Friday, July 12, 2013
4:39 PM

Something is coming,
All the devil are staying in jail,
The Muslim & Muslimah are preparing something,
For the month that Allah cares for.

It makes sense,
If you try your best with HIM,
Just be glad and pray,
So that you will be free in the end.

Ramadhan isn't for dieting,
It's people who doing this for Allah,
And not doing this because of yourself,
Allah is always beside you.

It makes sense,
If you didn't do anything that unexpected from our parents,
That's the only thing they really want,
And that is be yourself and pray for Allah.

What if,
This precious month won't be exist,
What will you do for the other days?
Won't you afraid of Allah?

Everything Allah gives us,
It's enough for our life,
Don't regret it,
It's useless.

We should glad for Allah,
That gives us this precious month,
To change our attitude,
And be a Soleh/Solehah child that our parents want.

For those who's not Muslim,
Please don't think us as a terrorist,
Respect us as you respect your own family.

Who knows what will happen next?
Will it be a good luck or bad?
Just say Insya-Allah,
Allah always help you no matter what.

Syukran for let us lives here,
But, when will we be stay in this planet?
That's Allah's choice.

May this Ramadhan be a Month of Blessings, a Month full of Forgiveness & Guidances for you and your Family. Happy Ramadhan! ^^ -Official BalqiSarah-

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