! –Kiss your forehead-

He lifts you up and both of you had a great time together…


Mianhae if it's less interest than others. Hope you guys like it. Assalamualaikum, Kamsahamnida.

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