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#requested by Bernice.

You and Yesung were classmates. You always feel awkward when you walked with him. Yesung had fallen in love with you but you didn't expected it because he is the most popular student at your school. You also worked at his M.R.C (Mouse Rabbit Coffee) as a part-time job.

You just finished your last semester. Yesung's dongsaeng, Jongjin, suddenly called you.
Jongjin: Annyeong, Bernice.
You: Annyeong, Jongjin oppa. Waeyo?
Jongjin: I heard that you just finished your exams, right?
You: Ne, waeyo?
Jongjin: Omma wants to meet you at her office after school, arraseo?
You: Ne, oppa. I'll hung up now, annyeong.
Jongjin: Annyeong. -hung up the phone-

Yesung was behind you and heard you were talking with his dongsaeng. He walked near you.
Yesung: Annyeong, beautiful girl. -wink-
You: 'Not him again.' -deep sigh- Annyeong. What do you want from me, playboy?
Yesung: Aniyo, come with me. Let's talk at the other place. -grabbed your hand-

*At the school park...
You: Yesung, please let me go.
Yesung: -let go of your hand- Arraso, I want to ask you something.
You: Waeyo? -not looking at him-
Yesung: Why are you always ignoring me? I'm the perfect for you.
You: Why should I have to in love with the bad-playboy like you? I'm not finding that kind of boy, you know. -sigh-
Yesung: Jinjja? -smiled- So, you really like my dongsaeng after all. -evil smirk-
You: HEY! We're just friends since we're junior school. I never felt in love with him. -shout at him-
Yesung: Why could you shout at me?
You: Mianhae, you made me uncomfortable so I mad at you. Please, don't hurt my feeling.
Yesung: -grab your hand- Tell me the truth...
You: No.. You tell yourself why I'm hating you or you can ask your dongsaeng. -sigh- Let's go back to work.
Yesung: Nae. -nodded-

Both of you walk to the M.R.C. You saw Jongjin was waiting for you at the door. You looked at your watch and you were almost late. You quickly pass Jongjin and change your outfit. Jongjin was shocked due your action, including Yesung. You changed your outfit and went to Mrs Kim's office.
You: -knocked the door- Annyeong Mrs Kim. Mianhae if I'm late.
Mrs Kim: Aniya, that's nothing.
You: Hmm, Mrs Kim, why do you want to meet me?
Mrs Kim: Well, I want you to marry my son, Yesung.
You: -shock- Bwo? Waeyo?
Mrs Kim: I think you already know. I just hope that you'll accept him as your future husband. -smile-
You: N-ne. I'll try my best, Mrs Kim. I'm continue working now. Annyeong. -bowed-

When you went out from the office, you accidentally bumped on Yesung. You didn't even say sorry and skip the works. Jongjin followed you and he stop you at the park.
Jongjin: Bernice, what's wrong?
You: Aniyo, oppa. I'm just... want to be alone.
Yesung: -suddenly appear in front of you- Waeyo? Is it because my omma wants you to marry me? Don't worry. I'm already told her the truth.
You: Please... don't even think about that, it's over.
Yesung: Bernice, you hate me, don't you?
Jongjin: Hyung, can you please stop. It's hurting her.
You: Aniyo, oppa. I'm fine. Let him hurting me, I'm not mad at him and I hate him too. -look at Yesung- Yesung, please don't think about me. I'm not yours anymore. -walk away-
Yesung: -pull you into him and kiss you passionately- I don't want us to be apart. I.. I'm sorry for all of this. Mianhae.. -hug you-
You: Oppa...
Jongjin: -make a hand gestures signal of he's leaving both of you-

You and Yesung sit on the bench. You felt frustrated. Yesung knew that you're misunderstood for all the situation.
Yesung: Bernice, mianhae for all the mistake. I realized why you always hate me. Mianhae.
You: Yesungie, it's hard to forgive you because you always being rude to me since we're at high school. -look down-
Yesung: -lifts up your chin- I know, and that's why I kissed you. -kiss you passionately-
You: -smile- Oppa, nado saranghaeyo. Even though I hate you, but I really don't want to leave behind you. -hug him-
Yesung: Jinjja? If you really love me that much, then accept me as your husband. Aigoo? -pouted-
You: Arasseo. But please don't do that again, is killing me. -hide your face-
Yesung: -giggle- ㅋㅋㅋ... Well let's go now.
You: Ne.

Both of you went to his omma's office. All of you agreed to get marry. At the car, you feel cold.
Yesung: Bernice, waeyo? You're cold, aren't you?
You: Nae.
Yesung: -gives you his jacket- Here, use mine.
You: -wear his jacket- Kamsahamnida, oppa. 'He looks normal now. Thank, God.'
Yesung: -smile- Cheonmanja.

While on the way home, you fell asleep. Arrive at home, Yesung carried you to your room and put you in bed. Yesung gives you a goodnight kiss and fell asleep beside you. After a few days later, both of you became husband and wife. One morning, you wake up early. You tried to wake Yesung, but he you could.

Yesung: Yeobo, let me sleep. Isn't it weekend?
You: Even though it's weekend, but also have to get up or I'll tell umma that you're.. *about to finish the word*
Yesung: -pull you into him and kiss you- Aigoo? -aegyo-

You: 'Must.Resist.The.Aegyo.' Arraseo. I'll clean myself, first. Go to sleep if you want to.

Then you went to the bathroom. After a few minutes later, you went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Suddenly there's someone hug you.
"Good morning, chagiya." He kissed you with morning smile.
"Good morning, yeobo. You're finally awake, huh?" you still continue make breakfast. "I smell something delicious. You're cooking again?" you nodded. "Nae, oppa. If I don't, you'll be starved until death and I have to be responsible for my husband." Both of you laughed. "Go washed yourself, oppa. Breakfast will be serve." Yesung went to the bathroom to bath.

After both of you had your breakfast,both of you went to the park for some refreshment. "It's been a while, we haven't gone for a walk, right?" "Nae, oppa. I really missed the atmosphere around here."
"Err.. Bernice.. there's something I want to ask you. Do you still love me?" he asked you curiously. "I already told you. I hate you being that bad, and I don't wanna leave without you because I love you, chagiya. Saranghaeyo." Yesung kissed you, "Nado saranghae, yeobo."

Since that day, both of you became official husband and wife. You and Yesung are now living happily with your twin son and daughter.


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