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Category: Sad Romance, Sacrifice The Loved One
Synopsis: Ayumi and Donghae had married for 2 years. One day, Donghae's ex-girlfriend, Jessica, just came back from overseas to take him. She asked Ayumi to divorced him. Ayumi didn't want to divorce Donghae. Instead, she let Jessica to borrow him. Days by days, Donghae & Jessica became closed again. One day, Ayumi just knew that she's 2 months pregnant. After she check up, she suddenly bumped on someone, it's Tao, her ex-boyfriend. Will Ayumi tell the truth to Tao and lived with him again?

Name: Ayumi Nekochan (you/OC)
Born in: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 26 years old
Type: Innocent, Intelligent, Cute, Responsible, Stubborn
Special Hobby: Reading, Taking Pictures, Cosplay, Playing Games
Status: Married to Donghae/still loves her ex-boyfriend, Tao.

Name: Lee Donghae
Born in: Mokpo, South Korea
Age: 27 years old
Type: Responsible, Handsome, acting cute(only for his wife)
Status: Married to Ayumi/dating his ex-girlfriend, Jessica.

Name: Huang Zi Tao
Born in: Qingdao, Shandong, China
Age: 27 years old
Type: Gentleman, Shy, Lovable, Responsible, Caring
Status: Will OFFICIAL MARRIED to Ayumi.

Name: Jung Soo Yeon (Jessica)
Born in: San Francisco, California
Age: 26 years old
Type: Innocence, Troublemaker, Always dumping boys(except Donghae).
Status: Will take Donghae from Ayumi and NEVER bring back to her.

>>Chapter 1
>>Chapter 2
>>Chapter 3
>>Chapter 4  coming soon...
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