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#notes: Pervy is coming. Cleaned your mind after reading this. LOL
You work at Twosome, that's Siwon's cafeteria. Siwon seldom go to the cafeteria because he's busy with his schedule. Your workmates, always worry about him as they already knew. But you, you're just an ordinary girl who understand someone's who definitely busy like Siwon.

One day, Siwon came back to his office. All of your crews wanted you to ask about him but you didn't want to as you knew that he's a bit tired. Suddenly, Yusin and Miryeong push you in front of Siwon's office.

"___, can you ask him how he's doing? Please." Yusin asked you with her aegyo.
"Ne, ___. We really felt worry about him." Miryeong also followed Yusin do aegyo.
You sighed, "Arasseo. Just for this once."
"Kamsahamnida, ___." Then they walked away.

You knock the door, "Annyeonghaseyo, Siwon-sshi."
"Annyeonghaseyo, ___. Come in." You walked in, closed the door and sit on the chair.
"Why are you here?" he asked.
"I... Well, the crews want me to ask you how you're doing." you answer him nervously.
"Oh, jinjja? I'm fine but I'm still a bit tired."
"Jinjja? You should rest, Siwon-shi. I have to continue my work." Then, Siwon hold your hand.
"___, aren't you worry about me? You always...." you cut his word.
"Nae, I'm always cared about you and I don't want to disturb you since that you're busy with your members. I should continue my work now." You tried to let go but you can't. "___, wae don't you stay with me tonight?"
"Bwo?" you were shocked. "Nae.. I want to prove you how much I love you." Siwon kissed you softly.
"Siwon, I don't know but.. what will other people says about us?" You're too worry that they'll be some paparazzi. "Don't be afraid, my love. I'll handle this." Siwon let you go. "So, see you tonight, Siwon." Then you continue your works.

While you're working, you're still curious for tonight with Siwon. Time so fast, the cafe is closed and you changed your clothes. When you're about to go out, Siwon pulled you. "Where are you going, my love? Aren't you deal with me this afternoon?" "I'm tired, ahjusshi." you gave him an aegyo voice and you called him ahjusshi. "What did you call me? Ahjusshi?" You giggled that you have made Siwon angry. "Mianhae." you winked. Both of you get inside the car, and arrived at his house.

Finally, you're arrived at his house. You dazed all over the house. "Wow! Siwon-sshi. You've got a big house." Siwon dragged you to your new room. "Here's your room. Get some rest, ___." You looked at him, he looked so pale. "Siwon, what's wrong? You doesn't look okay." You hold his face. "Aniyo, ___. I just tired, that's all. Don't worry about me." Siwon hugged you. "Mianhae if I left you for these days. You know that I..." you put your finger on his lip. "Nae. Siwon, rest well." Siwon went to his room while you're sleeping at your room.

Siwon's POV.
____, I have to do this since I've broken up with Tiffany. I need to arrange my time for our wedding soon before Tiffany come back again. Since tomorrow is weekend, I shall go date with her. *look at your pics* I don't want to startled you when and how did I get these pictures of yours.

Your POV.
Siwon acting strange these days. Siwon-sshi, I just want to tell you that I love you but... you're still in relationship with Tiffany eunnie. But is it true that he really loves me or he just want to play my heart? *sigh* Oh Lord, please give me strength for tomorrow. *pray*

The next morning, you make some breakfast for you & Siwon. Siwon just woke up and went to the kitchen. "Good morning, sunshine. Whatcha cooking?" he back hugged you and kissed your cheeks. "Good morning, Simba. I'm cooking some pancakes and made some coffee for us since it's your favorite one." You just finished for a few minutes. "It smells good." Siwon compliment you with his great smile.

While you're eating, you noticed that Siwon weird stared at you. "Siwon, what's wrong? Is there something with my face?" "Aniyo. It's just you're cute when you're eating." You blushed. "___, let's go on a date after we finish." Siwon hold your hand. "Excuse me? But aren't you relationship with Tiffany eunnie?" He kissed you softly. "Aniyo. She dumped me because she only wants my money." You hugged him and kissed his cheeks. "Araseo. I'll get ready then. "

Then, both of you went to watch movies and shopping. While you're heading back home, both of you accidently bumped a couple, it's Tiffany and your ex-boyfriend, Minho. "Siwon? ___?" Tiffany startled. "Mr Choi, I have to go home." While you're walking home, someone back hug you again. It's no other than Siwon.

"Siwon, why are you here?" You sighed. "It's... It's just I..." Siwon can't say anything. "Siwon, it's gonna rain soon. Stay at my house for awhile. I won't bother." Siwon smiled at you and both of you went to your home just in time. "Siwon, sits here first. I'll serve you a cup of coffee." When you're about to go the kitchen, Siwon pulled you into him. "Don't leave me, ___. I want you to be mine not Minho's." "What are you talking about, Siwon? I've already broke up with him for past few years. Of course I'm yours." And it quiet suddenly. (Awkward?)

"Since it's rained heavily heavily, what do you want to do?" you asked. "You'll get shock if I say this, let's make love, shall we?" You blushed. You pull him and kissed him passionately. "I take that as a 'yes'." Siwon carried you in bridal style and brought to your room. He put you in your bed gently. You unbotton his shirt, so does him.

Siwon pushed you and he's on top of you, exposing your sexy body. "__, you're so beautiful even you don't need it." He smirks. Then, he's starting to kissed you deeper and deeper, slowly slid on your neck and sucks it. "Siwon, you're a vampire. Sucks me, please." you said between your moan......... [You know what happen next.]

[Fast Foreward, the next morning... LOL]

The sun shines bright and make you awake. You woke up and look at Siwon, still hug your sexy body. "Good morning, sunshine." Siwon kissed you cheeks. "Good morning, oppa. You awake." "Did you just call me.. oppa? I've been waiting this for so long." He hugged you tightly. "Mianhae for making you waited that long." You tried to put on the clothes but Siwon refused you instead, he pushed you against the wall. "___, let's do this again. But now, let's go wash and go to churh together, after that we continue doing 'THAT'." He let go.

After praying and church, both of you laying on bed. "___, let's get marry." "Waeyo, oppa?" you curious about him. "Because you'll carry my child soon. Mianhae. I tried to do this to get your attention." He kissed your cheeks. "Saranghaeyo, oppa. You had complete my life now." You smiled at him. "Nado saranghae, sunshine. You're mine now." You hugged him.

After a few months, you lived with him as his wife and a good mother to your daughter.


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