Tuesday, August 6, 2013
11:19 PM
You were at the park, enjoy the refreshment air and nature. Suddenly, you saw a post that EXO's will make a comeback at Mnet Countdown. You're felt really happy because you would see your boyfriend, Kris. Suddenly, you received a message, it's from Tao.
"Annyeong, noona.
How are you? Have you seen our post that we'll make a comeback? I hope you'll come to support us. Oh, yeah. You want to know Kris hyung doing, right? Well, he's now practicing for the performance. It's been a few months both of you last seen. As you want to know, Kris always dream and shout he really miss you almost every night and day. Kyaa, Suho hyung is calling me. Bogeoshippeo, noona. Hope you'll come! ^^
You imagine how Kris was adorable when he said he miss you with his aegyo. You looked at the picture of him on your iPhone. You felt glad because you have a good-manner boyfriend who always in your heart.

You went to the cafe for tea time. You saw EXO also came. You can see they're discussed about their new comeback. Tao saw you and he whisper to Kris, "Hyung, noona is here." You're blushed and went to the other table. Kris went to you and sits beside.

"Hey, my love. It's been a quite a long time we haven't seen each other." Kris hugged you.
"Nae. But oppa, you can't do this me in public. It's embarrassing." You looked.
"Aniyo. I want to tell the world that you're owned by me." He smirk.

"Yo, hyung! Don't forget tell her about something." Luhan shout.
"Nae, hyung!" All of his dongsaengs agreed.
"What is it, Kris? Your members seems so serious." you're curious.
"Aniyo. It's nothing."
"He's lying, noona." Tao shout.
"Kris, don't hide something. You're an honest man and you should tell me the truth. What is it?"
"It's just I'm too shy to tell." He nervous.
"EXO dongsaeng, Kris and I will go out for a while for more privacy. Don't follow us, arra?"
"Nae, noona!"

You and Kris went to the park where there's no one.
"Here we are, oppa. Now tell me, what is it that your members want you to tell me."
"It's just I... it's about after the comeback. I was planning to.." He lowed his voice as he thought you mad at him. You want to hear it and suddenly you saw Tao & Chen behind the tree.
"That's okay, oppa. We can discuss it later. Now, you have to continue for tonight's comeback."
You took out your back-up slingshot and took a rock. You aimed at the 2 childish and shoot at the tree.
"Kyaa, noona! You scared us." Tao & Chen surprised.
"That's the punishment for following our privacy." Kris hold his giggle. "Arra. I have to go my love. Don't forget to come, arraseo?" he kissed your forehead and left.

Kris's POV
"Arra. I have to go my love. Don't forget to come, arraseo?" I kissed ___'s forehead and left. 

After rehearsing, I was at my changing room, staring at the mirror. How should I tell her just now? Why am I feel nervous to propose her? I can't stop think of her. I already miss her for that long. Aish! Have to focus my comeback first.

Suddenly, there's someone came in. "Hyung, what are you doing here? You look uncomfortable." Tao asked me. "N-nothing, Tao. Just need to rest."
"Didn't you propose her? I know you didn't." He definitely knows everything. I take a deep breath and sigh.
"You should brave & talk to her. After the performance, take her to somewhere peaceful and propose her. I know she'll accept you. Fighting, hyung!" Tao cheered me up. ___'s definitely right. I'm an honest & kind man. I should propose her. It's time for the performance.


After the performance, you went to the backstage to find Kris. But you didn't find him. Then, Chen gave you a letter. "Meet me at the same place where we first met." -xoxo Kris

You went to the place and you saw Kris sitting on the bence played some stones.
"Oppa, what is it about?" you looked and him.
"___, let's marry." He kissed you passionately. "Let's get marry. So that I can take you with my members when I'm on tour or maybe with my schedule. So that both of us can spend time together."
"Oppa, I.. How should I say this?" you're still confused.
Kris kneel down and take out a ring, "___, will you marry me?"
"Noona! Say YES!" His members dongsaengs suddenly appeared.
"Please." he gave you a cute face.
"I do." you answer him.
Kris stand up and kiss you passionately, "I'll always be your peter pan. I'll protect you forever. Saranghaeyo!"
"Nado saranghae, oppa."

Since that day, both of you live happily ever after.


#P/S: Mianhae... I didn't make another POV. My hand always skipped some part. (Same goes to my mind). Well, hope you guys like! ^^

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