Saturday, July 20, 2013
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You and Donghae have broken up because of the misudenrstanding. Donghae felt guilty because he's the first one who broken up of this relationship. You, on the other hand, heartbroken and yet, you went to study abroad at Tokyo.

After school, you went to the sushi restaurant where you always lunch. You were paralyzed because you saw that Super Junior will live at Tokyo. 'Wait.. Donghae? N-no... I don't want to see him in live.' You didn't go to the restaurant. Instead, you went to Yakushima National Park. You sit on the bench and look at the river.

You tied out your necklace that Donghae gave you. 'Donghae, are you trying to hurt me again? I don't want to.' When you're about to throw the necklace, someone stop you. "Ayumi, please don't throw the necklace." You turn around and got shocked, because the guy who stopped you is Donghae. "D-Donghae... why are you here?" He hugged you tightly, "Mianhae, Ayumi. It's all my fault for break your heart."

You pushed him. "Why? Why you have to do this to me? Leave me alone." You cried and ran away. You can feel Donghae chased you. He finally hug you. "Please forgive me, my love. I really didn't know about this. Aishiteru, Ayumi." You tried to let go but you can't. "If you really love me at first, why would you left me like that? Even though I'm an idiot girl, but I also have feelings, you know." You cried and cried.

Donghae kissed you softly. "This is my prove how I love you and you're the one in my heart." You still not believed him. Donghae wiped your tear. "It's my responsible, Ayumi. I'm really sorry about the past. Let's not think back again and look forward." You're touched by his sentence. "Arraseo. I forgive you, fishy. Promise me, you'll never leave me alone." You kissed his cheeks.

At night, you went to the concert to support your fishy. After the performance, you went to the backstage. When you're at the backstage, you saw all the member smiling at you. "Konnichiwa. I'm Leeteuk and I'm the leader of the group and these are my members." All of them greeted you and introduce themselves.

"Gomen'nasai but, who are you?" Siwon suddenly asked you. "I'm Ayumi Nekochan but you can call me Ayumi. I think Donghae told a little about me to you all, right?" Leeteuk suddenly hugged you. "Leeteuk aniki, why are you hugging me?" "You're now our family, Ayumi." "Pardon me?"You shocked.

Donghae came from nowhere, "Nae, Ayumi. I told them about you and I think we should marry." "Fishy, are you serious?" You don't have a clue that he's serious or not. "Nae, noona. He's even serious since you left him." Kyuhyun replied. You smiled. Donghae kneel down and put out a ring, "Ayumi, will you marry me?" You're blushed. "Ayumi, say yes." All of the member force you to say. "Fishy, I do."

Donghae lift you up and kiss your lips passionately, "Arigato, Ayumi. You're mine forever." Kyuhyun suddenly hugged, "Yay! Ayumi ane is now our family. Let's go home and play Starcraft together." "CHO KYUHYUN!!!" The members scold him. You giggled.

Since then, you're now officially Donghae's wife. You lived happily ever after.

Japanese word:
Konnichiwa -> Hello (annyeonghaseyo)
Gomen'nasai -> Excuse me
Aniki -> older brother (oppa/hyung)
Ane -> older sister (noona/unnie)
Aishiteru -> I love you (Saranghae)

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