Friday, August 16, 2013
2:35 AM
Panda Tao. :3
Assalamualaikum & annyeonghaseyo, chingu!

It's quite a few days I haven't update, right? Mianhae... I was busy because I had some classes this week, even it's holiday! Well, as you guys didn't what I have been doing up on facebook, I was so freaking mad.
Why? Because some of the sasaengs fans gave a bad comment about Ryeowook oppa. It's true.

But, do you know the fandom of these sasaengs? They're EXOtics. Yes. They said that Ryeowook can't sing or maybe he's singing is bad. Sasaengs, are you trying to breaking up ELFs & SJ? Jinjja? Then you should breaking up with EXO too....

I know you can't breaking up with EXO but can you at least respect SJ & EXO first? Can you calm yourselves? I really freaking hate bashing each other. As you didn't know the reaction when Ryeowook read your comment, here's the one I want to give you.

(c) to the owner.

I know that you didn't give a f*ck, but if you said that SJ isn't great on singing, then how can EXO become popular without their senior, Super Junior? How, b*tch? Sorry, I think I used a little censored but hey, you really didn't give that F, right? Fine! If I saw you again, I'll go burn your Kpop Stuffs or whatsoever.

Beside you're gave a bad comment about Ryeowook, you also hurt EXO. Yes. I'm talking about your favorite group. I know you really want to touch them, but you didn't know that you had hurt them too. Here's my proof, it's Kai from EXO, he posted about the incident.

*click the picture if you can't see clearly*

D.O's uncomfortable. =(

When I investigate for all of this pain, are you really a kpop fan OR just a fake kpop fan? Now you have seen my proves, are you ashamed of yourselves? Please, calm your fangirling! Even thought I'm in both fandoms, ELF & EXOtic, but I'm still calm myself because I want to be a good person, not like you.

Beside that, for all the ex-ELF and ELFs,

I'm try to be cool, you know. I just don't like bashing each other. What's wrong with you? Are you saying that I'm just a foolish ELF? Just say so. I don't care. I know who am I. You don't know my painful moment. Before I became an ELF, I always lonely. Sometimes I get bullied. But after knowing SJ, I became brave. You didn't know how painful was SJ before. Please try to be cool.

Well, I don't want bashing about this anymore. I have to rest. Annyeong. ^^

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