Sunday, September 8, 2013
4:03 AM

I had a friend,
An imaginary friend.
Even though he's not real,
But he's always exist in my dream.

When I'm at school,
No one wants to play with me,
except my imaginary friend.

Sometimes, my friend call me crazy,
Because I speak to myself,
Laughing myself,
Smile like an idiot.

But I didn't feel regret,
For those who's still loves me,
That's make me feel stronger.

You can call me crazy, idiot or whatever you want,
I don't mind who I am,
I'm just an emotional person,
And also Lonely.

My family had gone forever,
Only I'm the one that live in this planet,
No siblings to play with.

I'm just an emotional person,
That only think myself,
And didn't think about others.

I'm sitting alone,
The place that no one know,
I wish I'll gone,
To be with my family in heaven.

The sun shines brightly,
The wind blows gently,
The bird chirps sweetly,
And that's make me even lonely.

I wish you can be my true friend,
That always accompany me,
Trust me, believe me,
Stay beside with me.

I wish I can change my past again,
But it's too late for now,
And that's why I want to change my future,
So that I don't feel lonely again.

Stop thinking negative and keep going to your dream!


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