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After 3 1/2 years, Ayumi's parents force her to marry someone who is rich. Ayumi don't like a rich person, but she cannot refuse her parents. She agreed. Ayumi went to the park throwing some stones to the lake. Suddenly, there's someone hug her. It's Tao.

"Hey, my love. How are you?" Tao sits beside her.
"N-nae. I'm fine as always." She faked smile. Tao can figure whether you really lie or not.
"Don't lied to me. Is there something wrong my dear?"
"Aniyo. It's just..." you were worry that he'll might slap you.
"What happen?"
"My parents forced me to marry someone who's rich but I don't like rich people. I just need someone who is kind and understand my feelings. But I can't refused them or some people thought I'm a bad daughter." she sighed deeply.
"I understand." He hold her hand.
"Aren't you mad?" she curious.
"Ayumi, I'm not that kind of person. As you know, I understand what you really meant is a good thing. I believe, one day we'll meet again & I propose you as my own wife." He explain. Ayumi knew he's the guy that she really likes: kind and understand her feeling.
"But do you still wearing the bracelet that I gave you even I'm marry?"
"I always will. Because I love you." Tao kissed her cheek.
"Nae. Gomawo for understand how I feel. I have to go now. See you later." She stood up and walked away.

Tao's POV
"Nae. Gomawo for understand how I feel. I have to go now. See you later." The last voice I heard. I really want to help her but it'll upset her even more. I really can't help it. Ayumi, you're the first and the last girl I ever love. Oh Lord! Please give me strength.

I went to the dance practice room for our comeback. I can't focus my dance moves since I already miss her. I went to the top of the building and look at the pictures of us spending time together. I didn't realized my tears fell down on my face.

Kris suddenly appeared and asked, "Tao, why are you here? You seem so sad."
I wipe my tears quickly, "Aniyo, hyung. Just remember our moment."
"Kyaa! Tell me the truth. Why didn't you focused & suddenly disappeared just now? Did Ayumi dumped you?" Kris almost got the wrong idea.
"Aniyo. She told me her parents forced her to marry someone. She didn't want to refuse her parents since everybody know that she's a kind person."
"And then, what did you respond to her?"
"I just want her to be happy. If somethings go wrong, I'll sacrifice my life for her."
"That's my boy. So now, you sacrifice your love, huh?" Is he really understand what I was saying or not?
"Nae." #sigh "I should focus now. Let's practise again."

Finally, I success the dance moves. Is Ayumi really alright now? I think she miss me even more.

*** It's night.

Ayumi's POV (at her house)
Oh Tao, I've been miss you. Mianhae for what I've done now. I know this can't be happen but I still love you, panda! Oh Lord! Please give me strength for all this incident.

I lay in the bed, listening music & look the pictures of Tao & me. I sigh. What type does my fiance is? I feel like I'm going to die. No... I don't want to die. What will happen to Tao if I die? Is he gonna die with me? No... I won't let him sacrifice his life for me.

Suddenly, Minho, my brother, came in. "Ayumi, still loves him, right?" I was speechless to answer. Yes... I still loves him & I miss him.
"Oppa, how can I have to do this?" I started to cry.
"You just to calm. Everything is gonna be fine. I promise, I make both of you marry again." he hug me.
"Nae, cheonman." then he left.

What's got into me now? Is Tao still alright? I think he can't focus because of me. I sigh deeply.



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