Saturday, October 26, 2013
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You and Kyuhyun are best friends since childhood. Both of you have the same hobby, gaming, and also good at Math too. Sometimes, Kyuhyun would make fun of you, but you didn't even care. As you didn't know, he secretly loves you.

After school, you and Kyuhyun went to the library for some revision. While you were reading, Kyuhyun suddenly asked you.

"Hey, ___, have times to play games again?"
"Mianhae, Kyuhyun. I have to make a revision since the exam is coming." You replied while flipping the paper.
"Oh, nae." Kyuhyun looked down in disappointment.
"Kyu ah, the exam is just 2 days. Don't be upset, arraseo? What about after the final exam I go to your house and play, arraseo?"
"That's a great idea. ermm... ____, there's something else I wanted to tell you." You faced him as he hold your hand. Then, he put your hand on his chest.
"____, can you feel it?"
"Your heart is.... beating fast." you curious.
"Every time when I'm with you, my heart beats fast. ___, I..." You let go your hand and arranged all the stuff you revised.
"Mianhae, Kyuhyun. I'm not into any lovey-dovey stuff." You left him alone.

Kyuhyun's POV:
Oh Lord! Why the hell did I said to her? The way she replied, it's like a pain in my heart. Is she really serious, or she just acting like these? Aigoo, CHO KYUHYUN! Stop daydreaming! What if she doesn't want to play games with me?

Your POV:
Kyuhyun, mianhae if I hurt you. It's just that I'm not ready to go on the next level. Why do I feel heavy? Am I really fall in love with Kyuhyun? The way he smile, it always make me feel comfortable. No. Don't think anything unnecessary. Have to continue revise my exam.

After 2 days since the incident, you and Kyuhyun didn't even spoke any word. Kyuhyun knew you're starting to change. You didn't even went to his house to play games again. You already changed your hobby from gaming to reading. Kyuhyun was really disappointed on you. He missed everything about you. Your smile, laugh, tears, and your kindness.

Even though Kyuhyun purposely bumped on you, you just apologized and walk away, didn't even face him. Your close friend, Yoona, also felt weird about your relationship with Kyuhyun.

"___, were you fighting with Kyuhyun?" Yoona asked.
"It's just a misunderstanding, Yoona. I... I'm getting bored with him these days." You replied while open your locker and arranged stuff in it.
"I heard both of you are now like a stranger."
"Nae. We really are stranger even I knew him." You put your iPod and your favorite novel in your bag and close your locker.
"Ah, nae. Where are you going?" Yoona asked curiously.
"I don't know... I just follow where my heart wanted to go." You smiled.
"Nae.. Well, take care." You didn't realize Kyuhyun was spying on you.

After the conversation, you went to your secret place. You didn't know Kyuhyun was following you. You sit under the big tree and took your iPod and novel out of your back. You're reading the novel while listening your favorite song, Promise You. Suddenly, Kyuhyun hug you from back.

"K-Kyuhyun?! How do you know I'm here?" you unplug your earphone.
"I followed you. At school, I overheard your conversation with Yoona. Is it true you're getting with me?" He asked you back.
"I... I don't know what to say." You looked down, speechless.
"___, please be honest with me," he said as he lifted up your chin to face him, you not dare to glance him.
"I felt weird. Why do I have to fall in love with my own best friend?"
"You... feel the same way?" Kyuhyun touched your face carelessly.
"I... I don't know how to say..." you stand up and walked by the lake. Kyuhyun followed you and hug you again.
"___, I really love you ever since you transfer to my school. Even though you're my best friend, I'd fallen in love with you, ____." You faced him. Your lips almost a few inch. Then, Kyuhyun pulled you and kissed you unexpectedly.
"K-Kyuhyun, that was...." you blushed so much.
"Amazing." Kyuhyun finished your word and poked your nose.
"Mianhae, oppa." You hug him tightly.
"Gwenchenna, ___. So, let's go to my house and play games, arra?"
"I'll win this time." You smirked.

Since that day, you and Kyuhyun become Gamer Couple.


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