Wednesday, November 20, 2013
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The next morning, Ayumi had a call from someone. She answer the call.

"Annyeonghaseyo, Ayumi."
"Annyeonghaseyo. Who's speaking?"
"I'm Donghae from Super Junior and I'm EXO's senior."
"Donghae? Oh, I've seen you before when..." before Ayumi's finished, Donghae cut her word.
"Nae... When we were at the masquerade party." Ayumi was shocked.
"H-how do you know that..."
"I've been watching you." She could hear his smirk.
"You're such a creeper." both of them giggled.
"So, Ayumi, can you come to Yesung's hyung cafe? I'll meet you there." he asked.
"Araseo, Donghae. I'll be there."

At the Mouse Rabbit Café, Ayumi saw Donghae in front of the door.
"Annyeong, Ayumi." He waved at her.
"Oh, annyeong, Donghae. Did you waited so long?"
"Aniyo, Ayumi. I just got here. Let's go in, shall we?" Donghae open the door for her.

At the cafe,
"So, Ayumi, what do you want?" Donghae asked.
"I would like a cup of tea," she replied.
"Arraseo... I'll order, you stay here," Donghae went to the counter and order while you sit at the table alone and texting.
After Donghae bought the tea, "Ayumi, I heard that you're gonna marry with someone. Is that true?"
"H-How did you know that?" Ayumi speechless.
"Because I'm... your future husband," Donghae whispered.
"Jinjja? So, I mean... Aish..." Ayumi can't explain.
"Ayumi, I understand. I know my parents repay yours for helping us, I guess there's no choice for us to marry," Donghae hold your hand.
"Nae. Gomawo for understanding me," Ayumi smiled.
"Nae. Ayumi, want to go to my company?" Donghae suddenly asked.
"Err, gwenchenna," Ayumi lowed her head
"If you want to meet Tao, I don't care." Donghae said.
"Nae, I'll go with you," Ayumi nodded.
In the car, Ayumi and Donghae felt awkward each other. A few minutes later, Donghae started to have a conversation.
"Ayumi, are you nervous to talk with Tao?" Donghae asked.
"Maybe," She lowered her head.
"Gwenchenna, Ayumi. I won't block both of your relationship." Donghae smiled.
"Nae, arraseo, oppa. We're here." Donghae stopped the car.
"Are you ready?" Donghae hold Ayumi's hand. She nodded.
"Nae, I think so."

In the building, you cover your face with a mask that you wore last time. You followed Donghae and went into the Practice Room. You're shock because you saw EXO was practicing for their comeback.
"Annyeong, dongsaeng," Donghae greet them.
"Annyeong, Donghae hyung." All the members bow as a respect to their senior.
"So, all of you ready for the comeback, right?"
"Nae, hyung. We have new guest." Kris said.
"Are you... Ayumi?" Suddenly Luhan asked.
"I.. err..." Ayumi don't know how to response.
"Can we talk for a while?" Tao grabbed Ayumi's hand and walk outside to the park.

Ayumi was shock because Tao recognized Ayumi's mask. Then, both of them stop by the river.


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