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Hey, you guys! It's been a long time I haven't post anything, right? My blog was so full of dust.. Keke... Well, about the Kpop Imaginary request, it's almost done for everyone but I have to stop for a while. So, as always, hope you guys like it. 

You are just a quiet-intelligence girl. You always go to the public library to buy some mysteries/horror novels. But you didn't realized there's someone staring at you.
One day, you went to the public library again. You accidentally trip on someone, it's Leeteuk, the stalker.

You: Mianhae.
Leeteuk: That's ok. So, you're _____, right?
You: H-how did you know me? -shock-
Leeteuk: Well, I'm a stalker. You didn't realize that I'm always follow you.
You: Gwenchennayo? -blush-
Leeteuk: Ne.
You: Leeteuk-sshi, why were you following me?

Leeteuk: -smile- You still didn't remember when we're at middle school.
You: What happen that day? -curious-
Leeteuk: You always a quite type in your class. Some of your friends bullied you but you didn't even care, you're so brave... And you're also known as a brain mistress because you're good at Math.
You: Oh, ne... But I really don't understand why you're following me.
Leeteuk: It's because I want to make you a great life. I knew that you had an accident and your family had left. And that's why I'm following you.
You: Oh... Well, I need to go to the library. I'll see you later.
Leeteuk: -grab your hand- Wait, can... I come with you?
You: Of course.

Then both of you went to the library. You feel awkward with him since you just met him. You choose the horror book. Leeteuk feel weird about you. After you bought the book, both of you went to Seoul Tower. You suddenly feel miss someone but you don't know who it is.

You: Leeteuk-sshi...
Leeteuk: Ne...
You: I... I think I miss someone..
Leeteuk: Gwenchennayo?
You: Ne... But I don't know who is it.
Leeteuk: _____, I think is your parents. When you were a teenager, you're so naughty and you like a tomboy. Your parents was so worried about you. You being rude to them.
You: Jinjja? I didn't know. -try to think- Am I that rude?
Leeteuk: Ne... But after the accident, you're too late to say sorry for them.
You: Why does these happen to me? -tears falling on your face-
Leeteuk: -wipe your tears- _____, you don't have to think about the past. It's really hard time for you, just forget about that and start a new life with me, araseo?
You: Ne... 'I never seen a guy that would care of me.'
Leeteuk: -hold your face- _____, I care about you it's because I like you.
You: -push him- How can you even read my mind? -walk back slowly-
Leeteuk: Don't be scared of me. Well, I also had an accident at Tokyo,Japan. All I could remember is you. Your kindness, your patient.. All I want is to be in your heart, please?
You: I don't know. -out of blue- I really feel disappointed of myself.
Leeteuk: -hug you- It's only just beginning, so don't give up. I'll always by your side. -kiss your forehead-
You: Kamsahamnida, oppa. -hug back-
Leeteuk: Cheonmanja. I'll send you home.

The next morning, you're having breakfast at the Mouse Rabbit. You just stare at the wall and remember the childhood. Leeteuk suddenly pat your shoulder.

You: -shock- Oppa, you gave me a heart attack.
Leeteuk: -giggle- Mianhae, _____.. What were you thinking about?
You: Nothing... wae?
Leeteuk: Well, I'm inviting you to our concert tonight, will you come?
You: Of course, I do. I'm glad that my schedule isn't so busy today.
Leeteuk: Ne... I guess I see there. Annyeong. -kiss your cheeks-
You: Ne.. Annyeong.

The same night, you're sitting in front of the concert. You feel awkward if the other know that you're Leeteuk's new girlfriend.

MC: Tonight, there will be a group of a handsome korean band.
Leeteuk: Annyeonghaseyo, We are Super..
MC: Super Junior, what brings you here?
Leeteuk: Well, I had prepared that I'll be married with a beautiful ELF.
MC: Really? Who is she and where is she?
Leeteuk: -grab your hand- This is the girl I'm talking about. She had the same accident like me. She's a very kind person and she's an intelligence girl. I've known her since we're childhood. Her name is _____, my beautiful Angel.
You: -blush- Oppa, I don't know how to say this....
MC: So, ELFs, what do you all want for both of them.
Leeteuk: Arasso. -pull you and kiss softly- Saranghaeyo, yeobo.
You: Nado Saranghaeyo, oppa.

After a few years later, both of you are now married. You always followed him including when he was on tour. After the Super Show 4, Leeteuk's last schedule, both of you went to the dorm. You feel dizzy and you fainted. Leeteuk quickly calling all the SJ members. All of them shock. Then, you awaken again.
Doctor: -walk out from the form-
Leeteuk: Doctor, how was my wife?
Doctor: -smile- Congratulation, Mr Park. Your wife's pregnant.
Leeteuk: Jinjja? Doctor: Ne. Well, she need to rest now. You may come in. -leave-
Leeteuk: Ne, gomawo. -bow- 'This couldn't be happen.'
Kyuhyun: Congratulation, hyung. I'm feel jealous about you.
Leeteuk: No... this couldn't happen to her.
Kyuhyun: Wae, hyung?
Leeteuk: -sigh- Nothing, Kyu. Come, lets get in.

Leeteuk and Kyuhyun went in to your dorm. You were lying on the bed and can't think of anything.

Kyuhyun: Annyeong, unnie _____. -smile-
You: Annyeong, oppa. What happen to me? What did the doctor said?
Leeteuk: -sigh- You're... pregnant. -look down-
You: Jinjja? -smile- Well, Leeteuk oppa, I think we have to make our new life with our kid.
Leeteuk: -smile- Ne. -kiss your forehead-
Kyuhyun: What a happy ending. -tears fall-
You: Kyu, are you that happy? -giggle-
Kyuhyun: -nodded- Ne. I'm really proud of you, hyung. -hug Leeteuk-
Leeteuk: This kid. -sigh- You have to be nice with it, arasso?
Kyuhyun: Ne. -nodded-

You just smiled through Leeteuk & Kyuhyun's talk. After 9 month, you had gave birth to a cute baby girl and named her Seoyoung. It's morning, you went to the living room. You saw Leeteuk oppa & the other members are playing with Seoyoung. You went to near them and grab her.

You: Good morning, Seoyoung.
Leeteuk: -make an aegyo- 'Omma, good morning.'
You: -evil stare to Leeteuk-
Leeteuk: Chagiya, don't give me that stare. It's awkward.
You: -giggle- Arasso.. Wookie, have you prepared some breakfast?
Ryeowook: Ne, including little-cute Seoyoung.

After the breakfast, you take Seoyoung to your room. You teach her some easy language. Leeteuk also help you.

Leeteuk: She called you omma, chagiya.
Seoyoung: -crawl to Leeteuk- Appa.. -kiss his cheeks-
You: And she called you appa. -smile-
Leeteuk: Ne...
Kyuhyun: -behind the door- Look at them, they look so cute. -whisper- SJ: Ne.. -whisper-
You: Oppa, did I hear something?
Leeteuk: -turn around- Kyu?
Kyuhyun: ㅋㅋ... you caught me. I heard that Seoyoung just called you omma and appa, right? Seoyoung: Ne..
Kangin: Did she just call Kyu, oppa?
You: You guys...
SJ: Mianhae..
Kyuhyun: What a happy ending.


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