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*requested by Natasya Pink

Jonghyun is a quiet-charming boy in his class. One day, you just transferred to this school.
Teacher: Well, we have a new kid. Please introduce yourself.
You: Annyeonghaseyo, Tasya Imnida. -bow-
Boys: Look at her, she's so beautiful. -whispers-
Teacher: Welcome, Tasya. Please sits beside Jonghyun there.
You: Araseo, miss.

Then you went near Jonghyun.
You: Annyeonghaseyo, Tasya Imnida. -bow-
Jonghyun: Annyeonghaseyo. -shake hands- Please sit down. Jonghyun Imnida.
You: Nae... Jonghyun, if I had a problem in some subjects, will... you... teach me? -shy-
Jonghyun: -smiled- Nae, I will.

In the Math class, you can't solved some question.
You: Aish jinjja! Why is it so hard to solve it?
Jonghyun: Tasya, are you okay?
You: Nae, it just... I can't solve some of these question.
Jonghyun: Jinjja? Here I help you. You need to solve here and here, then you get the answer.
You: Kamsahamnida, Jonghyun. -smiled-
Jonghyun: Cheonmanja, Tasya-shi.

After school, you went to the park to get some refreshment air. You realized someone followed you from behind.
You: Jonghyun? Wae are you here?
Jonghyun: N..nothing really... Just... -sigh-
You: Jonghyun... are you okay? -walk near him-
Jonghyun: Mianhae if it's bothering.. I.. I'm just... -sigh-
You: You didn't look so well. Are you out of blue? -curious-
Jonghyun: Ani, Tasya... I was... Should I tell you the truth?
You: Of coarse, not. I'll never get mad about it even though I have to. -smile-
Jonghyun: Tasya, when I first met you, everything change...
You: What was that mean?

Jonghyun: When I first see your face it remind me of my omma and noona. I always being rude to them and I was too late to say sorry to them... I'm always alone whenever I'm at somewhere place that I go to like at school, cafe... When my family had left, all of my friends started to leave me behind. -tears fall-
You: Awww~ I'm feel sorry for you. -wipe his tear- Jonghyun, I'll always beside with you. If you feel sad, just tell me everything, I'll listen. You had to know, some of these thing could happen it's because it our new beginning of history. You had to believe yourself and remember your parents advice back then.
Jonghyun: Tasya, are you my twin sister?
You: -shock- Bwo? I'm not, why?
Jonghyun: I.. Am I.. Aish! Whenever I had a problem, she always says the same thing like you. She always beside me and advise the same words.
You: What words?
Jonghyun: 'Just Believe Yourself'.
You: My omma always said, everything would change if their emotions are different than others. -look at the sky- I wish I could see my parents. -sigh- Why does the time so fast? and why does the world so cruel?

You and Jonghyun feel sorry each other. But then, Jonghyun starting to ask you again. But this time is different.
Jonghyun: Tasya, what do you think of me?
You: Friends.. maybe.. -shy-
Jonghyun: Please be honest to me, aigoo? -aegyo-
You: Araseo... Well, you're my namja chingu.. -shy-
Jonghyun: W-what did you say? 'Namja chingu'?
You: Nae, wae? Did I say it wrongly?
Jonghyun: Aniya, Tasya-shi. It's just... -kiss your lips softly- Saranghaeyo, yeobo.
You: Oppa, I think it's too early to said that.
Jonghyun: Wae? Is it this is your first kiss? Mianhae, I can't hold it much longer.
You: -hug him- Oppa, what are you thinking about me?
Jonghyun: My wife. -kiss your forehead-
You: Jinjja? -blush- Oppa, I have to go now. See ya tomorrow. -kiss his cheeks-
Jonghyun: Annyeong, yeobo.

After a few months later, both of you are now a cute-shy couple. One day, Jonghyun called you.
Jonghyun: Annyeong, yeobo. Are you free tonight?
You: Annyeong, chagiya. I think so. Wae?
Jonghyun: It's just, can we met at the cafe nearby?
You: Nae.
Jonghyun: Great, see ya there. Annyeong.
You: Araseo. Annyeong, oppa. *hung up* 'Aish this boy! He had changed enough.' -smiled-

The same night, you wait him at the cafeteria. You wait him almost 3 hours. You feel uncomfortable. Suddenly, there's a blackout and some of the colourful lights above you. Then there's a question too, 'Will You Marry Me?'
Jonghyun: Tasya, you finally came. -walk near you-
You: Oppa, you make this... for me? Gomawo, oppa. -hug him-
Jonghyun: Nae. I changed to this because of you.
You: Wae, oppa?
Jonghyun: The first time we met, it had changed me a lot. Thanks, yeobo. -kiss your forehead-
You: Cheonmanja. -kiss his lips softly-
Jonghyun: Gomawo again. -kiss your lips passionately-

After a year later, you had birth a twin cute baby boy & girl.


Mianhae if it's less interest or short. I'll try my best next time. Hope you guys like it. Assalamualaikum, Annyeonghigaseyo. -bow-

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