Saturday, October 19, 2013
4:25 AM
Assalamualaikum and Konnichiwa!
I'm back from my other busy world. I'm so tired for my schedule that my teacher gave me. ㅠ.ㅠ
Well anyway, I already bought a new notebook last week.

I always write poems in this book. Everytime, everywhere, I always bring this book. Well, let's back to topic.

I know all of you have been this kind of situation, right? Whenever I open my blog, there's always some ads at my SJ phone... Kyaa! But, only a little of real blogger came and chat at my cbox.

I asked myself: Does these have to be necessary? Well, at least the traffic is increase. LOL
But I won't bother if it always be like this. Well, I wanna continue for my imaginary.
Sayonara! ^^

P/S: For all the bloggers, just ignore these kind of things, okay? I know it's a bit annoying. :3
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