Saturday, October 19, 2013
5:23 AM

Stella woke up early in the morning. She knew it's her day off. She felt that she wanted to start a new day as a normal person that no one knows she's actually a vampire queen. She got up, washed herself, get dressed and headed to the cafe nearby her house.

Stella always goes to that cafe every morning before she goes to work. When she arrived at the cafe, the waitress, Jia En, served the drink that Stella usually order.

"Xie xie, Jia En." Stella said politely.
"Mei guan xi. I know you always order this drink." Jia En knows that Stella is the cafe's most favorite customer ever.
"Well, it seems the cafe become famous." Stella praised.
"Yes, it's all thanks to you, Stella jie. If it wasn't from you, how can the cafe became this successful, right?" Stella smiled herself. Suddenly, she heard a voice.
"Awooo...." The wolf's voice.
"Jia En, do you hear something?" Stella asked.
"Hear what?" Jia En confused.
"Oh, n-nothing." Stella suddenly silence herself.
"Stella, I know you hear some things that I can't hear because..." Stella cut Jia En's mouth by cover her mouth.
"Sshh... If someone know this, I'll suck your blood first." Stella whispered.
"Okay, I promise." Stella uncover Jia En's mouth. Then, she turn around to see who's the wolf. Then, she saw a man in a white suit.

Stella saw a scar on his neck and a wild tattoo on his hand.
"Ermm... Jia En, do you know who's that guy?" Stella suddenly asked.
"Oh, that guy. His name is Wu Yifan but his stage name is Kris. He's also always come to the cafe like you."
"Seriously?" Stella shocked.
"You look shock. Is there something's wrong, Stella?" Jia En stared at Stella.
"Ermm... N-nothing. Well, I have to go now. So, see you later, Jia En." Stella greet Jia En politely and left.

When Stella left the cafe, Kris also followed her. He already know that Stella is a vampire. Stella felt weird that someone is following her. She walked faster and went to the park. She bent down and stared at the river. Kris hid behind the tree.

"Mom, dad, why you have to leave me alone? If you're still here, I wish I can stop being a vampire again. But, I don't know how. Please, don't leave me alone." Stella cover her face to hide her tears. Kris walked slowly towards her and hug her.
"Stella, don't cry. I know it hurts you even more." Kris tried to calm her down and wiped her tears.
"Yifan?" Stella stopped crying.
"Stella, I know you ever since I saw you and I felt that you're a vampire." Kris grabbed her left hand and put on his chest.
"Yifan, so... You're the wolf that... saved me from the war?" Stella touched his face.
"Yes." Kris nodded.
"Thank you for saving my life." Stella hug him tightly.
"You're welcome, my queen. Come, let's go home." Kris and Stella stood up and went to her house.

At home, Stella prepared a new room for Kris.
"Thanks for letting me stay." Kris thanked her.
"It's my pleasure. This is my repay for you since you saved me." When Stella was about to go out, Kris grabbed her wrist and pull her into him. Their face was a few inches close.
"Stella, There's something I wanted to tell you." Kris careless touched her face.
"W-What is it, Kris ge?" She asked.
"I starting to love you. You look beautiful and caring woman that I never seen before, even you're a vampire." Kris kissed her passionately. Stella felt she also has the same feeling, so she kissed him back.
"Kris ge, I... I also love you. You're gentleman, polite, responsible and kind man that I've never seen." She smiled.
"So, can you be my girlfriend, my vampire queen?" Kris asked with a smirk.
"Of course, my wolf." Stella kissed his lips softly.


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