Tuesday, August 6, 2013
3:17 PM

Teuk buy you an ice cream. He noticed your mouth is messy. Teuk help you clean by kissing it. you’re blushed so much!

Chullie just came back from the military. He knows that U have been waiting him for so long. Chullie saw you at the park. He back hug you, kissed you softly & whisper,”Sorry for making you waiting that long.

After you and Hangeng finished practicing dancing, he brought you to his secret place. He started the music and danced with you.

While you were fishing at the lake, Yesung takes some pictures of you. He also brought some lunch. You want to look the picture but he didn’t allow it. “My love, you’re so cute when you do that.” he smirk.

You and Kyuhyun played hide and seek. You tried to find him but you can’t. You can hear him but you can’t see him. You pretend you give up and leave him. Suddenly, he creeping back hug you. “Don’t leave me, I’m scared.” you giggled due his cuteness.

You and Sungmin went for a walk at a park. Both of you hold each other hand. Suddenly, you accidentally ripped over. You were glad because Sungmin saved you.

You were at the cafe. You noticed Siwon was staring at you. He sits beside you, gave you his number and whisper, “You’ll be mine, arraseo?”

You and Donghae are watching a drama. You felt really tired and you didn’t realized you’re asleep. Donghae brought you to your room and kissed your forehead, “Goodnight,我亲爱的宝贝”

You just came back from work. You can smell something delicious, you rushed to the kitchen. You surprised that all the food already on the dining table and there’s a note,”I know you really tired. Here’s your dinner from me, Wookie.” you smiled.

You’re watching Kibum’s interviewing in the TV. You’re felt touched when Kibum mentioned you, “___, my love, my future wife, I always remember you even I’m busy. Saranghaeyo.”

You locked yourself in your room for almost a week because you thought your husband, Kyuhyun, cheated you. Kyuhyun knocked the door & he made it come in. He saw you crying in your bed. He sits beside you & comfort you. “My dear, I promise I won’t let you go. Even though I’m really busy, but I always remember you.” He kissed you softly and you stopped crying.

While you’re dancing, Eunhyuk was taking some photo of you, “You’ll be my partner soon.” He smirked.

You’re home. When you’re entering your room, you saw Shindong’s sleep in the bed. You lying beside him and kissed his cheek. Shindong suddenly hug you. “You know what, I was waiting my pillow for so long.”

You were watching EXO’s comeback. Kyuhyun was came from nowhere and he sits beside you. “Aigoo, my princess. You’re not supporting me when our comeback.” you pinched his cheek, “You’re really jealous that I’ll own someone, huh?” you smirked.

You went to your party. Your crush, Kyuhyun, also came. When the DJ asked for the person find their partner to dance, Kyuhyun’s the one who asked you first.

“___, you know what, I have fallen in love with this girl.” “Who is it?” “She’s always beside me. But I’m too shy to say to her.” “Then I’ll help you, Kyuhyun. You ask first.” “I love you.” “I love you too.” Then he kissed you. “Now go tell her.” “I just did.” he smiled. ^^

Official credit to Ayumi-chan.

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