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L.Joe is the most popular at your school. You're in love with him since his your new roommate but you're not like the other girls crazy about him. But the truth he's being nice with you is he also loves you.

The day that you and L.Joe finally take the final assignment. You and him really work hard to achieve the result. His wish is he really want to marry you or he'll be trapped by the other crazy girls. Until the day both of you received your result, both of you finally relief and feel freedom.After school, L.Joe hold your hand. You didn't let go but you stop walking.

"Farahin, what's wrong?" he asked.
"Aniyo, oppa. I'm just feel something strange in my heart. I feel so heavy." you were so curious about him. But then, you're almost fainted.
"Farahin!" he carried you and went home.

He put you in your bed. You wake up and saw L.Joe lying beside you. You still feel uncomfortable and sick. You tried to remember something but.... you can't. You looked at the sky and wish you can see your father, who had left you since you were a little girl. You feel curious why your appa have to leave you and your siblings behind. Suddenly, you feel someone is hugging you.

"Oppa, why are you hugging me? You should've just call me or whatever."
"Mianhae, Farahin. What are you thinking about?" he asked.
"I don't know, oppa. I'm always curious about my appa since he left us in an orphanage. I was so dumped by my own siblings and friends because I'm my appa's favorite daughter. But it turn out nonsense." you starting to cry.
He wiped your tears,"Farahin, you don't have to think these nonsense because you have me." he kiss your lips softly. You were shock through what he says yet you're also blush through he's kiss.

You always trying to run away to find your appa. You're walked back slowly, but L.Joe also walk near you slowly. You imagined that he's your appa. You're trying to forget everything, so you hug him.

"Oppa, I'm scared. Please help me to forget everything." you hug him and crying.
"Farahin, let's sits here first." both of you sits on the bed. "Look at me first. It's quite difficult for you to live but you have to remember one thing.. That I'm always beside with you and protect you. That's my promise."
"Oppa, do you love me?" he shock through your question. He nodded as the answer is yes.
"Jinjja?" you smiled, "Oppa, I love you." you directly kiss him softly.
"D-do you mean it?" he was shocked.
"Oppa, do you still remember the letter that you received last year?" he quickly fiind that letter and showed her. "Did you mean this letter? Is it you're the one who wrote this to me? Please repeat this for me, please?" he pouted so cutely.

"Dear oppa,
I wanted to say that I love you since you're so popular at school. But I was so afraid because I always thought that your fans will know this gossip. I'm always in the dark side. I want to say 'Thank You!' for being with me. I'm really appreciated. But if you don't love, then I'll be in here forever, I guess. Saranghaeyo, oppa.


You smiled yourself. But you still feel you're in the dark side. You really don't have any choice except love him forever. You went near him and whispered,"Gomawo, oppa, for being friend with me." You kissed his cheek and went to bed. You checked your phone, there's so many messages and phone call from your friends. Some of them are rumors, so you won't believed them. L.Joe stared at you for a while. Then he went to near you.

"Farahin, there's something I want to give you too..." he sits beside you in your bed.
"Jinjja? What is it?" you were so curious. But then, he took out a ring to you.
"Farahin, will you marry me?" he hold your hand.
"Oppa...I... I.... I've been waiting this for so long. I do really want to marry you." you kissed his cheeks again.
"Kamsahamnida, yeobo." he kiss your forehead.

Both of you lived happily ever after and give birth a twin boy & girl.
Well, it's quite short and I don't have to waste my time for writing it. Insya-Allah, I'll post the other 2 fanfiction when I have time.^^
Assalamualaikum, Annyeonghigaseyo.

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