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*requested by Ummy Afifah Latif

You and Kyuhyun are roommate and classmate. You had a boyfriend name Minjoo. Kyuhyun always get jealous if he sees you and Minjoo because he also like you but he don't want to say.

One morning, you wake up early and making some breakfast. While you were pouring some water, the glass suddenly fell and cut you finger. Kyuhyun rushed to the kitchen and help you.
Kyuhyun: ___, what happen? -shock-
You: I accidentally cut my finger. -look down-
Kyuhyun: Let me help you clean this mess and wash your hand. -cleaning the mess-
You: Araso, oppa.

*A few minutes later...
Kyuhyun: -walk near you- ___, are you okay?
You: Aniyo, oppa. I feel something strange. -look down-
Kyuhyun: Jeongmallo? Well, let's go to school now. We're almost late.
You: Ne. -smile-

While both of you walk to the school, you saw Minjoo is kissing with the other girl. You're broken hearted. You quickly cover your face and walk away without Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun was shock due your action. He quickly chase you but you're too far away.

After school, Kyuhyun went to the top of the school. Unfortunately, he found you sitting in the corner crying.
Kyuhyun: -walk near you- Please don't cry. I know how you feel. -wipe your tears-
You: -stand up- Let's go home, oppa. I'm tired.
Kyuhyun: -nodded- Ne, it's getting dark. -kiss your forehead-
You: -smile-

While both of you one the way home, you suddenly stopped yourself. You feel you had a headache.
You: Oppa, I feel sick. -cough-
Kyuhyun: Jinjja? -check your temperature- Omo, it's hot. Let's go home quick. -pull your hand-
You: Oppa, it hurts.
Kyuhyun: Gwenchennayo? I'll carried you.
You: Aniyo, oppa. I can walk though.
Kyuhyun: Arasso.

Arrive at home. You went to your room and look at the window.
Kyuhyun: ___, can we talk?
You: Ne. Waeyo?
Kyuhyun: -sits beside you- You still mad at him, aren't you?
You: -sigh- Ne, why could he do this to me? #brokenhearted
Kyuhyun: It's only just the beginning of your new life. No one knows when will be end. Stay strong and believe Gods. You: -smiled- Ne, gomawo oppa, for cheering me up. -kiss his cheeks-
Kyuhyun: Cheonmanja. And also just forget about the past that will hurt you. Think positive.
You: Oppa...
Kyuhyun: Ne?
You: Why didn't you tell me that you're jealous?
Kyuhyun: Bwo? 'Should I say to her?'
You: I heard from your sister, Ari. You also like me but you don't want to say is because I'm always with Minjoo, right?
Kyuhyun: Ne.. So, you hate me?
You: -kiss him softly- Aniyo, oppa. I'm also like you because you always by my side. Gomawo, oppa.
Kyuhyun: Cheonmanja, chagiya. -kiss your forehead-

Days by days, you're now close to Kyuhyun as his girlfriend. You and Kyuhyun went to the park. Unfortunately, Minjoo was in front of you.
Minjoo: ___, mianhae.
You: Who are you? I thought you're the old Minjoo. Kyuhyun oppa, let's go now. -hold Kyuhyun's arm-
Minjoo: -pull you- ____, please come back to me.
You: -push him- Aniyo! I don't want to anymore. Our relationships are over. Kyuhyun.. -hug Kyuhyun-
Minjoo: -sigh- Ok, then. That's all you want. I'll go now. Annyeonghigaseyo.

Minjoo left both of you. You didn't even let Kyuhyun go. You were crying because you're hurt again.
You: Oppa, I'm hurt again.. -crying-
Kyuhyun: -kiss your forehead- Chagiya, I'm here to protect you. Just don't let me go to him, araseo? -wipe your tears-
You: -nodded- Ne..
Kyuhyun: ___, do you still have some feelings for him? -curious-
You: Ani... waeyo?
Kyuhyun: Well, tomorrow will be our graduation day. So, I'm planning to... marry you. -shy-
You: Jinjja? It's too sudden, oppa.
Kyuhyun: Ne.. Let's go home now.

You didn't realized Minjoo was spying at you and planning to do something unexpected on you. The next morning, you're at home alone because Kyuhyun was busy with his scheduled. Suddenly, there's someone ringing the bell.

You: Ne, I'm coming. -open the door- Minjoo?
Minjoo: Annyeong, ___. Can we talk?
You: Ne, come in first.
Minjoo: -sits down- ___, mianhae for what I'd done to you.
You: If you keep saying sorry, just go out and leave. I won't forgive you, even once.
Minjoo: -pull you into him- Why are you always so stubborn like this? -try to kiss you-
You: -quickly push him and lock yourself in your room- I.. I have to call Kyuhyun oppa. -tried to call- Where is he?
Minjoo: -knock the door- Get out from the room now!
You: -called unavailable- Kyu, where are you? Please hurry back! -worried- I have to hide myself before Minjoo came in.
Minjoo: -knock harder- Come out now!

Suddenly, there's someone came into your room from the window, it's Kyuhyun.
You: Oppa? -whisper-
Kyuhyun: Ne.. Come with me, I know where to hide before he come in. -grab your hand-
You: Where should we hide?
Kyuhyun: Let's jump outside from the window. I know that you're good at agent before.
You: Ne.. Let's get out now. -take your camouflage jacket-

Both of you jump out from the window and hid in the bushes quietly. Just in time, Minjoo was looking for you but he couldn't, so he left your house. Both of you felt relief.

You: Oppa, why didn't you answer my call?
Kyuhyun: -smiled- Well, when I walked home, I saw Minjoo's car in front of our house. At the same time, you just called.
You: Jinjja? But why didn't you answer me?
Kyuhyun: If I picked up the phone, Minjoo knows that I'll be back and bit him up because he was at outside of your room, so he'll knew what will you say to me.
You: Kyaa! Why you so clever than me? -jealous-
Kyuhyun: I don't know.
You: Oppa, you know what hope means?
Kyuhyun: Ne, hope is a dreams that doesn't sleep. Waeyo?
You: Aniyo, oppa. I'm just...
Kyuhyun: You're just?
You: I'm just hoping that Minjoo will get out from my life forever and I want to marry you.
Kyuhyun: -shock- You want to... marry me?
You: -smiled- Ne, so that Minjoo won't bother me from now on.
Kyuhyun: -take out a ring from his pocket- ___, will you marry me?
You: Oppa, I do. -kiss his cheeks- Kyuhyun: -hug you- Gomawo, ___. After married, we'll move to my members' house.
You: Cheonmanja, oppa. Saranghaeyo.
Kyuhyun: -kiss you softly- Nado saranghae.


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