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[[6 years before Ayumi & Donghae married/Ayumi & Tao's first met]]

Ayumi was at the library. While she was reading, there's a man sitting beside her. She felt uncomfortable, so she leave the library. Without she's knowing, the man also follow her quietly. Ayumi felt weird and turn around. She saw the guy behind the tree. Ayumi slowly walked towards the tree.

"Annyeonghaseyo. Ayumi Nekochan imnida and I'm from Japan. What's yours?" she greet nicely.
"em.. Annyeonghaseyo. I.. I'm Tao. I'm from China." he greet shyly.
"Oh, that's a great name for a handsome guy. Nice to meet you. ^^"
"Nae... May I know more about you." Tao curious.
"Of coarse." Ayumi answer politely.

Both of them walking while knowing each other story.
In front of the SM building,
"So, this is where you & the members make a debut, right?" Ayumi look around like a kid.
"Nae.. Ayumi, you look cute when you do that." Tao hold his laugh
"Kyaa, that's not funny. Anyway, I have to go now. See you, Tao." Ayumi was about to leave when Tao hold her hand.
"Wait, would you come to my staff party. I mean... masquerade party tonight?"
"Nae, I'll come. Well, em.. see you then." Ayumi waved at him.

The same night, Ayumi's wearing a casual sky blue dress & a stella blue mask. While she's entering the hall, all the people were amazed of her. "Look at that girl!" "She's so beautiful!" Ayumi blushed herself. Then, there's someone greet her.

"Annyeonghaseyo, Ayumi-chan. May I have a dance with you." He take a out a hand.
"Annyeonghaseyo, Tao. Of coarse." Ayumi hold his hand and began to dance.

Everyone clapped their hands for them. Tao & Ayumi suddenly eye contact each other. They stopped and blushed. Suddenly, the dj announced, "We play a game. Get your partner and him or her in the middle of the dark. Starts... NOW!" In the dark, there's someone pulled Ayumi and kissed her passionately. The lights back on again. Ayumi was shock because the guy who kissed her is Tao. Everyone clapped their hand and cheered loudly.

"Tao, I..." Ayumi was speechless.
"I know we just met today but..." Tao kneel down, "I'm falling in love with you. Will you be mine forever?"
"Of coarse, I do." Tao lift her up and kissed her lips sofly, "I'll promise I'll protect you forever."

Since that day, Ayumi & Tao officially cute-shy couple.


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