Wednesday, May 1, 2013
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You and Yesung are cute couples. Everytime you went with him, you always feel safe.

One day, both of you just finished the exams. You feel freedom all the way.
After school, both of you went to the Seoul Tower. Yesung's starting to have a conversation.

Yesung: ___, do you still remember when we first met?
You: Ne, oppa. You were too shy to say some words. -giggle- XD
Yesung: Jinjja?
You: Ne... You were so kyute back then but now... you're HANDSOME!
Yesung: -blushed- Gurre? ___, there's something I want to tell you.
You: Waeyo, oppa? You looked so serious.
Yesung: -sigh- I'll... be married someone.
You: Bwo?! You don't love me?
Yesung: Aniyo, chagiya. I'm being forced to married that girl. Mianhae.. -hug you-
You: Oppa... Aniyo, oppa.. I'm forgive you. Even though we couldn't be together again, I'm wishing you always happy and healthy and I don't want to see you're hurt.
Yesung: Gomawo, chagiya. I'll always remember your advise. Saranghaeyo and...
You: ... Goodbye, oppa. I'll see you again. -kiss him for the last time-

You and Yesung felt heartbroken. You can't sleep well last night because you always thinking is him.

Days by days, you were sick. You can't even walk well. But then, there's someone came to your house, it's Kyuhyun, Yesung's best friend. Kyuhyun was shock when he saw you lying on the floor. He carried you and put you in your bed.

Kyuhyun: ___, wake up.
You: Ye... sung... Yesung oppa...
Kyuhyun: Aniyo, ___. He's not here. He's...
You: -awake- I know, Kyu. He married with the other girl. How could his parents do this to us.. #heartbroken
Kyuhyun: ___, you have to let go and make a new life with someone who cares about you.
You: I.. want to... kill... them... -out of breath-
Kyuhyun: ___!!

Kyuhyun quickly take you to the hospital. Kyuhyun also call Yesung. Yesung was shock and came quickly as possibly.

Yesung: Kyu, where is she??
Kyuhyun: She's still recovery.
Yesung: What happen to her actually?
Kyuhyun: When I was at her house, I saw her lying on the floor. I think she lock herself for such a long days. She's so pitiful....
Yesung: -silents-
Kyuhyun: ... She also said something before we went here.
Yesung: What does she said?
Kyuhyun: You're gonna be shock when you hear this. 'I want to kill them.'
Yesung: -shock- Bwo?

The doctor finally came out from the recovery.
Yesung: Doctor, how is she? Is she alright?
Doctor: Ne.. but you couldn't came in except Mr Cho.
Yesung: Waeyo?
Doctor: Mianhae... I really don't know. I'm just follow what she said. I'll go now. Annyeonghigaseyo.

Yesung: I think I know.
Kyuhyun: Hyung, don't tell me that...
Yesung: Yup.. After she come out from the hospital, I'll marry her. I want to meet her now!
Kyuhyun: Arraseo, hyung.

Kyuhyun and Yesung went in. You didn't even look at Yesung. Yesung knew that this could be misunderstanding to her. You asked Kyuhyun left for you and Yesung. Kyuhyun just follow your advise and went out.

Yesung: ___, how are you?
You: I'm fine.. Waeyo?
Yesung: Aniyo. I'm want to say sorry for all of this.
You: Why are you sorry for? Is it important for me or for you? I really don't get it.
Yesung: It's important for us, my love. I've already divorced with her and I already told my parents the truth.
You: Jinjja? I really don't know what to say?
Yesung: -hug you- Let's forget the pain and start a new life between you and me, arraseo? You: -hug back- Ne, oppa. Do you still love me?
Yesung: I love you and I want to marry you. Will you marry me? -kiss your cheeks-
You: -smiled- Ne, I do...

After you're fully recovered, Yesung takes you to his parents and ask some permission to marry you. His parents felt guilty due hurt your heart, so they accept your relationship.

To be continue...

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