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You and Minho are ex-couple since middle school. You went study abroad at Taiwan with your best friend, Alice. She's a caring & kindness friend that you ever have. After you went to study abroad, Minho just realized what he had done to you and he want to meet you. Minho was in relationship with Jessica. It's been 6 years and you'll graduated for a few days soon.

The graduation day, all of your friends congrats each other.
Alice: ___, Happy Graduation Day!
You: Ne, Happy Graduation Day for you too! -wink-
Alice: Hehe.. Gomawo, eonnie.
You: Well, let's wish the other friends too!
Alice: -nodded- Ne, let's go!

After school, you and Alice went to the mall. You felt someone was following you, but when you turn around you didn't even see someone. Alice snapped a finger.
Alice: ___, what's wrong?
You: I feel someone was following us.
Alice: -turn around- But I don't see anyone. I guess you still have feelings for him.
You: For who? -shock-
Alice: Don't tell me you already forgot about him. For Minho, silly.
You: I still at least a little feelings for him but I think he already married with Jessica. -sigh deeply- I really didn't say goodbye before we're here. -sigh-
Alice: You're so pitiful. But don't worry, I'm here.
You: -smiled- Gomawo, Alice. You're the best friend that I could have.
Alice: -wink- Cheonmanja. That's the power of friendship

Suddenly, there's someone grabbed you and ran away. You tried to scream but he covered your mouth. Alice was shock and called the police. The guy brought you to his house. You felt curious about 'this' man.

"Mianhae, but who are you anyway?" you were so scared.
"It's me, Minho." he took off his mask.
"Oppa, but why?" you paralyzed for a while.
"Mianhae.." Minhoo looked down.
"Aniyo, oppa. I already forgive you. So, how was you and Jessica along?"
"We're.. already divorced." he sighed.
"Waeyo?" you're curious about him.
"She's loved me because of money..." he hug you.
"...I heard that you still have some feelings for me. Is that true, jagiya?" he continued.

You nodded and kiss him softly. "Promise me not to leave me again. Araseo?" He kiss you back. "Ne, I promise."
"Oppa, I have to go back home now. Alice will worry about me now. Can you send me?" You were worried about Alice. He nodded and take you home.

Arrive at home, you saw Alice was at outside the door waiting for you. You went out from the car and hug her. Alice really worried about you and ask, "___, where were you? And who's that?" You turn around and wave goodbye to Minho.

"He's Minho. Well, the man who was kidnapped me was him." you answer. "Bwo? That means..." you nodded and take her into your house again. You tell her about the incident. Alice was shock. "So, both of you will be together now, huh?" you nodded again.

The next day, someone was ringing the bell. You quickly open the door. It's Minho again. You hugged him as tight as you can. "Kyaa, ___-ah, I can't breath normally," he pinch your nose softly.
"Hehe... you mad?" you trolled him.
"Kyaa, you still the same."
"ㅋㅋ,mianhae." you stick out a tongue. "___, do you have anything to do?" Minho hold your hands. "Ani, waeyo?" you felt curious.
"Err... I.. since that I divorced with Jessica, I just want to.." before he finish his sentence, you cut his word.
"Aigoo, don't think dirty, arraseo?" Minho giggled.
"Aniyo, that isn't what I mean. I want to marry you." He kissed you passionately.
"B-bwo? Jinjja?" You felt  happy and curious in the same time.
"Nae." He nodded. Suddenly, Alice appeared, "Wait... You and Minho are getting marry? ___, accept him."
"I.. I.." you were speechless. "___, I can't take this any longer..." Minho kneel down,".... will you marry me?"
"I do." you hug him.
"Saranghaeyo, ___." He kissed your forehead.
"Nado, saranghae." Alice clapped her hand.

Since that day, you & Minho are officially husband & wife. Both of you have a wonderful life with your new-born son.


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