Thursday, July 25, 2013
3:01 PM

I never thought that you'll leave me,
I only know that you're always in my heart.
I didn't know you really do this to me,
I felt disappointed on you.

Don't you still remember,
how we used to meet?
I was sitting alone,
No one likes to accompany me.

You're the person that I want,
The person who really know me,
The person who always beside me,
The person that I would never let go.

I miss your smile, laughter and tears.
You should know how much you mean to me.
I miss everything about you,
Don't you miss me?

When I'm cry, you always makes me smile
When I'm alone, you always by my side
Sometimes you would sing to me
I always remember your voice.

Every time I think back,
I really miss our moment.
I miss the truth,
Even it hurts me.

I have so many question,
Why you have to do this to me?
Didn't you feel the same as mine?
Am I really a dumb person?

Just wanted to say,
Thanks for accompany me.
Now you're with the love you like,
Wish you a happy relationship.

For all the boy or girl that break up, don't give up. You can still find the one that really cares you and never let you go. It's just the beginning of our new lives. Always smile. :)


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