Wednesday, July 17, 2013
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#requested by Bernice.
You and Yesung just broke up for a few months. You felt heartbroken everytime to think of him. Until, you saw a man who's your old childhood friend, Donghae. Donghae is a caring and childish man. Donghae kept his love towards you because he thought that you reject him.

One day, you just came back from work. When you're walking home, suddenly there's a man attacking you. "Hello, Miss Bernice." "W-who are you? A-And how did you know my name?" You're afraid. "Don't worry dear, I won't hurt you. I just want you." You pushed him and scream for help. "Help! Help! There's someone is attacking m-m..." The man shut your mouth with his handkerchief. You recognized the handkerchief.

"Let her go!" There's a man who came to save you. It's no other than Donghae. "Oh, fishy. We meet again. I just want your friend to accept my love again." You now know whose the mask man. The man let you go and ran away. Donghae went near you, "Bernice, are you okay?" you nodded. 'Whose that guy anyway? Is he Yesung or someone that I haven't crush yet?'  "Nae, oppa. Let's go home now."

The next morning, you went to the bookstore to buy some novels. Suddenly, you bumped on someone. It's Yesung. "Good morning, Yesung oppa." You greet him nicely but he didn't answer. Instead, he pass you a letter and whisper, "Read this after I'm gone." Then, he walk away. You felt curious about him.
After you came back from the bookstore, you went to the park. You open the letter and read.
"Dear Bernice,
Mianhae about last night. As you know, I'm really sorry that I've hurt you so much. I thought that bitch really loves me, but she's lying to me. I should listen to you before but now, I'm really sorry for everything. It's just I can't control my emotion towards you. Since now you're with Donghae, I wish you a happy life with a great smile & don't suffer. Now, I sacrifice my love.
Bernice, saranghaeyo & bogeoshippeo.

Kim Jong Woon (Yesung)"
You're face wet with your tear. Suddenly, there's someone back hug you. It's Donghae, the child-like man. "Bernice, why are you crying? And what's that letter for?" He sits beside you and wiped your tear. "Aniyo, oppa. This letter was from my ex-boyfriend." "You mean Yesung hyung?" Donghae tried to snatch the letter but he can't.

At night, you lying on bed and still holding the letter. 'Yesung, gomawo for taking care of me. Also wish you a happy life.' Donghae slowly walked into your room and hugged you. "Oppa, why are you still here? I thought you're back home already." Then Donghae kissed you suddenly. "Oppa.. wh-what was that for?" You were shocked. "Saranghaeyo, Bernice." "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" You still confused. "Well, I tried to tell you but I wasn't ready yet. Also, last time, Yesung hyung also told me to take care of him when he's gone." "Yesung oppa? Why?"

Donghae passed you a letter. "This letter is from Yesung too. You'll get shock if you read this. If you want to cry, I'll be your tears. So I stay with you." You read another letter.
"Dear Bernice,
I just want to tell you that I got a cancer and I won't be living in this world for a few weeks. Do you remember how we met? I still do. Mianhae if I haven't told you about this. I don't want you to worry about me since we already broke up. Mianhae again that I had hurt you so much. After I'm gone, Donghae will be your future husband, I know it. I wish you a happy family. You'll never see me again, Bernice. I'll be gone forever. :face35:
Bernice, saranghaeyo. :face4:

RIP, Yesung.
"Donghae, is it true that he already left us?" You're starting to cry again. Donghae wiped your tears, "Bernice, please don't cry. Yesung wouldn't like it." Donghae hugged you and comfort you. "It's all my fault, oppa. If I didn't broke up with him, he'll never leaves us. It's too late." You sobbed. "It's just a beginning of our new lives. Don't think back and think forward. I promise I always beside you." "Gomawo, fishy." Then, you fell asleep.

'Bernice, I always remember you even when I die.' you still never forget what Yesung's says. Since then, you and Donghae became a couple.


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