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Kyuhyun's father is your father's closest friend. His father let him stayed with your family because his father & mother will be overseas for a few years. Kyuhyun is 2 years older than you. As you didn't know, you have crushed on him, so does him.

It's weekend, you waked up unexpectedly. You wash yourself and went to the kitchen. You can see Kyuhyun is preparing breakfast for your family.

"Good morning, Kyuhyun" you greet him with a great smile.
"Good morning, Miss Kim. You're early today."
"Aniyo. Can I help you preparing the meal?" you asked.
"Of coarse but it's.." you cut his word.
"That's okay. I love to help since you had stayed with us for almost 3 years, you know. And you still tired to do these kind of things." you answered.
"Arra." Kyuhyun let you help him. '___, you're still a friendly person. I have fall in love with you for so long.'
You help him and your family were proud of you. While you're finished your breakfast, your father started to have a conversation.

"Daughter, you really a kind girl and you really do help your butler. Do you felt bad about him?" your father asked.
"Nae, appa. Ever since he stayed with us, he always do many chores in this house. I really felt bad about him." you answer.
"Arra. Appa know how you felt, daughter. Cho son, I really grateful for you to have here." your father compliment.
"Gomawo, Mr. Kim."
"Aniyo, you can call me appa." your father said.
"Pardon me?" Kyuhyun curiously asked.
"Nae, Kyu son. You're now part of my family." your mother exclaimed and you smiled.
"Gomawo, appeojie, eommajie." Kyuhyun looks happy.

After having breakfast, you went to your room and practice playing piano. You noticed that Kyuhyun is at outside your door listening your tune.

"Kyuhyun, you may come in if you want to." you tried not to laugh. Kyuhyun walked in shyly.
"Kyaa, you really good playing piano. It's been a while I haven't play it." You know he really can play it.
"Arraso. You can play mine if you want. I don't mind." You smiled.
"hurm, ___. Why you have to be like this to me? You never done it to me before. If I want to play, you sometimes don't let me. I feel curious now." Kyuhyun looked down.
"Hey. Cheer up! I do this because I felt bad about you and as my parents said that you're part my family, I should respect you as my own brother. I know ever since your parents let you stayed with us, I felt sorry about you. You sometimes look lonely when I'm not around." you explained to him.
"So, you did this for my sake?" Kyuhyun asked again.
"Nae. Just don't try to think negative and don't ask something non-sense from your head, arraso?" you poked his nose.
"Nae." both of you giggled.

You listen he's playing piano, it's so graceful. You sit beside him and sing together. Both of you felt happy together & having so much time.

"___, your singing is amazing!" Kyuhyun amazed you.
"Nae.. but not as good as yours, oppa."
"Did you just call me... oppa?" Kyuhyun felt a bit happy.
"Waeyo? Why shouldn't I? As you know, I respect you as my brother even you're my butler." you explain.

Suddenly, your parents came in.
"Daughter, son, we have to go to Tokyo for our meeting with the boss. Kyu son, take care of our daughter, arrajie?" your father said.
"Arraseo, appa, omma. But when will you come back.?" Kyuhyun worried.
"Almost 2 weeks. It won't take long. Well, we have to go now. We'll be late for the flight. Annyeong." Your parents give a hug and went out.

You feel a bit bored. You rest on the bed and watch anime. Kyuhyun served you with a cup of Americano coffee.
"___, coffee is ready." He puts the coffee on your coffee table.
"Gomawo, oppa." you drink the coffee slowly.

[AWKWARD SILENCE.. crick crick...]

You & Kyuhyun lay on bed while watching anime & other variety show. A few minutes later, Kyuhyun felt bored and tired. You noticed and let him lay on your laps.
"___, can I ask you something." you nodded. "Yeah, what is it?" Kyuhyun stood up and sits beside you.
"I.. I..." you can tell he's obviously nervous.
"I love you, my butler." you kissed his lips softly and smile. You noticed Kyuhyun blushed and you giggled.
"___, you... you love me?" He curious again.
"Nae, oppa. I know you have the same feeling." you smirk.
"How?" you touched his chest and you can hear he's heart skip a beat. "From here, oppa. If not, then why your heart beats so fast?"
Kyuhyun pulled you and kiss you passionately. "___, I've been waiting this for many years. I thought that..." you put your finger on his lips.
"Sshh... same to me, oppa. It's night now. Go to your room." you forced him but he didn't follow. Instead, he hug you and laying on bed.
"Can I sleep with you for a night, please?" he gave you a cute aegyo.

"Kyaa, Kyuhyun! Arraseo. You can sleep with me IF... you stop being cute, arreojie?" he kissed your cheeks and hug you.
"Nae, my love." Then both of you sleep at one night.

After 2 weeks, your parents came back from overseas. Kyuhyun told them that he want to marry you. You & your parents agreed. Since then, both of you had a great married life with your new-born daughter.


Kyuhyun, you're so adorable cute! :3

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