Friday, November 22, 2013
7:03 PM

It's the last day of school, you wished all your friends and teachers for having a great time. The school is over, all the pupils went home. While you're about to go, you saw a person who's sitting at the back of the class. It's Huang Zi Tao. Tao is a shy person. He also good at wushu. You seldom talk to him as he always a quiet type.

You went near him and give him a pat. He didn't realize. You suddenly saw that Tao was listening music. You sit beside him and gave a snapped in front of his face.

"Oh, where am I?" He asked.
"Silly Tao. The school is over. Let's go home." You can see that Tao blushed. He's so cute!
"OK...." Both of you went home together.

In the middle of the road, you saw a stuffed panda at the shop. You feel like you want to buy it, but it looks like it's so expensive. Tao noticed that you pouted.

"___, why are you pouting?" he asked.
"I just want that plushie." you sighed.
"Let me buy it for you." You're about to stop him but he's already enter the shop. You waited him. After a few minutes, he's already out.

"Here's the plushy that you want." Tao gave it to you.
"谢谢(xiè xiè; Thank you), Tao." You hug the plushy.
"别客气(bié kèqì; You're welcome)..." He smiled.

Arrived at your home,
"Thanks, Tao for accompany me."
"You're welcome, ___. Oh wait! There's something I want to ask." Tao stopped you.
"What is it?" You asked.
"Well, since the semester is over, c-can I... Can I have some time with you?" He said shyly.
"Oh, of coarse. Well, see you tomorrow, Tao." you waved at him.
"OK..." Tao then went back home.

You went to your room and put the plushy on your bed. You felt lucky that you have the first plushy. You never had one before since your parents were weak. You felt something strange like LOVE. You hug the plushy and suddenly your phone vibrated.

"Hello, who is this?" you asked.
"你好(nǐ hǎo; Hello), ___. It's me, Tao. Aren't you asleep?"
"I was about to but you called me." you pouted.
"对不起(duì bù qǐ; Sorry). Are you pouting again?" you can hear his smirk. Both of you giggle.
"No, I don't. Tao ge, why are you calling me in this time?" You look at the clock and it's 11.00 pm.
"Just wanted to say, let's go shopping at the mall tomorrow, OK?" he said.
"I don't know." You still thinking of it.
"Please?" He's pouting.
"Araseo... Pick me up at 10.00 am." You said and hung up the phone.

Tao's POV:Yes! Finally. I can go out "dating" with ___. Wait, did I said dating? Omo! Am I trying to propose her? Aish! I can't stop thinking about you, ___.

Your POV:Why he always want to go shopping GUCCI again? Aigoo, Huang Zi Tao. Don't make me disappoint on you.

The next day, both of you went for shopping. You and Tao were really happy when shopping. After shopping, both of you went to buy bubble tea.
"Tao ge, I love this flavour of bubble tea," you pointed.
"真的吗(zhēn de ma; Really)? It's also my favorite too," Tao said.
"Then..." before you're finish your sentence, Tao cut your word.
"Let's share, 可以吗(kěyǐ ma; please)?" Tao gave you a pathetic look.
"Yaa, Tao! Don't act like that, it's too cute!" you're blushed.
"Awww, you're look cute when you're blushing," Tao smirked.
"Kyaa, hurry buy me bubble tea!" you're sulking.
"Okay," Then Tao went to the counter and pay.

After he bought the bubble tea, both of you sit at the table.
"Here you go, ___. Your favorite bubble is ready," Tao gave you your bubble tea.
"谢谢, Tao." you thanked him. He smiled.
"恩, 别客气. (Ēn, bié kèqì.; Well you're welcome.)" He smiled.
Then, he remembered something, "___, there's something I want to tell you."
"什么事? (Shénme shì?; What is it?)" you asked.
"Even we haven't talk much but I had fall in love with you ever since you came," he said as he hold your hand.
"Tao... I..." You're too shock that you almost speechless.
"___, I know it's hard for you to decide but, I can't handle this for too long," Tao kneel down, "Will you be my future wife?"
"Tao ge, I never seen you this serious before. But I also love you," you said, "I do." you kissed his cheek.
Tao stood up & kissed your lips softly, "谢谢, ___. 我爱你!(wǒ ài nǐ; I love you)"

After that day, both of you officially a new cute couple.


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